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Eaglet Volume 56 # 1 (2009 - 2010)

Eaglet Volume 56 # 1 (2009 - 2010)


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The Official Publication of Ateneo Grade School
The Official Publication of Ateneo Grade School

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Published by: Mara Melanie D. Perez on Dec 14, 2009
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The Eaglet

The Official SchOOl Organ Of The aTeneO grade SchOOl
Volume 56 issue 1 SY 2009 - 2010 ateneoeaglet@gmail.com

Building the Nation
This is the Grades 6 & 7 Sesquicentennial Issue of EAGLET next issue will be about grades 4 & 5!

Building the Nation
Fr. Norberto maria Luza bautista, SJ publisher

Headmaster’s Message

The ateneo de Manila University is celebrating its sesquicentennial year this year 2009 with its special theme, “Building the nation.” This theme has been preceded by 2 other important values the ateneo has cherished over these years – celebrating excellence in 2007, and deepening Spirituality in 2008. in a fast-changing global landscape, the challenge for our school is to remain relevant in everything that we do. in the area of academics, we have been benchmarking with the best schools in Singapore for several years now in order to upgrade our academic standards. But as we try to reach global competitiveness, we carry not only ateneo with us, but our countrymen as well. in other words, as try to pursue excellence in academics, for example, we are also responsible to share our learning with our fellow filipinos so that they would not be left behind. Our teachers over the years have been training our public school administrators, supervisors, and teachers through the University’s ateneo center for educational development (aced). The Bigay Puso program has given our students to contribute in nation-building through their engagements in gawad Kalinga, the Pisu-Piso collection, Bahaginan sa Barangka, their visits to the prisoners and the sick, and many more. These are our small attempts to building the nation. however, building the nation can never be confined to a yearly and passing project, but can only be sustained permanently by our virtue of love for country.

We have to love our country first before we can build it. and how can we love our country? first, we have to appreciate our nation’s gifts, our culture and our values. We are rich in natural resources with their beauty and grandeur. We have deep spirituality in our christian faith. We are a talented people especially in arts and music. We have our cultural and social values the world emulates like the Bayanihan, our warm smiles and hospitality, our pagkakapwa-tao. These are just some of our traits that we need to be proud of as filipinos. Second, we need to love our national language, filipino, and use it extensively. filipino is the ‘soul’ of our dear nation. as filipinos, we need to teach ourselves to think, speak, and act as genuine filipinos. For all of us, Filipino should be our first language. Third, we have to be committed to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and make sacrifices for them. The school has been teaching our boys to be men for others as part of the mission and vision of this Jesuit institution. The real challenge lies in taking these things into heart, and acting on our deepest desires to actually serve our poor brethren. May this year be a blessed year for us as we continue to pursue our common calling to serve and build our dear Philippines. May god bless us all.


•∞• Fr. Kit Bautista, SJ •∞•
Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

Asst. Headmaster for Student Affairs’ Message
Mr. Jose P. Salvador, Jr. Assistant headmaster .for student affairs
another page in our agS history has again unfolded as we commemorate the 3rd year of our sesquicentennial anniversary. and i think you, our young writers play a crucial role in seeing to it that the future generations of ateneans who will look back at this generation will get a sense of how the ateneo was and what life was like as a student in 2009. and truth be told, the start of the school year may have been a year of numerous challenges for us. how can we forget how the school year met us with the ah1n1 scare. But this would only show our true mettle by our ability to transform these challenges into opprtunities. and indeed while the swine flu flew, the Eagle soared higher. here’s to the next 150.

•∞• Mr. Jose P. Salvador, Jr. •∞•

a lot of people believe that when it comes to building the nation, it’s a huge task. it’s like it’s reserved for those who are capable of doing huge and important things. examples of these people would be government officials, like senators, or governors, and also the president. it’s common that people believe that they should leave the changing and building the nation to these officials. Why? Because most of us believe that it’s too much, that it seems like a huge responsibility. Well, here’s a fact: it only seems like a huge responsibility. You know, you don’t have to be a warrior or a huge and important government official or a representative of your country in the United nations group to change humanity. even the things that seems small can leave a huge difference. Take Jose rizal, for example. he didn’t use a mass artillery of heavy weapons and a huge army to fight for our freedom, oh no. But, he used the seemingly small power of words. Words that were so beautifully strung and well created that they helped contribute to our country’s indepe-ndence. now, i’m not saying that you should become a writer to change the Philippines, no. i’m saying that you don’t need to do outrageous things like build massive skyscrapers or make impossible and complicated plans to build the nation. See? as i said, the things that seem so small can make the largest differences in history. and that means that all of us, every single one of us here, no matter what age they are or what walk of life they come from, has the capability to make a difference. all of us can build the nation. So, how can we, right here, right now, make a difference? how can we make a positive change to our nation? Well, the possibilities are simply endless. There are so many ways to build the nation in our early age. Whether it’s doing a small act of random kindness for somebody, being up-to-date with the latest happening in our country, or simply doing the thing that you love or do best, and doing it for others, so many things can be done to build the nation. So, my final message is that we should all get out there and make a difference, in any way possible. and don’t forgot, if something seems impossible, it only seems that way. •∞• Dicot Alvarado EAGLET editors & moderator promoting the Club to the Grades 6 & 7 students

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Ms. Mara Melanie D. Perez Moderator Mr. Gian Carlo P. Ludovice Extern
1 Gerrard Luis L. Regino 2 Anton Miguel O. Alonte 3 Jonathan R. Alpano 4 Xandro S. Hizon 5 Rafael Carlos C. Dionisio 6 Joshua Raphael N. Ambrosio 7 Jon Angelo MZ. Bonifacio 8 Anton Raphael S. Cabalza 9 Jairus Carlo S. Calpatura 10 Jeriah Kyle V. Gabriel 11 Miguel K. Guerrero 12 Joshua Raphael N. Llanto 13 George Christian D. Morales 14 Miguel Antolin S. Oreta 15 Luis Felipe D. Umpangco 16 Austin Keith C. Hernandez 17 Saejj P. Remorque 18 Leo Isaiah P. Yap III 19 Evan Merel T. Escalaw 20 Randy E. Mañalac 21 John Christian G. Nacpil 22 Dustin Paolo S. Abad 23 Karlo Crisanto A. Lovenia 24 Ronnie Q. Añasco 25 Jose Rafael L. Aycardo 26 Gregory S. De Castro 27 Jose Francisco A. Santiago 28 John Lorenz R. Tuzon 29 Vicente Sebastian A. Del Rosario
6-Abad Santos

