By: Evan Adonailo, Casey Brown, Daniel
Curtis, Caroline McMinn, and Rebecca

Mystery Major 1
Guess the Major

Employer Job/Position City
Cheley Colorado Camps Transportation Crew Driver Estes Park, CO
City Year Corps Member Philadelphia, PA
General Electric Financial Management Program Norwalk, CT
College of William & Mary Law Student Williamsburg, VA
Wachovia Securities Analyst, Structured Products Charlotte, NC
DISH - Echostar Communications
Marketing Coordinator Denver, CO
Deutsche Bank Credit Risk Analyst New York, NY
CoStar Group Research Associate Washington, DC
Red Ventures Web Developer Fort Mill, SC
It’s Mathematics
What is Mathematics?
● Mathematics is a form of science, which revolves around numbers and the concept
of space.

● Mathematics is an essential component of many other fields of study, such as
physics, engineering, accounting, finance, economics, etc.
o In conjunction with the mathematics background, Wake offers multi-disciplinary majors, such as

● Mathematics uses a great deal of logic in order to solve a variety of problems to
everyday life.

● Is used by a vast number of careers
● What skills are developed within Mathematics?
o Persistence
o Patience
o Logic
o Problem solving skills
o Creativity
o Deeper understanding of abstract concepts
o Analytical skills
o recognition of patterns
o Independent thinking

● What careers interest students in mathematics?

o Accountant
o Actuary
o Auditor
o Attorney
o Bank Officer
o Budget Analyst
o Consultant
o Controller
o Credit Analyst
o Educator
o Financial Analyst

o Investment Banker
o Mortgage Banker
o Numerical Analyst
o Physician
o Project Manager
o Statistician
o Technical Advisor
o Technical Writer
o Underwriter

Interesting Facts
Famous Mathematics Graduates:
● Mr. T - Actor
● Brian May- Guitarist in Queen
● Art Garfunkel - Poet and Actor
● Philip Glass - Music Composer
● John Buckland - Guitarist in Coldplay

Famous Movies about Mathematics
● Moneyball
● Rain Man
● 21
● Good Will Hunting
● A Beautiful Mind
Interesting Facts
Famous Books about Mathematics
● A Wrinkle in Time
● Flatland
Wake Forest Alumni Group
-766 members studied mathematics
Interest in Mathematics
● After learning about the major, mathematics, I am slightly more interested
o There are a wide variety of different careers that I would potentially
consider interesting
o Mathematics majors develop a wide variety of useful skills which can
be applied in many different career paths
o There are a lot of great movies which have a math-based background
which I enjoy watching
 Having a background in mathematics might help greaten my understanding of these
Major 2
Guess the Major
Employer Name Job Title Location
Duke University Research Assistant, Psychiatry Durham, NC
Deloitte Consulting Human Capital Analyst Washington, DC
Emory University Physician Assistant Student Atlanta, GA
Deutsche Bank Legal Intern, Government Affairs Washington, DC
JP Morgan Chase Campaign Manager Associate Philadelphia, PA
New York Knicks Statistical Analyst New York, New York
Peace Corps Volunteer Ghana
CCS Fundraising Human Resources Assistant New York, New York
Belmont University Occupational Therapy Nashville, TN
It’s Psychology!!
What is Psychology?
The study of human and animal behavior
-mental processes, motives, social behavior, personality, emotion,
developmental thoughts

Scientific aspect
-experimental knowledge on how to conduct experiments that produce
data on the topics listed above
Skills Developed in Psychology
● Gathering, interpreting and explaining scientific
● Performing statistical analyses
● Decision making
● Awareness of how people think, solve problems and
process information
● Understanding human memory and learning
Careers in Psychology
● Admissions Counselor
● Art/Music Therapist
● Case Manager
● Clinical Assistant
● Counselor
● Customer Service Manager
● Employment Recruiter
● Hospice Coordinator
● Human Resources Specialist
● Media Buyer/Planner

● Mental Health Assistant
● Occupational Therapy
● Peace Corps Volunteer
● Physician
● Psychologist
● Public Relations Specialist
● Recreation Specialist
● Social Worker
● Volunteer Coordinator
Interesting Facts
● 40% Psychology majors from Wake continue on to
Graduate School or Business, Law or Medical School

● Famous Psychologists in History
○ B.F. Skinner-Behaviorism
○ Sigmund Freud-Unconscious mind
○ Jean Piaget-Developmental Psychology
○ Carl Rogers-Human potential
○ Erik Erikson-Psychosocial development
○ Ivan Pavlov-Behaviorism
WFU Alumni LinkedIn
Over 500 members in the Alumni group have a
Psychology major
Interest in Psychology
● My interest in a Psychology major increased
o Occupational therapy
o Graduate School
Mystery Major 3
Guess the major
Employer name Job title Location
BB&T Management Program Associate Winston-Salem, NC
Chicago Kent Law School Law Student Chicago, IL
General Electric Operations and Collections
Leadership Program Associate
Alpharetta, GA
Sandy Sansing Sales Associate Pensacola, FL
Target Associate Property Administrator Minneapolis, MC
Navigant Consulting Consultant Washington D.C.
Matco Stone Center Staff member of family owned
Pompano Beach, FL
Ernst & Young Fraud Investigator Atlanta, GA
What is accountancy?
● information science used to collect, classify,
and manipulate financial data for
organizations and individuals

