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“Fashion at its Revolution”

Product/Brand Idea:
This brand is launched to actually remove the strong perception of the people that
Pakistani goods are of low quality and outdated fashioned.
The Institute of Management Sciences

Group Members:
Umer Farooq (083314)
Mohsin Ihsan (083334)
Rizwan Sarwar (083333)

Submitted To:

Sir Aitzaz

Submission Date:


We thanks to Almighty who made us able to complete this task in the obedience
of Sir Aitzaz.
We thank our teacher who made us able in this field of business of taking decisions and analyzing
the company’s marketing department.
List of Contents

Introduction 7
Mission statement 8
Values & Vision 9
Goals & Objectives 10
SWOT Analysis 11
Strength 11
Weaknesses 11
Opportunities 11
Threats 12
Segmentation 13
Targeting 13
Characteristics of Target Market 14
Target market of jeans 15
Demographic 15
Geographic 15
Behavioral 15
Marketing Environment 16
Micro environment 17
Company 17
Suppliers 18
Marketing intermediaries 18
Competitors 18
Customers 19
Macro environment 20
Demographic environment 20
Economic environment 20
Political environment 21
Product Description 22
Product usage 22
Purchase influence 22
Lifestyle of customers 22
Market attractiveness factors 22
Competitive position factor 23
Firm and competitor capabilities and resources 23
Impact 24
Integrated Marketing mix 26
Student segment marketing mix 26
Product 26
Variety 26
Quality 28
Packaging & Services 28
Branding 28
Price 29
List price 29
Discount & Allowances 29
Credit Terms 30
Place 31
Location 31
Channels 31
Transportation 32
Inventory 32
Promotion 32
Advertisement & Publicity 32
Sales promotion 33
Public relations 34
Business men segment marketing mix 35
Product 35
Variety 35
Quality 35
Packaging & Services 36
Price 36
List price 36
Discount & Allowances 36
Place 37
Promotion 37
Conclusion 38


STEPH G Jeans was established in September 2009. It was founded by 3 partners

Rizwan, Mohsin and Umer in Lahore, Pakistan.
The Head office of STEPH G Jeans is located in Liberty. The manufacturing units
are located at Raiwind Road Lhr.
There is an intense competition of sellers of jeans in market. STEPH G Jeans has
to compete with brands such as Diesel, Lee Jeans, Calvin Klein and more popular and
leading brands in Clothing industry.
The main idea of introducing STEPH G Jeans is to change the strong perception
of customers that the Pakistani Brands are low quality and obsolete fashioned. The
company manufactures Jeans, Jackets and sportswear for men, women and children.
The company’s outlets are located in Y Block (Defense Housing Authority),
Siddique Trade Centre (Main Boulevard) and in Pace (Gulberg II near Hafiz Centre).
The company is seeking to open more outlets in the areas Fortress Stadium Lhr.
The main target customers of company are teens and youngsters. The company is using
differentiated (segmented) marketing-strategy.


"To provide a unique, innovative and desirable fashion environment to the

society, to provide comfort with no compromise on quality and to stay in step with
fashion trends for customers"


Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our
company, define who we are and set us apart from the competition. They underlie our
vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions, actions and behaviors. We
live by them. They endure.
Four core values are at the heart of STEPH G Jeans.: Affordability, Originality,
Excellence and Courage. These four values are linked as we see a story of how our core
values work together and are the source of our success.