6-Agoncillo 6-Agoncillo 6-Aguinaldo 6-Aguinaldo 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Jacinto 6-Jacinto

8 Anton Raphael S. Cabalza 9 Jairus Carlo S. Calpatura 10 Jeriah Kyle V. Gabriel 11 Miguel K. Guerrero 12 Joshua Raphael N. Llanto 13 George Christian D. Morales 14 Miguel Antolin S. Oreta 15 Luis Felipe D. Umpangco 16 Austin Keith C. Hernandez 17 Saejj P. Remorque 18 Leo Isaiah P. Yap III 19 Evan Merel T. Escalaw 20 Randy E. Mañalac 21 John Christian G. Nacpil 22 Dustin Paolo S. Abad 23 Karlo Crisanto A. Lovenia 24 Ronnie Q. Añasco 25 Jose Rafael L. Aycardo 26 Gregory S. De Castro 27 Jose Francisco A. Santiago 28 John Lorenz R. Tuzon 29 Vicente Sebastian A. Del Rosario

6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Burgos 6-Jacinto 6-Jacinto

6-Mabini 6-Mabini 6-Mabini 6-Malvar 6-Malvar 6-Malvar 6-Rizal 6-Rizal 6-Rizal 6-Rizal
6-Tandang Sora

30 Jose Benedict Luis C. Alvarado 31 Miguel Sigfrid A. Ongtao 32 Adrian G. Del Rosario 33 Nathanael B. De Guzman 34 Carlos Roman M. Ozaeta 35 Youn-duk Chung 36 Cesar Angelo S. Villariba 37 John Jerico E. Diamante 38 Virgil Bernard S. De Leon 39 Joseph Anthony M. Montecillo 40 Juan Gabriel B. Orlina 41 Ricardo Felix R. Panganiban 42 Francisco Miguel S. Tolentino 43 Raphael Don A. Tantan 44 Francis Jhulian V. Villanueva 45 Timothy James L. Castillon

7-Bellarmine 7-Bellarmine

7-Brebeuf 7-Brebeuf 7-Campion 7-Claver 7-De Britto 7-Kostka 7-Kostka 7-Pignatelli 7-Pignatelli 7-Pignatelli 7-Regis 7-Regis 7-Xavier

The Eaglet Staff
6-Tandang Sora

6-Mabini 6-Mabini 6-Mabini 6-Malvar 6-Malvar 6-Malvar 6-Rizal 6-Rizal 6-Rizal 6-Rizal

30 Jose Benedict Luis C. Alvarado 31 Miguel Sigfrid A. Ongtao 32 Adrian G. Del Rosario 33 Nathanael B. De Guzman 34 Carlos Roman M. Ozaeta 35 Youn-duk Chung 36 Cesar Angelo S. Villariba 37 John Jerico E. Diamante 38 Virgil Bernard S. De Leon 39 Joseph Anthony M. Montecillo 40 Juan Gabriel B. Orlina 41 Ricardo Felix R. Panganiban 42 Francisco Miguel S. Tolentino 43 Raphael Don A. Tantan 44 Francis Jhulian V. Villanueva 45 Timothy James L. Castillon

7-Bellarmine 7-Bellarmine

Honorary Eagleteers

Generoso Ignacio S. Jacinto 7-Claver

7-Brebeuf 7-Brebeuf 7-Campion 7-Claver 7-De Britto 7-Kostka 7-Kostka 7-Pignatelli 7-Pignatelli 7-Pignatelli 7-Regis 7-Regis 7-Xavier

Anselmo Jose C. Ledesma 7-Bellarmine John Lorenz O. Aycardo 6-Luna

Grades 6-7 SY 2009-10

Eaglet asks...


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Middle School teachers how they help in Nation Building:

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Photos by: Younduk Chung | Joshua Llanto | Tres Yap | Evan Escalaw | Jhulian Villanueva


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Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Dream House
Mr. Iñigo Antonio Cariño | Class Adviser
good afternoon to all of you. My name is iñigo cariño and i’m a teacher from the ateneo de Manila grade School, handling grade 7. To tell you the truth, i was only informed yesterday late afternoon that i was supposed to share my experiences of our gK build with you. So i spent the whole night last night trying to recall what transpired on the day of March 8, 2009, the day of our first-hand experience with the gawad Kalinga. how couldn’t i forget that day? Yun ang mismong araw bago lumabas ang aking bulutong. Opo, sa tanda ko pong ito, noong Marso lang ako binulutong. Pero bukod doon siempre, alalang alala ko ang pagod at uhaw pag-uwi ko. Tunay palang nakakapagod ang gawaing ito. ngunit umuwi pa rin akong may ngiti sa aking mukha at ipinagdadasal kong sana’y wala akong nahawaang taga-Brgy.Sitio ruby noong mga panahong iyon. nakatulong na kami sa mga tao roon, nakapag-bonding pa kami ng mga estudyante ko bago sila magtapos noong Marso. Manila, Philippines. Same country but in a different world. a Philippines that is now… firST WOrld. Back track to november 2008. Silence was broken by a thunderous round of applause. The words that brought this thunder: “Our target is that by 2024, the Philippines would be in the first world status as nation-building becomes a lifestyle.” The man who uttered those words was none other than gK’s very own Mr. Tony Meloto. it was the day of the grade 7 family day which kicked off with the much anticipated “fun run”. Marahil magtataas ng kilay ang ibang tao sa mga salitang ito. how can the Philippines be a first world country in less than 15 years from today? The answer is “it all starts with a house… Your dream house.”
Gawad Kalinga founder, Mr. Tony Meloto, listening intently as Mr. Cariño was narrating his experience with GK

The Saturday of our fun run was a day when participants simply took a break from the rat race to relish the pace and turn the rUn into pure fUn.

