VIETNAM 09-09-2014
Wind energy without wind outdoors
TrongDong Energy
I am Lê Phước Nhân , from Viet Nam , expert of analysis and research. A few years ago I had many studies
on renewable energy and wind energy test, I had many initiatives for it, but because there is no funding for the
experiment, mean while the economy become even more difficult, I am also affected. Despite the difficult time I
still continue my research and I've successfully made a small model for rural and island from 2kw to 60kw. (
Although I'am not very satisfied with it, i wish it had been better constructed ).
I currently have 3 models:
1. 1 - Energy for rural and island ,even the most difficult areas, Antarctic and Arctic freezing year round ,
From 2kw up to 60 kw per hour depending on wing size and the amount of supplies (can be expanded up
to 500 KWh )
2. 2 - Energy for urban areas, new residential areas, tourist areas off-grid, industrial, construction, factories
Power array system from 2 MW to 20 MW per hour
3. 3 - Energy for transportation, zero-carbon, green, sustainable
My ideal goals are:
To find technological solutions and alternative energy for the energy crisis and to focus on developing new
ideas to the economic impact and the environment.
To bring wind energy to higher levels, make it become realistic and effective.
My model has the following unique results:
Characteristics and the potential
01 - Not dependent on the outdoor wind, despite heavy rain, strong wind, storms, despite extreme weather,
freezing , or supersaturated, earthquake
02 - Can place it anywhere in the house or outdoor, terrace, garage, corner kitchen, basement, attic etc.
03 - Does not destroy environmental landscape, not noisy (actually it is very noisy, but it's possible to thoroughly
boxed) does not take up too much land resources, does not harm wildlife
04 - Compact, easy to install, complete safety
05 - Have high portability, can be useful for transportation; reduce carbon emissions, reduce transportation costs;
given the shipping industry ( your country ) to dominate on every ocean (go all over the world do not need spend
a coin), clean and sustainable, because it can be put on trains, boats, ferries, yachts, trucks, buses etc. and many
more interesting applications.
06 - Especially importantl , it operates 24/24/365 days continuously, so no need for troublesome and expensive
storage system.
07 - Comfort and safety without grid, can put right in the new residential areas, buildings, factory plants, offshore
islands, saving money for high-voltage electronic lines and the inverter connected net
08 - Totally clean, zero carbon ( CO2 ),no toxic air, using super capacitor (super capacitor) 100% green, 100%
sustainable 100% Renewable
09 - Minimize installation costs, operation costs
10 - Global Competitive Advantage, making plantsor enterprise have cheaper energy, reduce production costs,
11 - Abundant Energy, environmental remediation is not a problem, create desalinated fresh water for islands,
industrial waste water treatment etc.
12 - Termination of nuclear energy, hydropower, coal, the type of industry causing serious pollution

Right now I do not have the funds to do more things like that, I'm looking for funding, or potential investors to
develop this project, please contact me by email lpnhantdsl@yahoo.com or trongdongenergy@gmail.com
Mobile 841212837408

" We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with and support the general research work of to come
to a better understanding of the global energy needs and supplies that we can expect for the future."
TrongDong Energy
Lee Nhan
Email ; trongdongenergy@gmail.com
Mobile : +841212837408
skype address : lee.nhan.54

Lee Nhân

Image, the energy model for rural and island , This is the first phase of
the project, I have made

TrongDong Energy


As we already know , Wind energy is always placed outdoors but it has the following disadvantages :
dependent on weather; noisy ,
Capacity is not stable (strong wind, low wind). There are many months that have no wind
The cost of installing is expensive, dangerous to humans and wild animal
Therefore, its performance is approximately 30 to 40%
If you want it to operate continuously, you must-have a storage system (battery bank), it may increases costs for
energy, energy poverty, and even more CO2 emissions due to the need for back-up power
So, it becomes more and more costly
Hundreds of billions of new investment will be needed to maintain grid reliability, especially in an age of extreme
weather where one major storm can knock out power to millions and bring major commercial hubs to a halt.
The cost of severe weather incidents is staggering. Estimates range from $18 billion to $33 billion per year
according to the latest White House report

Innovation for sustainable energy
To overcome the above-mentioned ,to bring wind energy to new heights, and make renewable energy realistic
and effective
To respond to the global challenges, energy, climate, environment , especially for some area that have no access
to electricity for a long time
Innovation will be crucial to meeting the energy access challenge and must be centred on meeting the needs of
those who currently lack access. The definition of ‘energy access’ includes energy services for many purposes,
• For basic human needs, including modern fuels for cooking and heating, and some electricity for lighting
and charging small devices;
• For productive uses, including electricity or modern fuels to increase the productivity of e.g. agriculture,
commerce, and transport;
• Rural users, who are typically beyond the reach of the grid, central power generation, and fuel supply
* So, over the years I studied tirelessly, finding a great method, to tackle the above challenges