Goals & Objectives:

Following are the objectives of company;

1) products should be unique in style and fashion

2) to provide customers with latest fashion
3) products should be innovative to attract customers
4) the products should be good enough quality wise
5) the firm’s technology should match with international standards
6) customer satisfaction and loyalty is our focus point
7) to change the false perception of customers of Pakistani products
8) to promote our sales up to 1 million units till the end of year 2010

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to a



• Innovative fashion that fulfills the needs of customers

• STEPH G employees are fully corporative and friendly with customers
• STEPH G provide all types of men Jeans
• Up-to-date technology
• No compromise on Quality


• Competition available in their price range

• Strong brand image of international jeans brands
• Electricity and gas shortage
• Increased taxes and interest rates
• More opportunities are provided to international companies


They could expand more into Women's jeans (right now they mostly do men’s)


• The transportation costs will be higher with the increase in oil costs. If they are unable to
pass on the increased costs in the form of higher prices they will have decreased margins.
• Terrorism is a major threat to the company in Pakistan
• Due to international pressures local companies are not growing
• Political instability

The Clothing industry is segmented into following four segments;
Customers that lie in age group of
1) 11 to 14 years
2) 15 to 25 years
3) 26 to 40 years
4) 40 to 45 years

STEPH G is segmenting the market based on age factor because clothing specially Jeans
are depends upon the likes and dislikes according to age.


From above mentioned 4 segments, STEPH G has targeted only two segments;

1) 15 to 25 years (probably students)

This sections is further classified into following sub-sections for better performance
of organization
a. 15 to 25 years with a house hold income of ranging from Rs. 20,000 to
b. 15 to 25 years with household income of ranging from Rs. 40,000 to
2) 26 to 40 (professionals/ business men)
This is also classified as follows
a. 26 to 40 years with an income ranging from Rs. 35,000 to 50,000
b. 26 to 40 years with an income ranging from Rs. 50,000 to 60,000

We will be here describing the 2 targeted segments;

1) 15 to 25 years with household income ranging Rs. 20,000 to 25,000


2) 26 to 40 years with an income ranging Rs. 50,000 to 60,000

As these segments are the basic and true customers of Jeans wear, which include both
males and female sexes.

Characteristics of Target Market:

Internationally defined target market for jeans is 12-30 years age group, but due to
high percentage of teenagers and youngsters present in Pakistan’s population, we have
revised our target market as follows,
• Students with age group 15 to 25
• Professionals with age group 26 to 40
• Those who are seeking their education and those who are at the end of their
education and beginning their careers.
• Quality conscious
• Fashion conscious.
• Parties and fun loving people
• No specific income group
• People wear jeans for these main reasons:
o Fashion
o Durability
o Quality
o Image

Target Market of Jeans

Demographic description:
• 15 to 25 years old & 26 to 40
• Both male and female
• Majority constitutes of school, college and university students.
• Fresh employees and married people are also a small part of the target market.
• Taste of fashion plays an important role for buying jeans.

Geographic description:
We are initially targeting Lahore in our first stage but our final target is to go all
along the country and all around the Asia.

Behavioral description:

We want to fulfill our customer’s preferences for:

• Quality
• Fashion
• Handsome look
• Problem avoidance
• Reliability

Marketing Environment:

The environment of a company includes the actors and forces that affect its
performance. The marketing environment is divided in two parts;

Micro environment:

These are the actors which are close to the company that affect the company’s
ability to serve its customers. It includes company, suppliers, market intermediaries,
customers, competitors and publics.

Macro environment:

Larger societal forces that affect microenvironment. These forces are

demographical, economical, natural, political, technological and cultural environment.

Micro environment:
The micro environment of the company consists of following actors;

• The company
• Suppliers
• Marketing intermediaries
• Competitors
• Publics
• Customers

The company is divided into some departments that include Human Recourse
Department, Financial Affairs Handling Department, Quality Department, etc.
There is a proper coordination and communication system among all the
departments so that employees are working as a team and they are satisfied and
contributing their best efforts to raise the standards of the company.

The production of jeans includes the ingredients like fabrics, buttons, zips and
machines for the production of jeans. Machines we import from Germany and Japan. Our
main fabric suppliers are Nergis Textile Mills and some of the material like zips and
buttons are also supplied by Lisa Manufacturers.

Marketing Intermediaries:

Our main market intermediaries are our distributors, wholesalers and retailers.
Our financial intermediaries include RMU Bros. and Askari Bank.