Skills developed within accountancy
● proficiency in written and oral
● ability to organize, analyze, and interpret
numerical data
● logical problem solving
● problem identification
● ability to lead, direct, and supervise others
Careers in Accountancy
● Accountant
● Auditor
● Marketing
● Actuary
● Professor/teacher
● Sales manager
● Real Estate Broker
● Sales manager
● Health Services Manager
● Analyst (financial, budget, investment banking)
● Lawyer
● Tax Associate
Interesting Facts
● Celebrities who studied accounting:
o Mick Jagger
o Janet Jackson
o John Grisham (author)
● Accountants are needed in the Academy
○ Prior to the Oscar night, the accountants will spend
1,700 hours to count the ballots manually
WFU Alumni LinkedIN
● 1,571 members studied accounting
Interest in Accounting
● slightly more interested
o I identified a lot of my strengths while researching
the skills developed with this major
o broad range of careers
Mystery Major 4
Guess the Major
Employer Name Job Title Location
UPS Social Media Intern Atlanta, Georgia
Bank of America Consultant Charlotte, North Carolina
Dell Executive Director Austin, Texas
Hollister Analyst Chicago, Illinois
Time Warner Tax Intern Charlotte, North Carolina
Country Vintner Wine Consultant Charlotte, North Carolina
Military Project Manager United States
It’s Business and Enterprise
What is the BEM major?
● The Business and Enterprise Management option gives students the proper tools to
succeed in the modern business environment.
● Provides students with strong foundation in business knowledge and skills, on the job
internship experience, professional development and leadership training.
● Students can customize their majors according to their interests. Here is the subjects that
they can study:
● Marketing
● International Business
● New business Development
● Arts Markets
● German Business Management
● Non-profit Management
● What skills are developed within this major?
o Leadership skills
o Critical thinking
o Hard-working
o Good decision making skills
o Team player
o Organization and planning skills

● What careers interest students in this major?
o Pricing analyst
o Financial analyst
o Sales operation managers
o Investment banking
o Consulting services
o Financial services
o Banking

Interesting Facts
● Celebrities who have majored in Business
o Arnold Schwarzenegger
o David Spade
o Kevin Costner
o Clint Eastwood
o P. Diddy
o Tiger Woods
o John Elway
o Lionel Richie

LinkedIN Groups/ Connections
● There are 2,645 people registered on linkedin with a business
management degree.

Interest level
● I am less interested in this major than I was before beginning this project
● I do not like how BEM focuses on general areas of business and only
requires introductory level courses in each of the business areas
● I prefer to find a major that allows me to be more of an expert in a specific

Mystery Major 5
Guess the Major
Employer Name Job Title Location
Bekrshire Hathaway Real Estate Broker Winston-Salem, NC
PwC Private Client Services Greater NY area
University of Virginia Health
Resident Physician Charlottesville, VA
Roxey Ballet Company Dancer Philadelphia, PA
University of Florida Jacksonville
Healthcare Inc.
Resident Physician, Orthopedic
Jacksonville, FL
Deloitte Analyst Washington D.C
Womble Carlyle Attorney Greensboro, NC
It’s Chemistry!
What is the chemistry major?
● Chemistry provides answers to questions about the
living and material world around us.
● Knowledge of chemistry is essential to understanding
fields ranging from cell biology to materials science.
● What skills are developed within this major?
Ability to make critical observations and appropriate decisions
• Ability to operate scientific equipment
• Ability to organize and maintain accurate records
• Good vision and manual dexterity
• Ability to conduct and clearly explain scientific research
• Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and memorization
• Sensitivity to the health and safety of others
• Ability to analyze data and find new ways ofdoing things

● What careers interest students in this major?
o Analytical Chemist
o Chemical Engineer
o Clinical Biochemist
o Dentist
o Forensic Scientist
o Pharmacist
o Research Scientist
o Toxicologist

Interesting Facts
● Celebrities who have majored in Chemistry
o Pope Francis
o Jerry Buss
o Margaret Thatcher
o Kurt Vonnegut
o Dolph Lundgren
o John Kuhn

LinkedIN Groups/ Connections
● There are 1,242 people registered on linkedin with a Chemistry degree.

Interest level
● I graduate in 8 months so I don’t think I can really change my major but I’m
not interested in chemistry.