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MS Office Workout: Desktop Publishing
Explanation/grading sheet

Purpose of this workout:
Within this workout you will use desktop publishing software (MS Publisher) to create a tri-fold
informational brochure about some element related to your course theme. For example, if your theme
is focused on the science of astronomy, you could create a brochure that would inform people about a
local event that will occur at the next meeting of the astronomy club. You could include pictures of
some new instruments that have been obtained by the club, what the purpose of the club is, and why
the study of astronomy should be important to all people. It may also include a section for whom to
contact for more information about the club and meeting times. Adapt the brochure in order to address
all of the requirements of this workout. (Example: http://shaziahussein.weebly.com/workout-2.html)
Skills needed to accomplish:
• Use of various design templates
• Manipulation of text boxes and clip art
• Use of desktop publishing formatting techniques that include font size and type changes,
alignment adaptations, use of bulleted lists, borders, shading, WordArt, etc.
• Use of tables
• Insertion and sizing of graphics/pictures
Procedure to accomplish this workout:
1. Read Chapter 6 of MSO-10
2. Re-read the Level 1 (pgs. 200-209) and Level 2 (pgs. 209-217). Note all of the different
techniques that are discussed within those levels.
3. Open MS Publisher and go to the “Brochures” from the palette of publication types.
4. Review the various types of brochures and select a template that you can adapt for this workout
requirement. Make sure you select one that is of the tri-fold variety.
5. Using the template as a guide, create a rough draft of the various parts/sections of the brochure
(you can do this on paper and pencil if you find that more efficient and effective). Include all of
the sections that will be within your informational brochure.
6. Using MS Publisher, create the tri-fold brochure. It should include the following:
• Various font size, style, and type to add emphasis to headings, etc.
• Text carefully placed and aligned (spell and grammar checked) so that it is readily seen and
• Attractive, audience relevant color and font schemes throughout the publication to add a
feeling of cohesiveness and professionalism.
• WordArt to effectively gain and guide attention to important text within the publication.
• Several relevant graphics (e.g., clip art, pictures) strategically placed, sized, and formatted to
add information and brochure appeal.
• A formatted table to organize and present critical information for the reader.
7. Submit a copy of this “Explanation/grading sheet” and your printed brochure as determined by
your lab instructor.
(20 possible points)
Grading based on:
____ 10 pts. Content of the brochure is clearly and concisely articulated and is well focused on the
selected course theme.
____ 3 pts. Graphics (e.g., images, pictures, clip art), WordArt, and text boxes are appropriately
incorporated and aligned to present clear, organized, and understandable information.
____ 3 pts. A formatted, placed, and aligned table is included to add organization to a specific set of
information, data, etc
____ 4 pts. Various formatting structures are appropriately included (e.g., alignment, font sizing and
style, shading, borders, bullet/number lists)
____ Total