So let me share with you a dream i had last night as i was remembering everything. a dream that i had with my eyes wide open. imagine this: it is the year 2024 a.d. People wake up to yet another perfect day. gnP is at a record peak. “Brain drain” is no longer a problem. instead, the country enjoys what appears to be “Brain gain”. Squatters in shacks and shanties have now long vanished. at the gates of the city is a sign carved in gold announcing the beginning of the country’s “golden age”. it says, “Welcome to Metro Manila.” Yes, you heard it right. Metro

As you may know, the “GK” is the beneficiary of the Bigay Puso fund raiser of our grade 7 students. To raise funds, they are given “fun run” tickets to sell at Php100.00 a piece. and once the money was collected, we only had to wait with great anticipation for the day of our gK. Bago dumating ang araw ng Marso 8, dinalaw muna namin ng mga piling estudyante ko ang pamilya ni Mang hilario adoro sa Brgy.Sitio ruby. napag-atasan kaming gibain ang bahay ni Mang adoro upang matayuan na sila ng bagong bahay. nakita ko sa mga mata ng aking mga estudyanteng tila ibang mundo ang kanilang natuklasan. Paano nga naman hindi, e sa pagsakay pa lamang sa jeep ay di sila sanay. Pagdating namin sa Brgy.Sitio ruby, ipinakilala sa amin ang pamilya ni Mang adoro. Pinatuloy kami sa kanilang bahay at halos hindi na nga magkasya sa liit nito. dinalhan namin ang kanyang pamilya ng pagkain at pinagsaluhan namin ito sa kanilang munting sala. napag-alaman naming 3 ang anak ni Mang adoro at may apo na sa babaeng panganay. ang panganay na wala pang 18 anyos ay buntis sa kanyang pangalawang anak. ang una nilang apong si Princess na talaga nga naming prinsesa ang turing sa kanilang munting kaharian, ay talagang kinatuwaan namin. nagkuwentuhan kami at nagbiruan. Sa aming simpleng dalaw ay napagkitaan namin ng pag-asa sa mga mata ang pamilya ni Mang adoro. Matapos ang aming unang dalaw, sakay ng jeep papauwi,


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

tila hindi na napansin ng mga bata ang usok na aming nahagap sa daan. Sa kanila mismo nanggaling, “Sir, masuerte pala kami.” Bumalik kami sa eskwela nang sumunod na linggo at kanilang ibinahagi ang aming karanasan sa kanilang mga kaklase. at dumating na nga ang araw ng Marso 8 ng taong ito. linggo, kakatapos lang ng exams. Sabik na sabik kaming nagtungo sa Brgy. Sitio ruby upang ibahagi ang aming oras at lakas sa pamilya ni Mang adoro. hawak hawak ng mga estudyante ang kanilang mga martilyo. giniba namin ang lumang bahay ni Mang adoro habang ang iba kong mga estudyante ay luminyang tila bagang mga langgam at nagpasahan ng paver blocks upang ilatag sa daan. nasunog kami ng init ng araw at talagang nauhaw. Basang basa kami ng pawis at tila ba ang pag-inom namin ng tubig noong araw na yun ay ang una namin matapos ang ilang taon. Masaya kaming nagpala ng buhangin, nagbuhat ng sako, nagpokpok ng pader at nagbuhat ng hollow blocks. hindi na namin namalayang lumipas ang kalahating araw.

aba’y may nasaktan din nang bahagya dahil siempre, may mga hindi sanay sa gawaing ganito. May nasugatan sa kamay ng isang lawit na pakong may kalawang. nataranta kami panandalian pero umuwi pa rin ang estudyanteng nakangiti. Magpapa-injection na lang daw siya ng anti-tetano. ang sarap palang makibahagi sa gK. Sabi nga nila, “the more, the merrier.” Kaya isa itong gawaing talaga nga namang todo ang pagbenta ko sa mga estudyante. at hindi sila uuwing luhaan. Kung may luha man, sigurado akong luha ito ng kasiyahan. now allow me to end with a question, “What is your dream house?” for those still having doubts, i only have my dream house to picture. This is the filipino dream. i dare build this house… My dream house. i dare build this country… My dream Philippines. and for those out there who dare, the countdown to this dream begins. Maraming salamat po.

Matthew M. Mandanas | 7-Bellarmine 2008-2009

“Anything and Everything, for God.”

last year, when i was still a grade School student at the ateneo de Manila University my class 7 – Bellarmine went to Sitio ruby for our gK build. When we arrived at the site, i was surprised that there was a band, waiting for us. Welcoming us as if we were heroes. We first unloaded the things we brought at a station. Then we were briefed with what we were suppose to do. every section was assigned a task. Bellarmine was assigned to painting the house of Mr. Julio atag. We painted his house. We spent the whole day painting, interacting with each other (Mr. de leon really made us laugh the whole day.), talking with the owners of the house and most of all, having fun. after a hot and tiring day of painting, we shared lunch with the residents of Sitio

“Matthew Mandanas, with his beautiful mother, dra. Mylene Mandanas, class Parent representative of 7-Bellarmine, who also shared her inspiring involvement in g.K

ruby. We ate adobo with rice and a banana. everyone, had a great day. as i was walking towards our jeepney i had an epiphany. i realized that, helping in your own small way can have a great effect on one’s life. although the day was tiring, it was very rewarding. and thus that day ended. gK is really something we should continue doing. it helps our less fortunate brothers and helps us a lot more. So, you guys should attend gK trips. it’s way better than staying up until 1 am playing video games and chatting with friends. “ anything and everything, for god.”

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Angels Flying, Nation Building
the TASK FORCE ONDOY after the AGS Fair
Ms. Mara Melanie D. Perez | 6-Burgos CA
S e p t e m b e r 26, 2007–We were having a celebration of the Feast of the Holy Guardian A n g e l s i n u n d a t e d with games, laughter, food and family b o n d i n g moments. Tarps and shirts with the theme of the fair “Ateneo Angels Flying Free, Nation Building Starts With Me” could be seen everywhere. Although stranded, because the Tropical Storm Ondoy inundated large parts of Metro Manila, we were thankful because we’re safe inside Ateneo Grade School. Yesterday morning. I just had a chat in YM with one of my students whose house was devastated and he told me, “Ma’am, ayos naman po ako. Buti na lang po may fair, kundi, I’m dead.” Our Guardian Angels really protected us. Right after the onslaught of the storm, the AGS Admin mobilized the community to be a part of the Ateneo Grade School Task Force Ondoy. The whole week when classes were cancelled was dedicated to helping the victims. The AGS community heeded the call for donations and volunteers, thanks to the text brigade of the GLCs and CPR’s. The Singson Hall, which served as the giant bedroom of stranded families because of Ondoy during the weekend, served as the storage house, and factory for sorting and packing relief goods. Parents, students (even Prep students!), teachers, supervisors and staff helped each other to produce family packs which were then sent to relief centers like Nangka, Marikina, Pasig, Cainta, Malanday, and many more. Others helped in the clean-up of some villages mired in mud like Provident and Ateneoville. I was fortunate to be one those who distributed family packs to Gawad Kalinga Sitio Ruby with Ms. Rivera, some teachers, parents and students. The flood already subsided in their area, but shadows of the murky, stormy weekend could still be seen. However, it’s also evident that they’re trying to stand up, they’re salvaging things that could still be used, leaving soaked books / things to dry. Today, October 2, is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Here’s a mediation written by Pope John Paul XXIII for the Feast in 1959. “Everyone of us is entrusted to the care of an angel. During our earthly pilgrimage we may often run the risk of having to face the natural elements in turmoil, or the wrath of men who may seek to do us harm. But our Guardian Angel is always present. Let us never forget him and always remember to pray to him.” And as we pray to our Guardian Angels, the ATENEO ANGELS who are FLYING FREE, continue the NATION BUILDING victoriously. Here are the reflections of some ATENEO ANGELS who helped in the Task Force Ondoy. Enjoy! ü

