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827 9th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 1A6

Phone (705) 436-3600 Fax: (705) 436-1878
Charlotte Swift Allison Beecroft
Principal Vice-Principal
John Legere Donna Armstrong
Superintendent of Schools SCDSB Trustee
(705) 734-6363; ext. 11318 (705) 431-9982

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year at Goodfellow. A special welcome to all our
new families who will be attending Goodfellow. I would like to extend my thanks to
everyone for all your support and positivity. Please drop by to say hello and to introduce
yourself. I welcome your feedback as we continue to provide a safe and positive learning en-
vironment for our students at Goodfellow Public School.
Goodfellow is an AWESOME school!
I believe that together we can make a difference in our students academic career. We have
an open door policy in our school and if you have any questions or concerns please do not
hesitate to contact your childs teacher or Administration. I encourage our families and
students to become actively involved in all aspects of our school. A great place to start is to
come out to our School Council meeting on Monday, October 6, 2014.
I am looking forward to another exciting year as principal of Goodfellow, as we work to-
gether to assist each student to reach his/her potential.
Thank you for your support!

Charlotte Swift
SCDSB Student Agendas

The SCDSB is continuing to provide each student
from grades 1 through 8 with a school agenda FREE
of charge.
Agendas are beneficial in a number of ways:
They help students strengthen their
organizational skills;
They serve as an excellent tool for
communication between home and school;
Daily use of the agenda to track assignments,
homework and school events will assist
students in achieving success this year.
As parents, we encourage you to check agendas
daily and sign them to confirm you have re-
viewed the items.
Replacement agendas will be given (if available for
a fee of $5.00).
Upcoming Events/Dates:

Meet the Teacher Jr. Kindgergarten Sept 3
Own It Day (All School) Sept 5
School Council Presentation: Chris Vollum
6:30 8:00 Sept 18
Grade 7 Kandalore Sept 22 24
PA Day Sept 26
QSP Assembly Sept 29
School Picture Day Sept 30

More details will follow in our October newsletter

September 2014
Volume 1

Creating a Peanut-Free
Risk Free Setting

We are asking all students/
parents to help us in ensuring that
all foods brought to our school are
peanut free.
In order to provide a safe environment for all of
our students we are striving to reduce the risk of
allergic reactions to peanuts/tree nuts.
Please ensure that all food items sent into the
school are peanut free, as we have students who
are highly allergic and even a tiny amount of pea-
nut/nut ingested through the eyes, nose or mouth
can prove fatal to an anaphylactic student.

Peanut/nut oils & Nutella stay on items in the
school like desks, computers, library books and
playground equipment until cleaned off with soap
and water.
Lets work together to Reduce the Risk of
exposure to peanuts/nuts at school by focusing on
the following:

check all food labels and choose food items for
school that do not contain peanuts or nuts
teach the healthy habit of hand washing with
soap and water before and after eating
teach your child(ren) not to share food

Thank you in advance for your co-operation!

Parents must provide a note to
inform the school if his/her child
is staying at school or going
home for lunch each day. In
situations where a child stays
for lunch and occasionally goes
out, we ask that they have a signed, dated
note giving them permission to leave school
grounds. This note must be given to their
classroom teachers. All students that go out
for lunch must sign in/out at the office.
Arrangements must be made in advance.
Students will not be allowed to call
home for verbal permission. We must
know where students are at all times.
Picking up and Dropping
Off your children?
Our parking lot is a very busy
place in the morning and after
school. Please use our drop off
zone and allow your children
to walk into the yard on their
own. We have supervision on our yard beginning at
9:05 am every morning.
At the end of the day, if you are
picking up your child please
arrange a meeting place at the
front of the school. If you are a
parent of a Kindergarten student
your pick up is between 3:30 and
3:40 at the Kindergarten back door. No parents are
allowed on school property and the expectation is to
drop off your child at the appropriate gate.
Have you updated your
MEDICATION form for this school
It is SCDSB policy that for the dispensing of
medication (e.g., epipen, prescribed medication)
to students, a Request for
Administration of Medication
form must be completed by your
family physician for each school
Medication must be in the original
container dispensed by the pharmacy, child
proof and clearly labeled with the students
name, the name of the medication, the dosage
and instructions for use. If pills need to be
broken in half this must be done at home. Also,
any change in dosages or
times requires this same form
to be completed by your fami-
ly physician, stating the new
information. If the school
does not have a completed form by your physi-
cian, it will be the responsibility of the parent/
guardian to give the child their medication at

Note: Medication forms are available at the office.

