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Factors Or Causes Bullying

There are a lot of reason why some people bully. They may see it as a way of
being popular or making themselves look tough and in charge.
Some bullies do it get attention or things or to make other people afraid of them.
Other might be jealous of the person they are bullying. Some young people are bullied for
no particular reason but sometimes its because they are different in some way perhaps it’s
the colour of their skin, the way they talk, their size or their name.
Sometimes young people are bullied because they look like they won’t stand up
for themselves. Sometimes bullies know that what they are doing or saying hurts other
people. But other bullies may not really know how hurtful their action can be. Most
bullies don’t understand or care about the feeling of others.
A number of different factors have been identified which contribute to bullying
problems are family, individual and school factors. A family factors is a number of child
–rearing styles have been found to predict whether children will grow up to be aggressive
bullies. A lack of attention and worth toward the child, together with modeling of
aggressive behaviour at home and poor supervision of the child provide the perfect
Opportunity for aggressive and bullying behaviour to occur.
Individual factors is the best documented individual child factor in bullying is
temperament. Temperament refers to basic tendencies by children to develop certain
personality styles and interpersonal behaviour . Children who are active and impulsive in
the temperament may be more inclined to develop into bullies.
School factors is the social context and supervision at school have been shown to
play major part in the frequency and severity of bullying problem. While teacher and
administrator do not have control over individual and family factor which produce
children who are inclined to bully. Bullying problem can be greatly reduce in severity by
approriates supervision intervention and climate in school.