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Self Respect and Dignity

(For Alci Acosta)
Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

I have not a soul to blame,
I accuse none,
I judge not,
Only myself…

Nobody forced me to fall in love,
With passions of the heart…

But what you did,
Was not in good faith,
I trusted you,
And you betrayed that confidence…

You placed me upon the heavens,
You led me through bridges,
Made of rotten wood,
Knowing that I would fall…

You led me by my hand,
And in my passionate blindness,
I believed for once,
In love…

What do you want to hear,
From me?
I will indulge your ego,
“Yes, I love you still!”

With a love that is making me,
Destroyed my heart, but, not my soul…

Throughout this lovely nightmare,
I have learned,
That I am very strong,

What did you think I would say,
When I saw you,
Beg you not to leave…

I walk away from this masquerade,
With my head,
Held high,
No reason to bow down…

I decide when to end this fucking nightmare!
And it ends now,
It’s over between us…

I don’t know what you want,
I don’t dare ask,
Do not come closer,
You’ve done enough harm already…

You played me for a fool,
Stolen my heart’s love,
But my self respect and dignity,
You will never touch…

Don’t say those things,
Stop kissing me,
My love,
Please stop…

Now you must leave!