9:20 AM Entrance Bell
9:20 AM - 11:00 AM 100 Minute Instructional/Class Time
11:00 AM - 11:20 AM 20 Minute OUTDOOR RECESS
11:20 AM - 11:40 AM 20 Minute NUTRITION BREAK
11:40 AM - 1:20 PM 100 Minute Instructional/Class Time
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM 20 Minute OURDOOR RECESS
1:40 PM - 2:00 PM 20 Minute NUTRITION BREAK
2:00 PM - 3:40 PM 100 Minute Instructional/Class Time
3:40 PM Dismissal
Want to be a Volunteer ???
Whether you are interested in
volunteering on a regular ba-
sis with us, being a volunteer on
a single class trip, or want to
help drive members of a sports
teamyou MUST be on our
approved Volunteer List.
In order to be placed on our Volunteer List you
MUST submit an original Criminal Record Check
which includes a Vulnerable Sector Screening, com-
pleted within the past 6 months to the school office
and it must be sent to the board of education for re-
view. Once this review is completed, you will be
added to our Volunteer Listplease be sure to allow
for 3-4 weeks processing time to be added to the list.
Were you on our list at the end of last year? You will
need to complete an ANNUAL DECLARATION form
available in our main office. These forms will also be
available at our Meet the Teacher Night. We are
aiming to have all DECLARATIONS
collected by Thursday September 25,
We currently have the following opportunities for
volunteering at our school:
Safe Arrival Popcorn Program
Milk Program Fun Lunch Program
Classroom Help Literacy Program
Field Trips
If you are interested in joining our volunteer team,
please contact Miss. Swift, Principal with your area
of interest. Our first Volunteer Orientation is Tues-
day, September 25th at 9:30 AM. Please come out
and join us for coffee and treats.
Thank you for supporting the programs at our
Reminders for our students...
No gum is allowed on school property both
outside and inside. Please reinforce this with your
Students choosing to ride their bikes
to school are reminded to wear a
helmet and lock their bikes in the
appropriate locations.
Students choosing to bring MP3
players, iPODS, phones etc. to
school do so at their own risk. On occasion a
teacher may ask students to bring their listening
devices to school for a specific learning purpose.
Indoor shoes are needed for ALL students due to
fire regulations. Students will not be permitted to
put on outdoor shoes prior to a fire drill.
Students should not enter through the front door of
the school unless returning from an appointment.
Students should not be arriving at school prior to
9:05 AM as there is no supervision on duty un-
til that time.
Setting up for success in secondary school
Its never too early to start thinking about high school!
Parents of students in Grades 7 and 8 can start thinking
about secondary school options that would best suit
their children. And there are so many options now
available! From experiential education (co-op) to
skilled trades to travel programs, there are many ways
secondary students can gain their high school credits.
Check out all the options available at
For more information, contact your childs teacher or
the Guidance Department
Cut out the
and post on

The Ministry of Educations mandate is that all
schools in Ontario have a Safe Arrival program
in place. Parents are still responsible for the safe-
ty of their children until they reach the school if
they come by car, by bike, or on foot. How-
ever, a Safe Arrival program provides a safety
net for realizing in a timely fashion that a stu-
dent has failed to reach the school as the parent
had planned. If your child is not coming to school
please phone to let us know. This will assist us in
making other necessary calls in a timely matter.
Please complete the Safe Arrival form, and be
sure to return the completed form to your stu-
dents teacher as soon as possible if you are inter-
ested in having your child a part of the Safe Arri-
val Program.
If your child is absent when attendance is taken
and if you have not phoned the school, then the
school will phone you to let you know that your
child has not arrived.
The success of the program will depend on all
parents/guardians returning the form sent home
with the start up package.
The answering machine will operate 24 hours a
8:30 A.M.
Please give:
Reason for Absence and expected length of
Childs first and last name (SPELL IT OUT)
Teachers Name

All visitors must begin their
visit with us at the school
If you would like to visit
with a staff member we
can contact them for you
(if they are available) or
you may have to schedule a time that is
convenient for all parties.
All volunteers must sign in using our VISITORs
LOG and wear a visitors identification tag.
NOTE: Please let the office know when your
child is leaving or returning from an
appointment during the school day by signing
him/her in or out at the office.
How can I help my child adjust to the
new school year?
No matter what their age, the start
of a new school year can be a
stressful time for children and their
parents. Fortunately, children and
teens are extremely capable of
coping with change and parents can
help by providing a setting to foster resilience
and encourage everyone to share their feelings
about returning to school.
To make the transition to the classroom as
smooth as possible, it is important to
acknowledge your childs feelings of
nervousness or anxiety and then help them
manage their emotions. Often the fear of the
unknownclassmates, new adults, the school
buildingis stressful for family members, wheth-
er its the children hopping on the school bus or
their parents who are waving goodbye.
School Council
We are very proud of the accomplishments of the Goodfellow School
At the beginning of every year a new council is elected from the
schools parent community. Parents are elected to positions such as
Council Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Community
Representative, or Council Member.
All School Council Meetings are open to the entire school community.
This year, our meetings are scheduled for Monday evenings on October
6, November 3, February 2, April 13 and May 4 from 6:30-9:00 pm.
We hope that you will consider nominating yourself for a position on
council by completing and returning the School Council Nomination
Form included with your package or coming into the main office for a
nomination form.
Goodfellow Public School is
gearing up for 2014-2015 to
be the best school in
Simcoe County. To help in
t hi s ef f or t we ar e
encouraging students to bring garbage
less lunches to help reduce our impact on
landfill sites. We are also striving to be a
pop free school. We are encouraging
healthy lunches with juice ,milk or water
for beverages.

