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Copyright 2004 TIME FOR KIDS News Scoop Edition. This page may be photocopied for use with students. Vol. 10, No. 3 September 24, 2004
Want to know what the weather will be like across the United States? A weather
map, such as the one below, can help you nd out.
This weather map shows what the weather might be like today in parts of the
country. First, read the map key. Then use the map and the key to answer the
questions below.
1. Draw a symbol for a hurricane in the map key box.
2. In the past ve weeks, hurricanes have hit Florida and Alabama. Find the two states
on the map. Then draw your symbol for a hurricane on those states.
3. What is the weather like in Montana today?__________________________________________________________
4. If you were in California today, would you need an umbrella?________________________
BONUS: Draw a picture of the clothes you would need to wear if you were in Colorado
today. Use the back of this page.