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Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to Business Internet Marketing


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Published by: arron1fr on Dec 14, 2009
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AXENT Technologies merged with Symantec in December 2000. Prior
to the merger, AXENT tested substituting live Webcast seminars for its
traveling road show. According to the e-newsletter B2B Marketing Biz
(www.b2bmarketingbiz.com), AXENT created a series of educational
Webcasts targeting technical managers and tested a variety of tactics to
promote them, including broadcast e-mail to a house list, advertising
on the company Web site, notices in the company e-newsletter, newslet-
ter sponsorships, and direct mail. AXENT found that the Webcast semi-

Using Internet Events for Marketing137

nars cost $21 per attendee versus about $175 per attendee for the live
seminars. Lead quality improved as well: Online seminars produced
about 30% hot and warm leads, whereas in-person events generated
under 20% hot and warm leads. E-mail to the house list outperformed
all other media used.

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