During The 1st week

This is the time to establish routines that will
make school days more enjoyable and set your
child on the right course for success:
Make lunches the night before school.
Older children should help or make their own. Give
them the option to buy lunch in school if they pre-
fer, and finances permit
Set alarm clocks. Have school-age children
set their own alarm clocks to get up in the
morning. Praise them for prompt response to
morning schedules and bus pickups.
Leave plenty of extra time. Make sure your
child has plenty of time to get up, eat breakfast
and get to school on time
After school pickup changes. Be sure to
write notes in your childs agenda for the teacher
to be aware of any change in picking up your child.
Leaving the change of plans to the last minute and
calling the school may be too late.

Take time to talk to your children about
going back to school. Ask them what they
are feeling and let them know how you are
feeling. Inquire as to what they liked about
their previous school or grade and
incorporate those positive thoughts in-
t o t h e n e w e x p e r i e n c e .
Empathize with your children: Remember,
change can be difficult, but also exciting.
Let your children know that you will be
there to help them through the process.
Nerves are normal, but remind your
youngsters that experiences that are new
or different are not always bad.
Be an active listener, focus on their feelings
and encourage your children to face their
Consider adjusting your own schedule so
that you are home at the end of the
school day for the first week or arrange
your evenings so that you can give your
child additional attention as needed.
Resolve to eat dinner together as a family at
least a few nights a week. This is an excellent
time to learn about what your child has been
doing at school and to share ideas.

Student injuries at school, during school events, or during
extra-curricular athletics are not covered by the Board or its
insurance company. While every precaution is taken to
provide a safe learning environment, accidents can and do
Due to recent injuries in Ontario during school sporting
events and field trips, and the resulting legal claims, a risk
exposure to school boards has been highlighted. It is
essential that all those participating in out of school activities
(for example, sports, and field trips) have adequate
insurance coverage for all instances of injury.
The Simcoe County District School Board has selected
Reliable Life Insurance Company as an option for students/
parents/guardians to consider with regards to purchasing
student accident insurance coverage for the upcoming
school year. Reliable Life offers a variety of plans and ben-
efits at reasonable annual prices. Coverage can be pur-
chased online at .
Please watch for your student accident insurance package
along with a letter about requirements for extra-curricular
athletics and out-of-province or out-of-country field trips.

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Our QSP Family Reading Magazine Program will be
starting this FALL, so please save your magazine or-
ders (new) and order them through our school program.
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Thats a great investment in literacy!
Any reading material, including magazines, will
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If you cant wait until our program starts, you can
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School bus Bag Tag program helps students get to and from school safely
The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) launched the Bus Tag program this September. The Bus
Tag program supports safety for JK/SK and other school-identified students by providing a process to match students to their
assigned afternoon school bus and to also identify they must be met by a parent or guardian at their afternoon bus stop.
The program provides:
a colour coded bus tag with the assigned p.m. route number to be attached to the students backpack
a colour-coded route card with route number in the windows of the school bus that the Bus Tag is matched to
The SCSTC and Bus Operators have policies and procedures that are used on all school vehicles to ensure students in JK/SK
and other school identified students are met at their afternoon bus stop. Its the parent/guardians responsibility to meet Junior
Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and other identified students at the bus stop .The Bus Tag program has been established to
assist both the schools and school bus drivers to load these students on the correct afternoon bus and identify they are to be
met at their bus stop by a parent/guardian. For more information, contact the Transportation Consortium through their website: or call them at 705-733-8965.

