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Keith’s Agency Overview

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide engaging experiences that result in
students learning what is needed to be successful citizens.

Core Beliefs
We believe:
We build community
We are accountable both to those we serve and for what -
we do
We are partners in learning with students, staff, parents -and
We develop leaders
We provide a safe learning environment
We secure and strategically allocate resources
Moore County Schools is the heart of the
community. We are clear about our direction, and we
are responsive to our students and the community.

Everyone in the district embraces learning while
providing a safe environment where all thrive.

We value diversity, and we are committed to
profound learning that enhances the quality of life for
each individual.

Moore County School Social Workers

 School Social Workers are professionals that specialize in the areas of
social work and education. School Social Workers assist students, parents,
and educators to meet varying aspects of needs in the school, home, and
community settings. School Social Workers serve as the link between the
school and home in the educational setting. School Social Workers
attempt to remove and eliminate the barriers that impede students
achievement and performance in all areas of their
Services we provide can include:
 addressing attendance and tardy issues
 providing academic, emotional, and social support
 advocating for students, families, and staff
 assisting in providing school supplies, clothing, food, and housing for
needy students and their families
 providing community resource information to families and staff
 answering questions concerning abuse/neglect issues and referring to the
appropriate agencies
 providing individual/group counseling

Sandy Black
Elise Middle
Carthage Elementary
West Pine Middle School
Tracy Goldberg
Pinehurst Elementary
Westmoore Elementary
Vass-Lakeview Elementary

Matt Regan
Southern Pines Primary
West Pine Elementary
Southern Middle
Alvin Martin
Aberdeen Primary
New Century Middle
West End Elementary

Tambra Menchion
Community Learning Center at Pinckney
Pinecrest High

Linda Evans
Aberdeen Elementary
Robbins Elementary
Sandhills-Farmlife Elementary
Kim Richardson
Union Pines High
Southern Pines Elementary
Cameron Elementary
Judy Thomas
Crain's Creek Middle
Highfalls Elementary
North Moore High School

Our Schools Our Enrollment Enrollment History
Elementary – 14 Elementary – 5,627 Growth Last 5 Years - 388
K-5: 8 Middle – 2,944 Five- Year Average – 77.6
K-8: 2 High School – 3,920
K-2: 2 Total – 12,491 (Students)
3-5: 2
Middle – 5
High - 3
Technical/Alternative - 1
Total - 23

Our Students Our Per Pupil Expenditure (for 2010-2011)
African-American - 20% State - $4,887
Hispanic - 8% Local - $1,934
White - 67% Federal - $1,355
Other - 5% Total - $8,177

Child Nutrition Our Employees
Breakfasts Served Daily - 2,588 Total Certified Staff - 1,002
Lunches Served Daily - 6,707 Total Classified Staff - 665
Free/Reduced Lunch Rate - 42% Bus Drivers and Monitors - 127
Total - 1,794
Percent of licensed professionals
with a master's degree or higher - 46.7%
Total Buses - 118
Students Transported - 6,100
Miles Traveled Daily - 10,000
The Program Review Team (PRT) is a small group of educators
charged to review and support the Study-Plan-Do-Act model in
program selection and evaluation.
The team will meet monthly (if needed). Members of the PRT
may include the:
•Deputy Superintendent,
•Associate Superintendent for Instructional Design and Innovation,
•Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education,
•Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education,
•Director for Curriculum,
•Director for Testing and Accountability,
•Director for Student Services,
•Director for Professional Development,
•Curriculum Specialists,
•Instructional Technology staff (if necessary), and/or
•Finance (if necessary)
(school level)
Plan Program
(school level)
Plan for
(School & P.R.
Team Rep.)
(School & P.R.
Team Rep.)
(School & P.R.
The end