The Typhoon Ondoy it is a rabid typhoon. It displaced a lot. But the lights of hope, love and volunteerism shone even brighter.
Haiku by Anton Alonte This photo box are pictures taken by Johann Marasigan in front of their house.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

Rafael Enrico V. Paurom | 7-De Britto
Volunteering in the agS sure was a life changing experience! i’m sure we’ve all seen the effects of Ondoy’s wrath. Many people had to climb up to their rooftops just to avoid the rapidly increasing water. Some were trapped on their rooftops without any basic supplies like water and food. The only thing they could do was to stay there and wait for rescuers. Most of them were in shock in what happened because they didn’t know that such event could happen in such a short period of time. They waited for hours even days just for help to arrive. They were relieved and helpless at the same time when they were rescued because some lost their love ones because of the typhoon and some relatives still couldn’t be reached. They tried to reach them tirelessly but the only response they got was “no signal.” i’m sure that millions of people have so many thoughts trapped in their heads like what happened to their car, what happened to their relatives, how are they going to fix their house and what will happen to me after. As one nation, i believe we can help each other by volunteering in packing and sending relief goods to evacuation centers and donating money to the victims of the calamity. When i heard that the agS needed volunteers for the victim of the typhoon, i told myself that this was my chance to help others. i told my parents that i wanted to volunteer and they allowed me. For the first time in my life, i felt like i was really connected with the poor so i really wanted to help so badly. Wednesday, September 30 was the day, it was the day i was given the chance to really give my heart to the victims of the calamity. i went to ateneo with my little brother who was a really loving kid so i wasn’t surprised he helped out. We arrived there and we signed up first before going to the auditorium. i was really happy to see that there were many people. it was nice to see how the ateneo community wanted to help out. The whole afternoon was a blast! even though, the sacks were really heavy, we all seemed to really enjoy while doing our tasks. it was really great because there was also free snacks everyone. also, for me, it seemed like a regular school day because many teachers were there but the lesson we learned was very important, to always help when you are given the chance to do so. for me, this really shows the “Bayanihan Spirit” of filipinos. it’s also good to see that people are still thankful to god despite everything that has happened. This is one experience in life that i will always treasure. This truly shows that filipinos can be the change that they want to see.

Miguel Antolin S. Oreta | 6-Burgos
grade School students are enjoying their fair, until rain started pouring down around the grade School and all around Metro Manila. Students in Middle School were standing outside their classrooms and in the walkways of david hall, looking helplessly and shocked at the floods in the rock garden. This is one of the parts that we have almost never seen get flooded. Once the SaluSalos have ended, families were almost forced to stay in Ateneo, since Katipunan had been flooded and declared “impassable”. One of the teachers who had left the ateneo at 11:00 aM had stayed in the same place until 3:00PM! This was only one of the smaller problems that are country was experiencing at that same time. in a village in Marikina, a couple in their old ages had been stranded on their roof sinced the flooding had already flooded at least five feet of their second floor. Famished, soaked, and cold, they stayed there for almost 24 hours. another story that happened in a zoo in Pasig says that some crocodiles have escaped due to the rain overflowing the cage. during the Salu-Salo of the MS, a niece of one of the parents had been trapped in the attic, where there are no windows or food supplies. She had stayed there until she was rescued. These are only a few of the stories that break the hearts of many ateneans, pushing them to stay late in ateneo to help those who were affected by the storm, Ondoy. Many ateneans went to school during the long holiday to donate goods to pack, and pack goods that were donated. in my experience, the emcee would just ask for a few volunteers to do a certain job, but he could never finish what he would say because everyone in front of him would already raise their hands. it was a delightful site to see so many ateneans so ready to help, even if they did not know what they were going to do. The grade School alone had raised over P100,000 to help the faculty of the agS. in a few days, the grade School students had donated and packed a lot of goods. Typhoon Ondoy has made many negative impacts on our country. One of the things that really shone bright in this tragic catastrophe was that we, as a filipino community can work together to help our fellow countrymen.

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Aric Matthew T. Mamonluk | 7 - Regis
Bagyong Ondoy damaged a lot of things in the Philippines. it took away people’s lives, injured other people, broke many cars, wasted house appliances, made houses out-of-shape and made our country dirtier than ever. Ondoy made homeowners say “Sa 30+ years na pag stay namin dito sa bahay na ito, ngayon lang kami binaha ng ganito na hanggang sa loob ng bahay!!” Truly a tragedy. Mark September 26, 2009 history. Victims in Marikina and Provident Village had to leave their houses to stay alive. a famous person said “Binaha kami at ang daming nasira! Sinabi ko nga sa kaibigan ko yun at sabi niya pa ‘eh ang ganda ganda ng bahay mo! Ba’t binaha?’ eh hindi naman namimili ang bagyo kung ano ang dadamayin at kung ano ang hindi!” which is really logical and true. right?? Programs like Sagip Kapamilya were alive again to help the victims of the flood and typhoon. I thought at first that only the different channels have these programs. i told my parents that i wanted to help in aBS-cBn’s Sagip Kapamilya but then they didn’t allow me. The next day, i saw my friend’s status in Yahoo Messenger that said “gonna help in ateneo later!! \:d/”. i asked them “Saan sa ateneo mayroon?” and they replied “Sa ccc”. That is, fYi, college covered courts. i told my dad that i wanted to help and he allowed me. The following day (September 29), we loaded a box of egg noodles in the car and went off to the ateneo college covered courts. When we got there, we saw a lot of people helping and my dad said “aric, huwag na lang. ang dami ng tao o! Makikipagsiksikan ka pa dyan sa mga college students!”. We decided to just unload the box of egg noodles. i received a text message from Ms. remedios rivera saying “rice, canned goods and detergent needed for relief operations at ateneo de Manila grade School”. i texted Ms. Mara Melanie Perez and asked “Ma’am, saan po ba pwede mag help sa ateneo grade School???”. She replied “Sa Singson hall”. The newly renamed auditorium! Our acT rehersals venue!! :) i then asked my parents if i can help there and they said “Yes!” i got there and didn’t know what to do. i asked gio Pongos what we had to do. i learned the process quickly. all we had to do was to get a sack, put some clothes, 2-4 bottles of water, 3 canned goods, 3-4 packs of instant noodles, biscuits, toiletries and rice. afterwards, we would tie the sack with straw. On that first day, (September 30) we would most of the time just stand up and wait for stocks of water and toiletries. i stayed there only for 3-4 hours since i got hungry and thirsty. The next day (October 1), i came in the Singson hall at around 10 am. I started my shift by filling up some sacks. Volunteers flOOded (i’m scared of that word already!) the Singson hall and the line for packing became so long so i decided to just give out the sacks. everyone was given a lunch break. after eating lunch, while waiting for the others, i helped in sorting. i had so much fun in sorting so i stayed in the Water Station. after a while, we had to stack sacks. 100 sacks per pile was our task. after doing that, we transferred these piles on the stage. The good thing about this day, we always had something to do since a lot of stocks came. at 3:30 pm, the projector was turned on so that we can watch the UAAP finals game. (ONE BIG FIGHT!!) The game finished at around 6 and ateneo won! (Yay!)

