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The student will recognize groups of drugs, their mechanisms, and clinical side effects. Appropriate
routes of administration will be implemented. The student will accurately perform appropriate
calculations. Demonstration of accurate drug inventory, understanding federal laws, and drug labeling
will be performed by the student.
Drug Groups and Mechanisms
Therapeutic administration
Drug Calculations
Federal Laws
Drug Dispensing and labeling
Drug Inventory

The student will evaluate the patient and implement appropriate pain management, anesthetic
protocol, and post-op management utilizing clinical signs and appropriate equipment. Selecting correct
delivery systems and machine maintenance will be practiced. The student will recognize and respond
appropriately to compromised patients.
Patient Management
o Pre-anesthesia
o Patient monitoring
o Post-op monitoring
Equipment Management

Critical Care Nursing
The student will place intravenous catheters and calculate the appropriate fluid amount. Evaluating
clinical signs will allow correct implementation of the appropriate fluid type. The student will perform
CPR, apply appropriate first aid techniques, and monitor critical patients. Knowledge of the proper
protocol for common toxins will be implemented.
Fluid Therapy
o Intravenous catheters
o Fluid administration
o Fluid calculations
o First Aid
o Oxygen Therapy
o Burns

Alternative Therapy
The student will understand alternative therapy techniques and be able to implement the appropriate
therapy according to the clinical symptoms of the patient.
Massage Therapy
Magnetic Therapy
Hydro Therapy
Non-traditional Therapy

Safety measures will be incorporated by the student when taking quality, diagnostic radiographs.
Demonstration of an understanding of the modifications of diagnostic imaging techniques as they apply
to different species will be implemented. The student will demonstrate proper developing techniques
utilizing appropriate labeling and identification of radiographs. Understanding and performing
appropriate techniques in special studies and ultrasonography will be demonstrated by the student.
Radiographic quality control measures
Take diagnostic radiographs
Develop radiographs
Special studies
o Contrast Studies
o OFA/Penn Hip