September school bus safety tip - School Buses are back on the road
The SCSTC reminds all drivers to be extra cautious in the vicinity of school buses and in school bus loading and un-loading
zones. Review school bus safety tips with your child at the beginning of the school year to ensure the school bus ride is safe
and enjoyable. School bus safety tips and activities are available at Elmer's Safety Village:
ACTION NEEDED: Confirm that youd like email communication from our school
Canadas anti-spam legislation (CASL) came into effect on July 1, 2014. Under the legislation, organizations must not
send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) that encourage recipients to participate in any commercial activity, even if it
is not-for-profit, unless they have the recipients express consent. School boards and schools are covered by the legislation.
Although not all of our email messages contain commercial information, we do at times email families about field trips, lunch
days, yearbooks, special events or other items that may have a cost associated with them. We need your permission to contin-
ue to send messages through email.
During summer 2014, an email message was sent to all email addresses in the school board database asking recipients to con-
firm that they would like to continue to receive email communication. If you responded to the email message, your consent
has been recorded in our database. This subscribe link in the email is no longer active because the database needed to be up-
dated before the start of the year.
You can provide consent by updating (if necessary), signing and returning the Student Information Verification Form we
send home.
Under the law, all CEMs must contain an unsubscribe feature so you can unsubscribe at any time. Weve made sure
to include the unsubscribe option on all outgoing email messages.
How to update your contact information
Its important we have your current contact information on file at the school. If your email address or any other infor-
mation has changed, you can update it by:
making changes on the Student Information Verification Form we send home at the start of every school year
contacting the school office during the year
Pay for field trips, lunch days, etc. with SchoolCash Online
The SchoolCash Online program is now available at all schools, offering parents the option to pay online for field trips, lunch days and
other items. The program is intended to reduce paper, eliminate the need for students to travel with money, and for money to be counted
and stored at schools. Payment by credit card has now also been added.
Parents who sign up will receive a notification when a new item becomes available for purchase. Items are personalized to each student.
Parents will use a secure online account to process payments, and can either make a one-time payment for each item as it occurs, or load
money to carry a balance in the online account to make payments in the future.

Option 1 for Safe Welcome:
Front doors will be locked during school day starting in September
The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. We have a number of procedures in place designed to
keep our school safe.
Starting on September 2, our front door will be locked during the school day. All other school doors are also locked.
To access the building, visitors will need to press the intercom button at the front door.
Staff in the office will let visitors into the school. This will help us ensure that all visitors sign in at the office. Please
understand that staff may not be available to answer the door immediately. This same feature is in place at all SCDSB
elementary schools. Its important for you to know that well always take whatever precautions are necessary to keep
our school and students safe. If you have any questions about safety procedures, as always, please contact the office.

Option 2 for Safe Welcome:
Front doors will be locked during school day starting in September
The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. We have a number of procedures in place designed to
keep our school safe.
Starting in September, our front door will be locked during the school day. All other school doors are also locked. To
access the building, visitors will need to press the intercom button.
Staff in the office will be responsible for letting visitors into the school. Its one more way we can keep track of who
is visiting our school. It will help us ensure all visitors sign in at the office.
At times staff in the office may be away from their desks, assisting students, and therefore there may be a delay in
answering the door. Thank you for your understanding with regards to student safety.
Its important for you to know that well always take whatever precautions are necessary to keep our school and stu-
dents safe. If you have any questions about safety procedures, as always, please contact the office.
Parents will have access to grades, attendance info with Parent Portal
Starting this school year, parents/guardians will be invited to create a Parent Portal account, which will give
them access to their childs attendance and, in secondary school, grade information. Elementary school
grades will be added to the tool in the near future.
In high school, parents will be able to see attendance information for each period, as long as it has been sub-
mitted through PowerSchool (our student database). Parents can also see their childs grades in each course.
Parents can sign up for email alerts from the Parent Portal for example, a high school parent might want a
daily email with their childs attendance.

This fall, schools will provide parents with their login information to create an account. Parents need their
childs Student Number, as well as an Access ID. The Student Number is on the Student Information Verifi-
cation Form, and the Access ID will be provided to families in a letter. If a student is 18, their parents will
not be automatically invited to create an account. The Parent Portal login page is located at: http:// (click on Create a Parent/Guardian Account) or visit and click on Parent
Portal under the Parents menu.

Keep connected with the SCDSB
For parents, its important to get accurate information about whats going on at your school and school board. Please
feel free to call the school at any time if you have questions or concerns.
For media releases and event information, visit the News section under About Us at (you can
also subscribe to receive this information at your email address)
Follow us on Twitter (@SCDSB_Schools) and like us on Facebook (
Through Sharing Simcoe blog (, we share stories of some of the amazing people involved
in our schools. The blog features stories and tips from our own in-house experts, and experts we work with in the com-
For school bus transportation information, visit the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortiums website at: And remember to bookmark the school bus information page at: http:// for bus delay and cancellation updates on those inclement weather mornings.
Register now for Literacy & Essential Skills program fall term
Do you (or someone you know) want your high school diploma, a better job or increased independence? The SCDSBs
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Prizes provided are a thank you to our students for their efforts during our campaign; however, we want you to know we trul y
appreciate your support of our fundraiser. Families may work together to earn rewards; to do so, submit orders together, un-
der one name, so totals will be combined. Orders placed online during our campaign will also count towards rewards.


Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! If you have any questions, call QSP at 1-800-667-2536


Customer Satisfaction Is Guar-
If you have any questions, call
QSP at

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