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Stephen and Timothy Quay are famous American stop motion animators. The Quay
Brothers work in England, having moved there in 1969 to study at the Royal College
of Art in London after studying illustration at the Philadelphia College of Art. Most of
their animation films feature puppets made of doll parts and other materials, often
partly disassembled, in a dark, moody atmosphere. Their best known work is Street
of Crocodiles. The brothers are also the winners of the 1998 Drama Desk Award for
Outstanding Set Design for their work on the play The Chairs.

What I like about the Quay brothers the most is
the fact that the go for a more dark, creepy and
somewhat sinister atmosphere as apposed to
something more cheery and family friendly
which is what I think stop motion is most of the
Tim Burton is an American film director, producer, artist, writer, poet and stop
motion artist. In 1982, one of Burtons early short movies attracted the attention of
Walt Disney Productions' animation department, which offered him an animator's
apprenticeship at the studio. He worked as an animator, storyboard artist and
concept artist on films such as The Fox and the Hound, and Tron. Burton is well
known for his stop motion films such as Frankweenie, Corpse bride and The
Nightmare before Christmas which are very popular.
One of my favourite things about Tim Burtons work is how his character look in
his stop motion movies. I like it how the lanky stature differentiates time
cahracters from any other stop motion artist.

Aardman animations is a British animation studio based in Bristol, United
Kingdom. The studio is known for films made using stop-motion clay
animation techniques, particularly those featuring Plasticine characters
Wallace and Gromit. Aardman was founded in 1972 as a low-budget
project by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, who wanted to realise their
dream of producing an animated motion picture. The partnership provided
small animated shows for the BBC series for deaf children Vision On. After
creating a segment called Greeblies using clay animation, became what
was the inspiration for creating Morph, a simple clay character. Aardman
then went on to create Wallace and Gromit. I admire the animators at
aardman for using clay and plasticine as it can be a hard material to use.
Michael Please is a BAFTA award winning British animator. he went off to do a Masters
at London's Royal College of Art, funding it with commissions from people like Virgin,
Rough Trade, Ninja Tune and Universal Records. There he made a short film called The
Eagleman Stag which ended up getting him his BAFTA in 2011 for best short animation.
What I like about Mikeys work is that it is all done on paper and I respect how much
detail is put into his animations after watching the Eagleman Stag.

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