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atached to carry passengers”, to make it easier for us not only to transfer the thought within our mind, but also to others.
Also, by calling it a car, we have differentiated the object from a train or a bike, both being other modes of
transportation. Abstractions are part of our mental grids that help us by chopping reality into fragments so that we may
organize it and put it into our grasp of understanding. Something such as temperature cannot be measured because it is
infinitely variable. It is just our environment reduced to numbers so that we can conceive it in our minds. Again, our
world is divided into pieces so the human mind can understand it bit buy bit. From seeing a car to measuring the
temperature, language offers a explanation to our experiences and is powerful tool to help us think.
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Review this sentence for comma use.
Review this sentence for commonly confused words. Ensure you do not confuse similar words with different meaning.
Suggested correction: The philosopher did not speak aloud often.
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Contextual Spelling
The philosopher did not speak allowed often.
Review this sentence for commonly confused words.
Ensure you do not confuse similar words with different meaning.
Suggested correction:
The philosopher did not speak aloud often.
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Presenting your ideas effectively improves communication.
Review this sentence for squinting modifiers.
The modifier “effectively” may be defining either clause in your sentence and is therefore a squinting modifier.
Make sure it is clear which clause is being modified by this word.
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Be careful for the ice, the steps are slippery!
Review this sentence for preposition misuse.
Your sentence may use “for” after “to be careful”. Please re-read your sentence and ensure you have used the
correct preposition.
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“Let's go outside” said the boy.
Review this sentence for comma use.
Ensure there is a comma between direct quotes and the attributive tag. The attributive tag, (“said”), should be
separated from the quote by a comma; consider inserting one.
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Do you want more or less apples?
Review this sentence for quantifier usage.
The quantifier “less” may not be appropriate for the noun which it modifies. Clearly identify the noun
as countable or uncountable, and consider changing the quantifier, as appropriate.
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