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(eBook) - Steve G Jones Hypnotherapy Scripts 2

(eBook) - Steve G Jones Hypnotherapy Scripts 2


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Published by: whoisyadadda3859 on Dec 14, 2009
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As you become more and more relaxed, you will remain
relaxed… and less tense… when you are in the presence
of other people… whether it be just a small gathering of
friends and acquaintances, or a mid-sized room of people,
all the way up… to an large audience of strangers.

It doesn’t matter at all. You will be able to meet them on
equal terms… see them as peers… even as loving
friends… non-judgmental individuals… who encourage
you to be your very best, and delight them with your talent.

You fill feel so at ease in their presence… without the
slightest feeling of inferiority, without becoming self-
conscious… without becoming embarrassed or confused,
without feeling conspicuous.

You will become so deeply interested, so deeply involved
in delivering your best singing performance, exercising
complete control over your beautiful voice, that you will
concentrate entirely on your singing… to the complete
exclusion of anything else that might be going on around
you. With ease, you will deliver each word with perfect
pronunciation… and perfect tone.

Because of this, you will remain completely relaxed…
perfectly calm and self-confident… and you become less
conscious of yourself and your own feelings.

You will consequently be able to sing quite freely and
naturally, exactly as you wish to… without being worried in
the least, by the presence of your audience.

If you should begin to think about yourself… you will
immediately shift your attention back to your singing… and


Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume II


will no longer experience even the slightest nervousness,
discomfort, on uneasiness.

The moment you get up to sing, all your nervousness will
disappear completely… and you will feel… completely
relaxed… completely at ease… and so confident.

You will become so deeply interested in the words you
sing, that the presence of an audience will no longer phase
you in the least. You no longer feel uncertain, or
confused, or conspicuous… in any way.

And you will remain throughout your performance…
perfectly calm… perfectly confident… and perfectly at


Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume II


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