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 Used pre-writing (brainstorming, outline & the

checklist and coversheet to improve your
writing)…possible +1, +2, +3
What you did well:
3 Things you need to focus on improving for next
writing assignment: (or note 3 highlighted areas on this
page)..record these things on your formal writing
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
Improvements made from last essay:
Additional notes/comments:

Writing Checklist ________________________________________________________
 Need to correct heading (typed, 2x spaced, 1
& last name, teacher, period, date, title/title of assign)
 Needs Introduction*
 Improve attention getter (that relates to the topic/thesis)
 Improve General Topic Sentence (answers the essay)
  Improve Thesis sentence (outlines the 3 main points/supports for your thesis)...this is the key to
improving organization. You can’t have a good paper without a good thesis statement!
*If there is a vocabulary word in the essay question, make sure you define that word in your introductory
paragraph. Also, define any abstract ideas (freedom, beauty, ect.)
1 (or 3) body Paragraph (s) with:
 __/__/__Needs Transition/introductory sentence
 __/__/__Needs Topic sentence that directly connect to
the thesis
 __/__/__Improve proof or explanation of statement (at
least 3 supporting sentences/facts that connect to thesis)
  Information is NOT accurate
 Needs Conclusion
 Improve summary of the essay
 Improve Restatement the thesis statement
  Improve final concluding statement ( a broad „Big
Picture‟ statement-answer the question of why the
information in the essay is important or what larger life
lesson can we learn from it)
 Do NOT introduce new ideas in the conclusion
Grammatical Checklist
 Need to check Spelling
 Check punctuation(commas, periods, quotations)
 Do NOT use exclamation marks
 Do NOT use contractions
 Need to check capitalization
 Need to check for verb tense agreement (in past tense)
 Need to check for any run-on sentences or fragments
Style and organization checklist:
  Did NOT answer the essay? Correctly/completely
 Did NOT Follow all the other requirements for the
essay (footnotes, underlined key terms, ect…check
essay rubric)
 All lists are NOT in parallel form
 Essay contains too many repeated words/phrases, ideas
or sentences structures
 Paragraphs are NOT indented
  Ideas/paragraphs are NOT organized, clear or easy
to understand
  Sentences, ideas and paragraphs DO NOT flow; Need to improve use of transitions
  Sentences are NOT direct, clear and concise (Make any wordy sentences more concise and direct by
eliminating unnecessary prepositional phrases)
 It is NOT clear what all your pronouns are referring to
  Do NOT use 1
, 2
person consistent (no I, you, us, your, mine, my, ect.) OR need to eliminate
“you” and “I” when possible
  Do NOT use slang/conversational tone (did NOT use “and stuff,” “things,” “or anything,” “really,”
“like,” ect)
_____total  missed

Essay Topic:_______________________________________
DO NOT DISCARD!!! Keep and staple to each essay or formal writing assignment completed
Take note of what elements are worth 2 s!!! These are very important!