Being an introducing brand in Clothing industry STEPH G Jeans has to compete

with pre-established brands. It has to make its impression in the minds of customers and
get advantage on its competitors.
The main competitors for STEPH G are Diesel, Denim Jeans and Calvin Klein.
As these brands have a good perception and a good position in customers’ minds that’s
why the company’s competition is very strong.
All these brands are providing great varieties in Jeans clothing like there are
several types of Jeans pants i.e. Blue Jeans, Straight Cut Jeans, Bell Bottom and their
price ranges has also a good impact on competition.
There products are in many categories of price and quality combination that
provides a thrust to the competition.
STEPH G Jeans is also launching the most demanded and upcoming fashioned
products like Flare Cut, Boot Cut, Casual Jeans and many more products are there to
compete with so established brands.


Customers are the largest asset of a company so they should be chosen very
carefully and decisions relating to them must be backed by a good decision maker.
STEPH G Jeans is actually using the Segmented Marketing Strategy that is there
are some portions of market that are mainly targeted.
The segment of age differences 15 to 25 years is the most effective and valuable
for the company as because they wear jeans wears for their casual use, going to college,
for fashion and what they desire.
26 to 40 years age ranging customers are those that are professionals and wear
jeans for only for the sake of rest because always in a formal dress, they become tire and
bore so they come to Jeans clothing.

Macro Environment:

Demographic Environment:

• The study of human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, gender,
race, occupation, and other statistics is know as demography.
• Demographics of our company are as follows:
• Different price ranges and offers for various income groups
• Teens and youngsters age bracket: 15-25 & 26-40 years
• We develop products for both Male and Female

Economic Environment:

The economic environment consists of patterns that affect buying power and
patterns. The economic environment is characterized by more consumer concern for

value and shifting consumer spending patterns. Today’s Squeezed consumers are seeking
greater value, which is the right combination of good quality and service at a reasonable
price. The distribution of income is also shifting. So our company has tailored our market
offers to two different markets which are: “the affluent” and the “less affluent”
Some of the families are earning Rs 20,000 to 25,000 per month but moderate
families that are the big part of economy are earning above Rs 40,000 per month in which
251,428 families are included which is 16% of Lahore’s population. So this economic
factor affects the purchasing behavior very effectively.

Political Environment:

There is political instability and terrorism in Pakistan. When the reign of one
government is finished the new government changes all the plans and actions of the
previous government. Due to these factors interest and tax rates changes and the rate of
development decreases. Secondly the government of Pakistan is not encouraging and
promoting the Pakistani companies to compete with global companies. International
pressure is also a hurdle in this regard. All these factors are hurdles in the promotion of
Pakistani products.

Product descriptions

Product Usage:

• Very frequent use of the jeans on almost all of the major occasions including Eid,
Parties, and other important Festivals and Events.
• Heavily used by the school and college students.

Purchase Influence:
Purchasing decision making is based on individual preferences which can lead to
the same product among other individuals as well. For instance if a youngster purchase a
particular brand of jeans he/she can influence his or her friends or relatives to purchase
the same product.
Word of mouth is also an effective means of promoting sales of any product.

Life Style of the Users:

Life style does matter a lot on the purchase of a product. For example if a student
prefers jeans in his life style then his obviously his consumption for jeans is certainly
more than a person who wears jeans occasionally. Similarly the social class level also
matters in the purchases.
The upper class usually go for the quality, fashion and status while the lowers are more
conscious to price.

Market Attractiveness Factors:

• Differentiated cuts and styles of STEPH G jeans allow us to provide a

handsome look to our customers.
• The company can make exclusive designs of STEPH G jeans for showbiz
and fashion industry and by doing advertising of STEPH G jeans through actors,

singers, sportsmen and other stars; they can heavily attract public to buy STEPH
G jeans and ultimately the company will going to be one of the most populous
company of the country.
• Current sales of STEPH G jeans are very low. The price ranges are
actually targeting the upper class of the target market while the majority class of
the target market lies in the lower and lower-middle class. So there is a golden
opportunity of capturing the rest of target market. So we can also attract the
market through advertising and other effective marketing tools.

