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Chemineer Launches Online Store for Static Mixers

COMPASS, a new online store to buy static mixers introduced by Chemineer, a leading international supplier of
products for the oil and gas industry
( Chemineer is proud to announce the release of COMPASS, an online store offering
Kenics static miers. !his online store helps customers "uic#l$ and easil$ select and purchase the
proper static mier for their specific application.
!he #e$ %enefits of the Online Store include&
' Self(managed, )*+, order entr$ and pa$ment efficienc$ to speed the ordering process
' Accurac$ in proper product selection
' Rapid shipment of the selected static mier to optimi-e process uptime
!he operational features of the Online Store are as follo.s&
' !he online configurator allo.s customers to input the pipe diameter, flo. rate and /iscosit$ for the
' Specifications are /alidated, the ideal Kenics static mier model is selected and the model num%er
displa$ed, eliminating selection guess.or# or the need for additional assistance.
' Once the static mier has %een selected, the chec#out process ma#es ordering "uic# and efficient .ith
pa$ment accepted directl$ online.
' Additional options for static miers are a/aila%le %$ contacting Chemineer.
Chemineer is part of the Process and 0lo. !echnologies di/ision of 1O2. Chemineer3s miing
epertise includes high flo., lo. shear li"uid(li"uid+solids %lending, gas dispersion, high shear
%lending and /iscous miing. Chemineer has operations in 4a$ton, O56 1orth Ando/er, MA6 4er%$,
7ngland6 Meico, 4.0.6 Singapore and China. 0or more information, /isit http&
1ational Oil.ell 2arco (1O2)
8ith its head"uarters in 5ouston, !9 :SA, 1ational Oil.ell 2arco has o/er ;,< $ears3 eperience as a
leading pro/ider of products and ser/ices to the international oil and gas industr$. It has more than ;<<
su%sidiaries and o/er =<,<<< emplo$ees at o/er ;,<<< sites around the .orld, plus annual re/enues in
ecess of >)< %illion.
0or the original /ersion on IndustrialPR /isit& http&;AB;,
!his ne.s release .as distri%uted %$