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Brianna Beltran

English 114A
Professor Jackie
Evaluation Letter
English 114A
September 22, 2014

Dear Prof. Jackie,
Progression One has been a semi-challenging project for me. I have always been a
decent writer. I am the type of person who brainstorms before writing an essay. I
like to plan out each paragraph and the go from there. Throughout writing my
essays for Progression One, I have used this technique for each essay. Writers block
hasnt been an issue in my assignments. I can easily conduct my essays and create
exactly what I have in mind.

I have many strengths and weaknesses. Who doesnt? Many of my strengths are
being able to brainstorm strong ideas and lay them out so that they flow well in
sentences. I can also reflect on my past experiences and add personal
understandings into each of my writings. My weaknesses are very broad. Everyone
has weaknesses in anything they choose to do. In writing, I have trouble adding
strong vocabulary. I also have trouble with understanding a reading without clearly
examining it. My goal for this year is to be able to add strong vocab words without
trying so hard to sound intelligent.

For my progression one-exercise one assignment, I feel as if I deserve a grade
between the 90-100. I have added all the requirements listed in the specific
categories. I have the correct format, added descriptions, it clearly unfolds in a
logical way and I have minimal errors. Exercise two is my letter to David Sedaris. I
feel as if my letter prior to my conference wasnt valid. After I had the chance to
discuss my essays with you, I have proofread this and corrected my mistakes. I also
feel as if this essay deserves a 90-100 point grade. I have taken the constructed
advice and have conducted a new essay, which includes various points and the
correct format. My exercise three essay is the email to a family member in which I
chose my mother. I have also takes the constructed advice and have added
corrections to it. I believe this one should be graded in the 85-100 ranges. I dont
feel as if this is my strongest essay. I have made corrections but I feel as if it couldve
flowed better. I still feel confident about this exercise but it isnt my strongest. For
my final narrative progression, I think I deserve a point grade of 100 on this one. My
format is correct; I added plenty of personal thoughts and experiences in it. This
essay had a logical flow and it had minimal errors since Ive corrected it.

This progression came very stress-free to me. I look forward to the rest and the
upcoming challenges to this years writings.

Thank you,
Brianna Beltran.