Competitive-position factors:

Opportunities for competitive advantage:

• Differentiation based on quality, style and fashion make advertising highly
efficient in order to create a unique brand in the perception of customers.
• Pakistani products do not meet quality and durability, so customer’s
loyalty is not guaranteed. As we are offering quality products so our customers
will remain satisfied and loyal to us. This factor will increase the sales and share
of our company and make us able to compete with others.

Firm and Competitors capabilities and resources:

• Local companies are making minimal use of advertising and other

effective marketing strategies to promote their products. We can make better use
of advertisements and other marketing strategies to promote our brand in the
• Imported jeans are based on few distributors importing them. So by strong
distribution we can prevail over the imported garments purchased in our country.
• Reliability on imported products is very high and the local brands are very
weak. By creating awareness of our brand through efficient and effective
management of 4 Ps the targeted market share can be achieved.

• Imported jeans such as “levis”, “Gucci Armani” and others are only
targeting status conscious class, while we are focusing on both upper and middle
classes so we can win the hearts of the majority by using effective marketing
• Our company is technologically advanced so our production capacity is up
to the mark.


From the above explanation we come to know that all the factors plays equal role
in the development and growth of the company. We cannot neglect the importance of any
single factor. All the groups of the company that is top management, finance, research
and development (R&D), purchasing, operations, and accounting work together with
diligence, hard work and as a team only then the company is able to progress and go
around the globe successfully.
Suppliers form a very important link in the company’s overall customer value
delivery system. They provide the resources needed by the company to provide its goods
and services. If the suppliers of the company are not loyal to the company then they can
seriously affect the market. It is necessary that the company should establish healthy and
good long lasting relationships with the suppliers so that the suppliers provide the needed
resources in time, sufficient in quantity and of the good quality and they shall remain
faithful to your company in delivering supplies.
Most marketers today treat their suppliers as their partners in creating and
delivering customer value. Their must be a good communication channel between the
suppliers and the company. STEPH G jeans have a separate department for that named
as: “supplier development department” which helps to make good relations between the
suppliers and the company. It has also created a website to navigate the complex buying
Secondly your “competitors” both direct and indirect heavily have an impact on
your overall activities. You have to see and watch all the activities and strategies of you
competitors, what new strategies they are developing, their products, their plans, their

prices, their services, their new ideas, their competitive advantages over your products,
their advertisement and marketing mix tools and tactics. You have to carefully analyze
and observe all these measures in order to compete, survive and defeat others. You have
to deliver better products and services than your competitors with greater customer value
and satisfaction. Direct competitors have a direct impact on your progress in the sense
that they want to compete your company by raising quality, delivering greater customer
value and by effective marketing strategy than yours.
Indirect competitors can attract more customers than yours by keeping low price
strategy and can made cheaper products to attract all the lower and middle class
community. They can make your share and growth down in the market if you do not keep
in touch with their plans and strategies.
“Customers” are the key to success. The company must have to identify its target
market. What are their customers, what are their needs, wants and demands? What is the
focus of the customers? Either they are price, brand or quality conscious? Or either they
want all these items means that they want good brand and quality at a reasonable price.
Secondly the company must have to segment its market according to segment
variables for consumer markets which include: geographic, demographic, psychographic
and behavioral segmentation.
Demographic segmentation is more important factor and can easily be calculated
and observed.
Segmentation based on age, gender, family size, life cycle etc are effective
measures to segment the market. For example if we want to introduce a new brand of
jeans we have to analyze the age group of the people who like and wear jeans, their
gender and the life style of the people etc. how often do they wear jeans and what
characteristics in the jeans do they want.
Income must be carefully analyzed because purchasing power is heavily
dependent on that. You cannot introduce a status oriented product to the people belonging
to a lower class which are not able to purchase these products.
Gender and brand image also matters a lot because if you introduce a Gillette
product which is typically a men shaving items manufacturing company. If we introduce

Gillette beauty cream for women then certainly it do not work and your product will
going no more to be popular.

