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Unit: Locomotor Skills

Skill: Front Roll

Visual Description:
Standing with feet shoulder width apart, bend forward at the knees and hips. Tuck the chin into
the chest to allow proper curvature of the spine. Place hands out in front on the mat with elbows
unlocked. As flexion of knees, hips, and spine increase momentum must be generated to
establish complete rotation. As the upper extremity reaches the mat, tuck the arms into chest to
remain in contact with the mat. Begin to extend knees, hips and spine as feet make contact with
the mat after complete rotation. Continue to extend at joints to rise back into the standing

Movement Sequence Verbal Cues
1. Stand with knees slightly bent, shoulder width, slight bend
feet shoulder width apart.

2. Bend knees and hips toward the ground crouch position
with outstretched arms.

3. Tuck chin to chest as knees/hips are bent and tuck the chin to the chest
body is in the crouch position.

4. Elbows should be on the outside of knees to elbows next to knees
allow rotation.

5. Rotate by pushing forward off toes into the push with the toes
tuck position.

6. As the torso is rotating over the head, grab grab knees
knees to assist standing position

7. Keep knees close to chest, flex the abdomen pull on those knees
to rock forward placing weight over heels to
complete front roll into standing position.

Task Complexity Variables:
Action- Front roll including proper form to reduce injury. Students form a line on padded mats
and practice front rolls starting in the crouch position with supervision of teacher for 10 minutes.
Condition- Students will progress to completing a front roll from the standing position, two
steps away, and continuous rolls utilizing correct sequence of instruction.
Criterion- Each student will successfully complete three front rolls consistently within thirty
seconds, again exemplifying proper technique.

Drills/Activities to Develop Skill:

1. Front Roll Frogger- A modified obstacle course will be set up with various
placements of small targets on the floor (rubber discs). Students will have to run to target
and complete a front roll making sure that their feet land on the target. They will advance
to next target if both feet land accordingly. To increase difficulty, targets on the floor can
become smaller or time can be taken for speed.

Equipment Needed: Targets that will lay flat on the floor, protective mats to roll on.

2. Under the Table- A box or bar will be set up at different locations on the floor or in a
sequence. Students will have to roll within the confinements of the box in order to
promote proper form. Students will have to move from box to box accurately rolling
through trying not to touch the sides. Boxes may be reduced in size to increase the
difficulty, but consider individual needs of students.

Equipment Needed: Material to make box, protective mats to roll on.

Unit: Locomotor Skills
Skill: Golf Swing

Visual Description:
Standing with feet shoulder width apart, golf club is in hand with dominant hand gripping under
the other. Dominant hands pinky should be interlocked with opposite hands index finger.
Raise the club so it is straight out in front of you, elbows will be locked. Bend at the hips until
the head of the club makes contact with the ground. Flex the knees slightly to allow for full
rotation of the upper extremity during the swing phase. Place the ball in the middle of your
stance (iron shot) and both feet parallel with the ball. Begin the back swing by rotating at the
hips bring the club overhead maintaining locked elbow. Club head should not pass the midline of
the body overhead, but stopped close to the midline. Bringing the club head down on the fore
swing will square the face of the club to the ball. Keeping the head down eyes on the ball, allow
shoulders and hips to rotate to strike the ball. Follow through with the same rotation pattern even
after contact has been made to increase consistency.

Movement Sequence Verbal Cues
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, athletic position
knees slightly bent.

2. Place club in front of body with bring club up
elbows locked.

3. Bend at the forward at the hip until club down, relax
club head reaches ground; relax arms.

4. Bring club over head with rotation being back swing, chest down
produced by the hips and arms.

5. Rotate upper body back toward the ball eyes on the ball
keeping the elbows partially locked.

6. swing through the ball while maintaining proper drive through the ball
Fore swing.

Task Complexity Variables:

Action- Student will be spread out to have a safe swinging distance between students
and be informed of danger zones. Students will have 15 minutes to hit a tube of balls
each to warm up before activity.
Condition- Students will use multiple clubs and show competency of making contact
with the ball.
Criterion- Students will have the ability to properly strike the ball 4/5 times with each
club that has been selected by the teacher.

Drills/Activities to Develop Skill:

1. Gutter ball- Lines will be drawn with tape or with cones for each individual hitting
area. Five shots must be taken with each club, then the student has the freedom to pick
which club to shoot. Points will be taken for hitting the ball within the gutters and
based on distance. Students will have cards to record scores and compare to previous
scores for progress.

Equipment Needed: Tee box or synthetic mats, golf balls, golf clubs (driver/irons),
tape or cones, and retrieval method (tube/basket)

2. Checkers- Checker boards will be made on a green or gym floor with squares
measuring 2X2. A line will be drawn 5, 10, and 15 feet away to for students to shoot
from. Students will alternate shots, shooting for the squares to get three in a row. The
three various shooting lines may be used to increase difficulty.

Equipment Needed: Tape, putters, and golf balls (2 colors)