Though picking up a sack and lining up in a crowded area is tiring, when you think of the happy faces of the receivers of these sacks of goods, you will not feel tired at all. Throughout the day, i put that in my mind and had fun in doing these things. Though i am just a student and i don’t have much money to donate cash or kind, my time will be valuable enough to my fellow Filipinos who were affected by the flood. They say time is precious, or time is gold. Yes, this is true; especially when the time you are giving importance to would help others. Though we know that god will be there to guide everyone; even the victims, we are entrusted by god to take care of the less fortunate. There is another typhon in the Philippine area of responsibility named PePeng and they said it is a SUPer TYPhOOn with 175-210 kph winds. let us all pray, as one country, that the Philippines wouldn’t be damaged much unlike what Ondoy did. ** lord, our country is in need of your guidance. We know that we have sinned against You a hundred times. Please lord, please guide those victims of the flood and the victims of other calamities to come. Please also guide the souls of those whom You have taken, that they may be with You. We thank You for saving the lives of a lot of filpinos. We also thank You for the filipinos who give their time to help those victims. lord, we know everything You do has a meaning. We hope that this meaning would come to our minds and our hearts. glory be...


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

Claudio Clement C. Canlas | 7-Claver Keith Andrew D. Kibanoff | 6-Jacinto
last Sunday, i realized the importance of life; that in a matter of seconds, one can lose someone. i was thinking of going to the MVP hall to become a volunteer. it came to a point, where i had to make a decision and it was to go to the ateneo and help other people in need. in the past days, i have been helping in the college covered courts, ateneo grade School Singson hall and in our village. There were much to do on the first day, first of all there were free snacks for the volunteers like the “beef tapa” which was so good. There were many tasks to do like sorting clothes, giving out biscuits and i volunteered willingly in whatever task i may be assigned to. On the first day, I sorted clothes and counted the new donations. although it was very tiring, at the end of the day, it felt really good to know that i was one of the people who healed people’s wounds from their tragic experiences. True enough, i had second thoughts of coming back to the covered courts the next day because helping out as i said was very exhausting. My friend called the next day and told me that she wanted to help out but she didn’t have any transportation. hurriedly, i called her to say that i could pick her up. i was very happy to know that many people are also very willing to volunteer for the “Ondoy Task force”. We registered and got a task right away; it was to fill plastic bags with rice. i tied the plastics and passed it right away. it was so good to see that there was “teamwork” building up on each volunteer which actually made the work even faster. i ended up in the noodle station where i had to put two kinds of instant noodles in plastic bags. for me, that task was the most fun since i had a great time with my friends and at the same time i was helping people accomplish and finish filling up their bags. I was very excited to go the next day because it was such a thrill to find out which task lies ahead of you. I went there with my fellow grade School classmates namely nacio Yatco, enrique Martinez and Uno neri. honestly, there was really nothing much to do on that day so my friends and i went to the grade School. i noticed that instead of plastic bags, a lot of sacks were used. i helped out for a while and i saw that there were actually small kids that were very much energetic and clearly i could see that they were willing to help. i went back to the college covered courts and helped out in the toiletries section. “Three pieces of napkins per plastic”, i could still remember the exact words of the guy who accompanied me to their section. i ended my day by helping out in stacking and sorting the plastic wares. Through my experience, i befriended a lot of people and i learned the value of hardwork, that no one succeeds without going through hardships and difficulties. In times like these, I hope we could still remember our faith as a nation, standing still no matter what happens and putting god above all. here’s a write-up on how i felt about the unbreakablein-spirit citizens of the Philippines, especially in cainta, rizal–the place of veracious torment. furthermore on my own emotions on the horrifying event, i was moved with an indescribable amount of compassion, which led to my going to this particular event for almost the whole day. as i hesitantly heard this news, tears were snaking down my already-palebut-rosy cheeks; as i fervently prayed to god, bountiful clusters of water came down from my watery eyes. This inspired to make a difference, even in my own minute ways of helping without apprehensiveness from Tuesday until Thursday, sacrificing my time for study and play for others’ welfare. however, while i was strategically sorting out the everlasting supply of noodles, i felt something like a spark, aberrational-yet-satisfying. i felt this way because since i was three years old, i have determined my duty as a productive man-for-others–to become a fateful doctor once I finish my educationrelated courses, instantaneously serving our Mother country. This feeling made me see things in an eccentric perspective: i was even more grateful of the simplest gifts in life, such as a genuine “Thank you!” from a tenderhearted townsperson in the ateneo grade School; it (the friendly gesture) was special to me for the reason that this was one of the most heartwarming, fulfilling objects, which are immaterial. as of now, i just arrived from a day’s worth of volunteering, feeling a joviality to a higher level, and i have, honestly, forgotten about the knee-breaking pain from all those running, packing, sorting and the like. Volunteering isn’t just an act of the hands, but it is an act of the heart. i am able to proclaim this not only for the reason that I have firsthandedly experienced this but since i have emotionally been touched by the silent-yet-powerful contagiousness of the pitiful essence of our concomitant brothers and sisters. Thenceforth, I can now proclaim that sacrificing my own time for others is truly my possession of a course of action leading to unequivocal blithesomeness. nevertheless, this can be also called “Building the nation” because this has been the most satisfying event i have partaken in; plus it is excruciatingly vital that i don’t forget the main reason that i am there: i would hope to be a true man-for-others, not only to my acquaintances, but also to my fellow filipinos; wherein i am, at the same time, exemplifying ignatian Spirit.