Integrated Marketing Mix:

Marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools—product, price,

place, and promotion.
Marketing mix is separately designed for each targeted segment of market.
There are different marketing mixes for our two segments;
1) Marketing Mix for first segment (15 to 25 years age with household income of Rs
20,000 to 25,000)
2) Marketing Mix for second segment (26 to 40 years with income of Rs. 50,000 to

Marketing Mix for Students Segment:

The product in marketing mix includes the goods and services that a company
offers to the consumers.
There are some basic components of a product in which that is divided;
1. Variety
2. Quality
3. Packaging & Services
4. Branding

1. Variety:

The STEP G Jeans is available in large variety. The company time-to-time

evaluates its variety and the needs of consumers to be up-to-date with the demands of
customers. The company is producing many types of jeans. Some of which are;

• Bell bottom
Bell bottom is wide-legged pants which are loose from the knee downwards and fitted
tightly around the hips. This style of trousers was worn by both men and women

• Boot cut
Boot cut is sometimes known as flare cut, but it’s less roomy at the ankle part. The
boot cut is tapered to the knee and are slim in the thigh area but is made slightly wider
from the knee down to the hem in order to accommodate a person’s boots without
bunching up.
• Flare cut
Flare cut is similar to boot cut but a little bit tighter and is cut wider or flare out from
knee down, looking much more a bell-like shape.
• Straight cut
Straight cut is a kind of jeans pants which the circumference of their legs is consistent
from the hip down to the leg. The straight-cut jeans are usually cut straight down from the
waist making it fits your natural waist and is slim through the ankles and bottom.
• Skinny jean
Skinny jeans come in many names such as tapered pants, carrot leg pants, ice-cream
cone pants, old-school hood jeans and so on. The skinny jean is slim-fit pants which are
tapered through the end of the ankle.
• Flapper jeans
A flapper jean is a common type that is tight from thighs but more roomy from the
lower part of leg.
• Baggy jeans
Baggy jeans are of casual use because they are very roomy and are used for the
purpose of relaxation.

The most demanded jeans are baggy, straight cut, flare cut and flapper. These days
their fashion is on the leading position but straight cut and flare cut are jeans those are
always acceptable by the consumers as their impact on customers is constant.

2. Quality:

As we are concerned with this section of students that is pointed as a medium

section of economy that’s the quality requirement is not as more as it is required by the
other section of professionals and business men.
The quality provided to this section is of the medium level.

3. Packaging & Services:

The packaging for this segment is basically made attractive and convenient.
Packaging is also good looking that attracts the customers to come again. Company’s
logo is printed on the package that they unconsciously convince towards the brand.
Some services are provided to customers that if there is any problem of fitting and
return because of damages on product then these are solved.
4. Branding:

Our brand is established to generate a good impression of Pakistani products. Our

brand meaning is;

• S Stylish
• T Trendsetter
• E Energetic and Exceptional
• P Passionate and professional
• H Highly Potential
• G Global


Price of a product includes following;

1. List price
2. Discounts & Allowances
3. Credit terms

1. List Price:

The price of the item is different for the retailers and customers. Customers
commonly but jeans in number of units but the retailers buy in bulks. A bulk of jeans
contains ten pieces of jeans. The prices for retailers and customers are shown in the
following table for our main products for this segment.

