How to Prevent Gangsterism in Schools
We as students would not be thinking of becoming gangsters whether in schools or outside the
schools. Worst still, I am very sure none of us would like to take up gangsterism as our net
professions when we graduated from school. It is !uite worrying to see many of our students
especially the male are involved with bully cases and using the gangsters outside as the
protectors" am very disturbed when some of our students are even reprimanded and arrested by
the police. #herefore we have to prevent this unhealthy activity spreading inside our school. We
must work hand in hand with both our teachers and parents to curb gangsterism in schools. $ur
school"s name and reputation would be at stake if there is an element of gangsterism spreading
in our school compound. I suggest we start taking a number of preventive measures. #he
school authorities must stop or even totally discard this unhealthy activity.
%irstly, the school authorities should organised motivational talks. #his is to make sure our
students are aware of the danger of miing with the bad hats. &oreover the talks can encourage
students to think positively and deter them to even think of getting involved on a smaller scale.
#he talks would serve them as advices from the eperts. %or instance, the police departrnent
can be invited to give special talks on gangsterism. #hey can inform students about the
conse!uences that would be faced by them if they are caught for gangsterism. With this,
students will have the fear to 'oin any gang groups. $ther important agencies such as the Prison
department can also send their representative to give a talk on the impact of staying in prison
and why choose become prisoners when you can avoid them. #he (ational )rug *gency is
another eample where they can send their representative and talk about usage of drugs
among gangsters.
Secondly, campaigns can be held throughout schools and towns to convey message regarding
gangsterism. Parents can also involve themselves in these campaigns and give lights to their
children on the reasons why their children should not be involve with these gang members.
Pamphlets and leaflets about gangsterism can be given to all students to keep them informed
about gangsterism and its negative effects.
*ll students must be involved with recreational and weekend activities organised by the school.
#hen they would be fully occupied and would never have spare time doing nothing. #his will
also deter them to 'oin gang groups. +ecreational activities such as 'ungle and mountain
trekking, camping, beach picnics can be organised by schools. #hey can also do community
and charity work which will help them to attain good moral values.
*part from that, counselling sessions must be held to advise students who are already involved
in gangsterism. #eachers should do close monitoring and have regular spot checks to find out
about the movements of their students. Peer observation can also be done by students so that
they can inform teachers and parents. Parents must have ade!uate skills to protect their
children from gangsterism in schools. Students involved in gang fights should be punished by
the school. %or students who give information about gangsterism in schools should be given
rewards as an encouragement so that this phenomenon could be curbed from spreading.
With all the above preventive measures mentioned, I hope gangsterism in schools can be

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