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Doing My Part in Nation Building as an Atenean Scout
Generoso Ignacio S. Jacinto |7-Claver | Senior Crew Leader, Ateneo Grade School Boy Scouting Unit
On this our Sesquicentennial Anniversary, is my being a Scout relevant? I will share with you what we, the Ateneo Scouts, have been busying ourselves with.

One patrol from the Ateneo Scouting Unit attended Summer Camp ’09 conducted by the Quezon City Boy Scouts Council for all scouting units in Quezon City – private as well as public schools. Camp was from April 13 to 17, 2009 at the Villa Criselda Beach Resort in Naic, Cavite. Theme of the Camp was “Scouts: Creating a Better World.” The Ateneo was represented by Scout Masters Ron Querijero and Mon Gubat, Scouts Jiggy Jacinto (writer), Renzo Silva, Sam Manlangit and Thirdy Sanchez. Pre-Camp meetings were held with our parents to secure their consent and to help us plan for the 5-day camp. We also had our medical examination by the Grade School doctor, Dr. Ricky Flores. Day 1: 13 April 2009 The school van was ready to bring us to Camp at 10:00am. Scout Commissioner Mr. Ariel Tamayo and Scout Parent Representative Atty. Generoso R.Jacinto Jr. brought us to the campsite. We were quite noisy on the way to Camp because we could not contain our excitement. As we approached the Villa Criselda Beach Resort, our noise ceased and we stared at the campsite. Tents already dotted the campsite. We saw both grade school and (many) high school scouts. Running through my head that very moment was: “WOW, this IS different. We were going to be on our own – and we were joining more than a hundred fellow scouts from all over Quezon City. I took a deep breath, and said to myself: This is the chance to put all we have learned in Scouting to practice. This is also the perfect chance to make new friends and exchange experiences with boy scouts from different schools. We pitched our tents and designed our campsite, taking into consideration where we could put our stock of food for 1 week and cook our food. A few minutes before the Grand Opening Ceremonies, I was assigned to do the opening prayer. Camp rules were explained before retiring for the night.I didn’t forget to whisper: “St. Ignatius, please take care of all of us”. Day 2: 14 April 2009 We woke up at around 5:00 a.m. so that we could eat our breakfast and ready ourselves for the day’s activities. Our first activity tested our knowledge about Scouting in the Philippines. Before we started our activity, our

SUMMER CAMP 2009 Scouts Creating A Better World

Ateneo patrol was merged with the patrol of Bagong Pag–ibig Elementary School. At the end of the activity, our newly merged patrol emerged as the winner of that event. We cooked our own lunch and as agreed upon the previous day, Renzo and I took charge of cleaning the dishes. Our next activity was Community Development where we cleaned our campsite. During our break time, we made a new patrol flag for the camp. We ate dinner and went to sleep after having a brief star gazing activity. I didn’t forget to whisper my prayer to St. Ignatius. Day 3: 15 April 2009 Another day, another set of activities. As usual, we woke up at 5:00 a.m. and did our routine of eating, cleaning then Flag-up. Our activities for the day were mostly games. The first set of games was Tug of War, Beach Volleyball and Sepak Takraw. After 3 hours of tiring games, our patrol again won first place. Not bad for a bunch of new comers! We ate lunch while joking about our bloopers during the games. Our next activity was producing salt from salt water. Even though it was just a demonstration, I personally learned a lot. The next activity was another set of games like Over-under, Snake on the Water and Sandcastle-making. We determinedly did our part in making our patrol win and true enough, we won 1st place again! As we tiredly walked back to our campsite, we realized that we still had to make a presentation for the Discovery Night. Hurriedly, we searched for a catchy song we could lip synch from the vast song collection of Thirdy, Mr. Gubat and I. We chose the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. We created dance steps for the song and after we presented it, we said “Let’s hope we don’t have to do this again.” We joined the Senior Scouts of North Fairview High School for their “Pre-Campfire Campfire” Since we were tired, we slept without complaining when our Scout Master told us to sleep – of course I thanked St. Ignatius for our presentation. Day 4: 16 April 2009 On our 2nd to the last day, we had morning exercises for a change. We jogged 1 km to the right of the campsite by the bay and jogged back to camp. By the time we reached camp, we were so hungry. We had 1 hour to eat before Flag–Up and announcement of activities. The first activity of the day was Life Saving. During this activity, we had the chance to learn more in order to apply for this merit badge. After learning how to save a person from drowning, we were now ready to go on a boating trip. We rode a boat to go to a talipapa to buy supplies for our patrol. On our way back, we enjoyed making ourselves wet by leaning by the side to touch the water. The rest of the day was dedicated to preparing our song, yell and skit. On presentation night, we did our best to perform well but unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough. During the awarding


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

ceremony, we ended up winning 3rd place for our song and yell but nothing for the skit. We were also surprised that our crazy presentation the previous night won 1st! That night, I was awarded “Model Boy Scout” which made me very proud. St. Ignatius, this is for the glory of God! We were so happy that we did not sleep at all that night. Day 5: 17 April 2009 Last day of camp! We broke camp and cleaned our surroundings. After we broke camp,we made hot water so that we could drink hot chocolate and we cooked breakfast. After eating a light breakfast, we loaded our things in the school van, which arrived the previous day with our Scout Commissioner, Parent Representative, Mom, and Scout Patrick Tamayo. On our way home, we were very talkative, excited to go back home while remembering the fun times during the camp. Thank you, Sir Ron and Sir Mon for the guidance you gave us throughout the summer camp. This Summer Camp enlightened me – to be more specific, opened my eyes to the realities of camp life. The 1 week experience with the Scouts of the Quezon City Council taught us how to interact with all kinds of students, how to adjust to situations way out of our comfort zones, and within our small Patrol of 2 Scoutmasters and 4 Scouts, I learned about leadership, responsibility, and sharing. This experience made me a better student and better Atenean and it shall help me in giving my best and doing my part as a Nation Builder. I am PROUD to be an ATENEAN SCOUT!

making the parents part of the school. These parents willingly offer their help in order to have a better School – Parent relationship. Good luck to these parents and may they get the help they need from the parents of their respective classes to better serve the students