Products Price for Customers (Rs) Price for Retailers/ item (Rs)
Bell bottom 500 450
Boot cut 650 575
Flare cut 550 525
Straight cut 750 650
Baggy jeans 700 625

2. Discount & Allowances:

When a customer buys more than one items then 5% discount on each is given.
This discount is generally given on seasonal changes. Discount rate also varies.
Allowances are also given to buyers on the time of purchase.

3. Credit Terms:

The company gives the products on credit also but only to the retailers on
different terms. Following table is given for its illustration;
No. of Bulks Credit for the time Discount available
Less than 5 1 month 3%
15 days 4.5%
Between 5 to 15 3 months 3%
1 month 4.5%


Placement of our products to targeted segment areas are some different from each
other mostly their location is different but other factors listed below do not change
prominently that includes the following factors;

1. location
2. channels
3. transportation
4. inventory

1. Location:

Our product for student segmentation is available in following areas of Lahore;

• Pace (near Hafiz Centre)

• Liberty Market

2. Channels:

Our main channels of distribution are;

• Outlets
• Retailers


In our outlets at pace and liberty, we want to sell jeans at an affordable price because
these are the places visited mostly by common or less rich people like school, college and
university students having a house hold income of 20 to 25,000, who are rational and
price conscious and want to buy things at an affordable price. So at these places we will
deliver goods with normal quality at an affordable price.


We will also promote our product through retailers so that they can push more
customers to buy our products. This distribution would be comparatively for middle class.

In this regard we certainly will give our retailers high and special packages and discount
and we will treat them as our business partners so that they can completely trust us and
stay happy which lead to an efficient promotion of our products.

3. Transportation:

Steph-g jeans have their own trucks and pick ups which deliver goods from
factory to the outlets. Logo and designs of Steph-g Jeans Company is printed on them and
they are well decorated and can be identified easily.

Special care is involved while loading the stock in the trucks and pick ups in order
to avoid any damage.

The maintenance and performance of the trucks and pick ups are up to the mark in
order to deliver goods right on time without any problem and damage.

4. Inventory:

We have two special stores where we keep our inventory. These stores are
maintained with great care and well guarded in order to avoid thefts and stealing.
Special cameras with Audio/ Video recording tapes and sensitive alarm systems
are fitted and they are monitored by the computers, operators and technicians of the

We are managing our inventory systems with special and sophisticated databases
bought from USA. All the records from A to Z are saved in them and nothing kept
Our all outlets, factory and head office are interconnected with a special intranet
facility and most modern computers are used in this regard so as to keep informed and
stay in contact with all happenings and activities of the company.
Data about stock is kept maintained about how much units are present and how much we
need in the near future so that production department works accordingly.


Advertisement & Publicity:

STEPH-G JEANS will advertise their products through well known showbiz stars,
models, singers, athletes and other celebrities; like Atif Aslam, Shahid Afridi, Imran
Abbas and other famous male and female celebrities.

STEPH-G JEANS will place bill boards at all the famous places and roads. Bill-
Boards are also very effective in Mass Marketing. As our company wants to do Mass
Marketing to spread its products all along the Pakistan quickly and efficiently and then
finally go all around the globe. So, our company will place maximum bill-boards at all

the famous markets, shopping centers, plazas and other attractive places and roads to
attract customers in a large proportion just like “O-MORE” has done to attract large
portion of customers and to compete with its strong existing competitor “Walls”.

Our company will sponsor different Television and fashion shows at different
places and cities in Pakistan. Our advertising will include broadcast media heavily.
We will advertise our ads heavily in the Television
The advantages of advertising in the Television are:
1. Good mass-marketing coverage
2. Low cost per exposure
3. Combines sight, sound, and motion; appealing to the senses

We will send exclusive styles and designs of our products to the showbiz industry
to wear in different movies or TV shows etc. and hence are able to advertise our products
through them in a nice manner.
Magazines are also on our preferences because they are also an efficient and
effective source of attracting customers. They have many advantages like:

1. High geographic and Demographic selectivity

2. Credibility and prestige
3. High-Quality reproduction
4. Long life and good pass-along readership

Initially we will do a mixture of Informative and Persuasive advertising. Because

through Informative advertising we will:

1. Communicate customer value

2. Tell the market about our new product
3. Explain how our product works better
4. Describe our available variety
5. Correct false impressions of the people that Pakistani products are of
low quality and are not reliable
6. Build a strong Brand and Company image

Sales Promotion:

Our company will give short term incentives to our customers to attract them. For
example if there is a need of sales promotion then the customers came to buy jeans will
be given T-Shirt/ Caps, etc. with their jeans that they might be attracted and come again.

