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Instructions for completing the Type Focus Careers Assessment:

Go to
Click on "New sers !tart "ere#"
Fill in your First Name$ %ast Name$ & e'mail a((ress$ an( create your own
)nter the access co(e: *u+,
Click "!u-mit"
Click "!elf Assessments"
Click ".ersonality Assessment/ an( complete the 01 2uestions. If you (o not
un(erstan( a wor($ please look it up.
Continue to !tep 1 3 Click 4)5plore 6ccupations/ 7on the left si(e of the page8
9atch the :i(eo to the right
Click 4Assessment ;esults/
9atch the :i(eo to the right
Click on 4.ersonality Assessment ;esults/
Click on the ta- la-ele( 4)(ucation nee(e(: < year (egree/
%ook through the =o-s liste( an( choose at least < of them that you are
intereste( in an( sa:e them to your portfolio -y clicking the 4!a:e to .ortfolio/
-utton at the top of the =o- (escription
6nce you ha:e selecte( at least < =o-s$ click the 4.ortfolio/ ta- at the top of the
Click 4Com-ine( ;eports/
Check all < -o5es an( click 4Create ;eport/
Click 4.rint ;eport/
6nce you>:e printe( your results$ go -ack to your 4!a:e( Careers/7link on the
left si(e8 an( print the (escription for each of the careers you sa:e( to your
?ake sure that you rea( all of your printe( (ocuments an( then put them into
your !elf'Assessment .ortfolio.
p(ate( ?arch @<$ 1A@1