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AAPI Charitable Clinic,

C/O Rotary Club, Station Road, Hospet, Karnatka

Clinic does tremendous work, very effciently and despite meager resources.
Rotary club operates the clinic. In-house physician visits approximate 20,000
patients annually. For Outreach programs ambulance is available. The staff
includes physicians with general medicine background and several
Consulting specialists. They dispense prescribed drugs at a nominal cost.
Minor and major surgery like hysterectomy tubal ligation etc. are performed
and diagnostic facilities are available. Immunization facilities are also
available. Clinic has Rehab services for Strokes, Bells palsy etc. Clinic
conducts free doing cataract surgery camps and dispensing of hearing aids
USA Liaison: Vijaynagar MD
USA contact: A. Nagendra MD
India Liaison: Dr. V Tirupathi Naidu