We will give retailers extra benefits and discounts to persuade people to buy our
products. Retailers will also be given extra margins for the purpose of sales promotion.

Public Relations:

We will start campaigns to remove this misconception that Pakistani products are
of low quality and cannot compete with foreign products.

Steph-g jeans will invite famous singers and organize musical competitions at
some places in which people can participate, sing songs and the winners can get cash

Marketing Mix for business men segment:


1. Variety
2. Quality
3. Packaging & Services

1. Variety:

This segment is very sophisticated and use jeans wears in mostly common use and
for the purpose of relaxation. So these people do not consider too much on a large variety
and other fashions. The products available to this segment are very common and there is
very less demand of change and other fashions in jeans. So this segment has types of

• Straight cut
• Baggy jeans
• Easy wear jeans
• Roomy jeans

2. Quality:

As this segment is convenience seeker and they relay on comfort. They demand
high quality. So this is the basic segment we are targeting to provide higher quality. Some
of the basic quality features of jeans provided to this segment are;

• The color of jeans does not vanish

• The fabric of jeans does not become rough
• Fabric’s quality remains the same more than 1 year
• The fitting of jeans provides more comfort to our customers

3. Packaging & Services:

The packaging of jeans for the segment of professionals and business men is made
more convenient and more safe than the other segment of which is more attractive. So the
basic difference comes because of age, mental level and quality.
The packaging includes a special box in which the jeans is packed and inside is
the jeans which is packed further to avoid any type of loosing of quality and damages.
Services provided to this segment include;

• Different counters for dealing quality demanding people

• Home delivery services for the customer who demand mostly same type of jeans


Pricing strategy for this segment is chosen “market skimming pricing strategy”.
These people are does not give weight to price but they are more thoughtful about quality.
Price of a product includes following;
1. list price
2. Discounts & Allowances

1. List price:

The list price of jeans for customers and retailers in the professional men segment
is given in following table.

Product Price for Customers (Rs) Price for Retailers/ item (Rs)
Straight cut 2500 2350
Baggy jeans 2100 1950
Easy wear jeans 2800 2775
Roomy jeans 2300 2150
2. Discount & Allowances:

After certain limit of purchases our loyal customers are given a membership card.
That is there is a discount of 7% on each item is given. This discount is available for our
loyal customers and not at the seasonal changes.
Allowances to retailers are also given.


Following are the locations for this segment;

• Siddique Trade Centre

• Y-Block Defense
• Pace (near Hafiz Centre)

As these areas include the living people who belongs to Elite Class. Siddique Trade
Centre and Y-Block are the most Elite Class areas. These are the areas where people want
status, brand, image and High Quality. But Pace includes both the High Quality and
Normal Quality items.

Inventory and transportation are same for both segments.

Distribution Channels:
Promotion is almost same but the main difference is that in non-Elite areas we
focus more on our retailers because they are a valuable source to promote our product. In
Elite areas our main focus is our outlets.


Promotion of our jeans for this segment is also same.



So from all of our above discussion and explanation, we conclude that:

If a company wants to reach the heights of glory, it must have to focus strongly and
efficiently on its customers needs to create greater customer value, loyalty and
Carefully analyze the strategies of its competitors in order to develop and use more
efficient marketing strategies than its competitors for greater growth and market share
and to keep pace with the modern trends.