Last July 13 – 14, 2009, the Ateneo de Manila Grade School sponsored the Jesuit Basic Education Congress (JBEC). Delegates from different Jesuit Schools from the Philippine Region participated in this activity. The aim of the activity was threefold: Liyab,Alab, Silab.. Rev.Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus was present to preside over the various activities to celebrate the Sesquicentennial Anniversary. For 2 days, the Boy Scouts manned the Heritage Room, Irwin Theater, Singson Hall and Fermin Hall to usher the teachers to their respective classrooms. JBEC offers different programs for Jesuit Teachers in order to teach fellow students like us to learn the Ignatian Way. On the 2nd day, Fr. Nicolas, administrators and alumni went to the Heritage Room to prepare for the convocation to be held at the Irwin Theater that evening. I was fortunate to have my picture taken with Fr. Nicolas in this once in a life time experience. Last August 1, 2009, the Ateneo Grade School conducted their ACED Program - training public school teachers and principals The Boy Scouts assisted Mr. Jose Antonio P. Salvador in ushering Public School Teachers to their assigned rooms for the day along with the AGSCOM Council.The whole day, the scouts were all around the grade school, assisting the public school teachers in every possible need they had. The subjects that were part of the program were Science, English and Math. The program aims to train teachers and principals on how to handle the 3 most difficult subjects for some students. Keep on the good work, ACED Members! By helping the teachers in training for these subjects, you are ensuring that the students of public schools will get a better education.

Last July 29, 2009, the Induction of CPRs was held at the Singson Hall. The Boy Scouts participated in this activity by doing the Entrance of Colors. We were proud to show the parents our little contribution to the program. The CPRs’ Induction was the official ceremony of

I now answer the question I myself posed at the start of my article. YES, being a Scout is very relevant to our school’s Sesquicentennial theme of Nation Building. I am now more aware that my own talents can be offered as one important brick in the task of nation building – I study well in school, I do extra-curricular work not only in the grade school but also in other Ateneoinitiated activities, even at the Quezon City Council... All these are part of my preparation for the time when I will have grown up and already on my own... I will be a proud Atenean doing my part for God and country.

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Eaglet asks...
Mrs. Maricar Kristin R. Panganiban Filipino Subject Area Coordinator
hobby: watching television favorite TV show: music videos (MTV) favorite food: dish – italian and Japanese favorite Singer: Madonna favorite Song: too many to mention favorite actor/actress: none in particular Personal Quote: ipagmalaki ang pagka-Pilipino!

Cool New Teachers and Filipino SAC!ü
Ricxel R. Panganiban | 7-Pignatelli Josh Ambrosio & Josh Llanto | 6-Burgos

Ms .Espetido Relief Teacher
finished comunications, Journalism. a: if i could not be a relief teacher now, i would be an english teacher. TriVia: i used to want to be a neurosurgeon


1.how did you feel when you found out that you would be the next filipino coordinator? answer: Mixed feelings. i was scared initially because i knew that it entailed much work. i also felt a little sad because i realized that i will not be handling any classes (no more students) anymore. But overall, i was excited because of the change in my duties and responsibilities. 2. do you think you could make filipino related events exciting for us students? Why? answer: Of course because that is the job of the department. all your teachers in filipino live up to the objectives of our program and that is to be maSigla! We never stop thinking of ways and strategies to make filipino an exciting subject. 3. What things can we expect from you? answer: in terms of the way we will handle our classes, we will be maSIGLA and we will influence our students to be that as well. 4. how will you help the students who have a hard time in filipino make them easier to understand? answer: i think it is not solely our task. You should also cooperate and do your share. We will support you and motivate you, but you should show initiative and interest by SPeaKing in filiPinO and reading filipino stories. exposing yourself will help you. i am very thankful for the time my mom gave for my interview despite the tedious tasks given to her. i wish her good luck to her job. Keep up the good work mom! (My mom’s picture when she was a cute, little girl. --> )

Ms.Diaz - Relief Teacher
finished child development education. if i am not a relief teacher i would be a science teaher. TriVia: i love reading books and novels. i was also a n active member of Youth for christ. i am currently the co-moderator of eaglet for grades 4 & 5.

Mr. De Leon - Music Teacher
finished Bachelor of music april 2009 graduate and diploma for creative and Performing Musical arts 2008. if i could teach another subject, i choose teach history (araling Panlipunan) TriVia: i was assistant conductor in UP concerts.

Watch out for other cool new teachers & supervisors that we will feature in our next issue...
Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue



A view on the Feast of St. Ignatius
Jet Gabriel | 6-Burgos During the last day of July, we Ateneans celebrated the Feast of St. Ignatius and because of this, we had no classes. Ateneo Grade School has taught St. Ignatius’ life for many years now, but before you think that they are shoving it down our throats, let us also think about the things he has done to us. He has inspired many people, including martyrs and saints. Saint Ignatius is a convert who was once a wealthy man who liked to gamble and loved women too much. However, while defending his beloved country, he got shot in his left leg by a cannonball. While in the hospital, he read two books that inspired him. From then on, he gave up his old ways and taught God throughout the world. Unfortunately, he died on July 31, 1556. His story can teach us many things such as humility and perseverance. During the feast, most of us probably went to our classmates’ houses to practice on our play presentations or to do the investigatory projects for Science. Some of us probably stayed at home to relax and play video games or chat with our friends and check our Facebook and Multiply accounts. I am not much of a religious person but in my opinion, we should’ve thanked God and St. Ignatius during the holiday. It is the least we can do to pay St. Ignatius back. Before traveling, we could’ve asked St. Ignatius to guide us and have a safe trip. There are many small ways that we can thank Saint Ignatius for all he has done. Like I said earlier, we could always pray to St. Ignatius. We could also imitate his inspiring ways. As a student, I know that education is very important, and doing the play presentations can boost our scores instantly, but we should know that God and saints, such as St. Ignatius, should always be first.

