Introduction to Place Value

Objective: To teach an understanding of place value through the use of guided practice,
manipulatives, hands-on activities, and written practice.
Common Core: 2.NBT.A.1 Understand that the three digits of a three-digit number represent
amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones; 100 can be thought of a bundle of ten tens.
Anticipatory Set
 Remind students about what we do in math calendar every day (breaking numbers into
tens and ones).
o Use today’s school day as an example.
 Remind students of math vocabulary: “digit”.
 Ask if anyone knows what is place value.
o Explain place value and add vocabulary notecard to the math vocabulary wall.
This part of the lesson will be done using examples on the whiteboard with the class seated on
the carpet.
 Use today’s school day and ask what the place value of each digit is.
 Explain “base 10”: using sets of ten to make numbers which we use for place value.
o Ask: how many tens is ten ones? Ask: how many hundreds is ten tens?
Guided Practice
This part of the lesson will take place using the doc cam while students sit on the carpet and use
their personal whiteboards to check for understanding.
 Use manipulatives (100s blocks, 10s blocks, and 1s blocks) on the doc cam and give
three examples.
o Call on three students using Popsicle sticks to come up and count the hundreds,
tens, and ones and write what they count in 100s/10s/1s boxes that the teacher
will draw.
 Student will get personal whiteboards and teacher will give examples of the place value
of digits in different numbers given by the teacher.
o Example: The teacher will give a number like 132 and ask what value the digit 3
stands for, and students will give answers on their whiteboards. This will serve as
a formative assessment during the lesson.
 Tell students about the trick of counting the digits to find the place value (refer back to
base 10).
 Show students on the doc cam the worksheet that they will be completing independently.
 Go through the example together.
 Ask the class what is place value.
 Remind the class of the expectations when they return to their desks.
Independent Practice
 Students will complete the worksheet independently.
 As tables, students will use math manipulatives to make numbers assigned by the teacher.
This will be done four times so that each student at each table will have a chance to make
a number. The teacher will walk around to be sure that each student is understanding the