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Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to Business Internet Marketing


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Published by: arron1fr on Dec 14, 2009
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MicroStrategy (Figure 9.2), a business intelligence and CRM solutions
company, has a well-designed partner program that effectively lever-
ages the power of the Internet. Partners are categorized as associates,
consultants, solutions providers, or OEMs. Each partner can make use
of a variety of Web-based services. In the MicroStrategy Store, partners
can obtain free evaluation software and purchase discounted software
for resale. The store automatically calculates reseller discounts after the
standardized discounts for both user- and CPU-based configurations.
Partners can also sign up for access to the MicroStrategy Partner Portal.
Here, partners can submit and receive professional services and license

Developing Internet Partnerships 269

leads, access MicroStrategy sales and marketing campaigns, receive part-
ner news, and manage partner tasks.

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