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Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to Business Internet Marketing


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Published by: arron1fr on Dec 14, 2009
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More and more, b-to-b marketers are using serial e-mail, e-mail that is
sent in a series to work as a single campaign. An example of this is the
“before, during, and after” approach: An e-mail is sent to preannounce
a forthcoming offer, followed several weeks later by an e-mail with the
offer, followed several weeks after that with a reminder e-mail. As with
direct mail, serial e-mail can be an effective way to build interest in a
product or service because of the build-up effect of multiple contacts.
This technique can be especially effective in converting warm prospects
to hot prospects; however, it should be used only when truly appropri-
ate because it can cause negative reactions from individuals who may
feel overwhelmed by too many contacts.

Generating and Qualifying Leads with E-mail 111

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