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue



Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

Jose Paolo Canlas Oracion, I-B (Math Honors), 7-Brebeuf 2008-09, AGSCOM First Vice President, remembers where he spent his best days in Ateneo Grade School through photography. These are the places he will never forget. The memories and lessons with his schoolmates and teachers are always etched in his grateful, blue heart.

graphic design by Miguel Oreta

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue



Game Reviews
Guitar Hero Rock Band 2 Metallica
Randy Mañalac| 6-Mabini
Karlo ovenia | 6 - Mabini Guitar Hero Metallica Is the Second Game for the Band Specific Series of Guitar Hero (With Aerosmith being the 1st) and the 5th game in the series (excluding the DS games). Rock Band 2.... is just WOW! Simply awesome as hell. One of my faves. 5*! The gameplay: vvRock Band 2 was like Rock Band 1 except Rock Band 2 has a stretched out multiplier thingy. It has a small timing window actually which gives it lots of challenge to hit notes. Lots of features are introduced like Battle of the Bands and the Drum Trainer. I’d say an A+ Modes: Battle of the Bands are new to you probably. It features some of Setlist and DLC (downloadable content) into one setlist. Kind of like a compilation. You can go against any player in the world depending on the system you use. Another feature is the Drum Trainer where you can practice beats and fills. The other feature is Freestyle Mode. You can play anything you want. You can play/cover songs if you have some kind of electronic drums with cymbals hooked up. I like the new features. Another A+ Instruments: Unlike the Rock Band 1 instruments, Rock Band 2 instruments were better than its prequel game, Rock Band 1. The guitar is just the same except designs were changed. The drums instrument is better. New rubber pads with a better presentation to it. The pedal is metal to prevent from it breaking. The pads are more quieter than the prequel drums. The microphone is forever the same for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. A+ List of songs: There are some songs I like and some I don’t like.The songs I like are Everlong, Give it All and Peace Sells. The songs I DO NOT like are Eye of the Tiger, Float On and Rebel Girl. The 730+ DLC they have is what makes the game pwn. There is an option to import your 55 Rock Band 1 songs to Rock Band 2. The missing 3 could not be because of some kind of license issuing thingy. It’s good; A-. Overall: A- or 9.5

  Now Let’s Go With The
Scoring. First is the Gameplay. The gameplay of this game doesn’t really have many changes from its predecessors, but one change is the mode of Expert+. So what is this feature? This feature allows you to use 2 bass pedals (sadly, the other pedal is sold separately, but if you pre-ordered you get a free pedal) which is the exact drumming style of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. This is a great new feature due to the fact it makes it a more realistic drumming experience. (It is OPTIONAL to use the pedal. You can use 1 pedal if you want.) SCORE: A Perfect 5! Next Up is the soundtrack. The Set list of the game is quite impressive. It features some of the most popular songs by Metallica. There are also songs from other bands which are personal favorites and influences of the band. Now, I have no problem at all with the songs from other bands, but the set list for Metallica isn’t perfect. It’s good, but they weren’t able to add one of their most popular songs which is “Ride The Lightning”. It’s a pretty awesome song. They should’ve added some bonus songs as well. In my opinion, 49 Songs is not enough. The Bonus’ could’ve been the S&M Versions of some songs, such as ONE, Battery and More. The Score? A Near Perfect 4.5! Next Is The Graphics. The Graphics are just great. The Metallica guys look so realistic; they look like they’re real life counterparts. The animation is just awesome. The movements are very smooth, no lag. It’s pretty awesome that James (lead singer) actually says something before the song in some songs. The Score? A YOU ROCK! 5 For Metallica! Overall, this game is most probably the BEST GH game in the GH series. The Soundtrack is great; the animation is excellent as well as the graphics and the addition of Expert+ Makes the experience better. The Score is a 5!


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

Guitar Hero on Tour Modern Hits
Karlo Lovenia | 6 -Mabini “Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits” is the 3rd game in the On Tour series of Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS. The songs that are featured in this game are songs from 2000 until present. Now, one of the questions that I actually asked when I heard this game was announced: Will this game have the same gameplay as the past games? Will the Modern Songs be easy songs or will they be face-melters? Now let’s go on with the reviews, and you’ll see the answer to my past questions so here you go. First is the gameplay. My question has been answered. There was a change in gameplay, a rather great change. A new mode that has been added to this game is the “Fan Request” mode. The “Fan Request” Mode is a mode where you do a request of a fan. You have to do is to reach like the goal of the song (Example: 50 Note Streak, 90% Notes Hit Minimum Percentage etc.). There are also some twists that come with these goals in some songs. Some of these are; No Strumming, Strumming only, No meters (You can’t see your note streak, score, multiplier).This new feature is great, because it makes the experience better and makes people to do their absolute best rather than just doing the song for the money. Succeeding in these requests will results to gaining of fans, which can make you go to the next venue if you reach the required number of fans to unlock the venue. Overall, great new addition makes the experience better. The score for gameplay is a perfect 10. Next up is the soundtrack. The soundtrack of the game is great! It doesn’t contain that many songs from very popular bands (Paramore, Linkin Park, Green Day etc.).When people saw the trailer in Youtube, people thought the game would be bad because of the Fall Out Boy Song in the trailer, which may mean it would be full of pop music. Well, they were very wrong because this game has really great Rock songs. Overall, great soundtrack; the recycled soundtrack is quite a flaw though so the score is 9.5 (4.5). Next up is the difficulty. Once again, question answered. The difficulty is actually great. From easy song to fairly difficult songs to very difficult songs it’s great, makes you better and better. Great difficulty is great for starters. The score is a perfect 10 once again! Last but not the least is the graphics. The graphics of the game remain the same as the past games which is pretty sad. The new venues are great but that’s not enough. They could have made the graphics more realistic just like the console games. Well, not exactly like the console games but somewhere near that. The Graphics didn’t have much improvement which is quite sad, I expected whole new graphics. The score is 6.5. SCORES: Gameplay: 10 | Soundtrack: 9.5 | Difficulty: 10 | Graphics: 6.5 The new fan request mode is a great addition; the soundtrack is solid. The graphics don’t ruin the fun that much; you’ll still love this game. Overall the score is 36/40 or 9/10!

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
Jet Gabriel | 6 - Burgos Gameplay: 3/5 | Graphics: 2/5 | Sound: 4/5 | Replay: 3/5 | Overall: 3/5 Basically, this game features well-known songs that was featured in the Guitar Hero franchise from the first installment all the way down to Guitar Hero IV: World Tour. (including spin-offs like Rocks the 80's) I gave the gameplay rating a three since it is very addicting and really fun, especially playing with friends. Besides the guitar, there is also an option to play bass, rock hard at the drums or sing with the mic as long as you buy the set. In the Wii version, there is a mode called “Mii Freestyle” which is a little fun. One thing that really bugs me is the change of the charts. All songs were edited and it is unnecessary and made everything easy to beat, even in Expert. The graphics are, too put it in a kind way, unappealing. They are a large downstep from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The characters look very thin and their clothes aren't that good. The fret notes are smaller but I think it's an improvement from previous games. The sound/music from the game is very good, no doubt. However, the thing that bugs me and other people is the list they chose. There are numerous good songs from the franchise that I feel they left out in this game like “I Wanna Be Senated”, “Symphony of Destruction”, “Turning Japanese” and many more. I also thought that some songs in the list are really weak and are too easy. The game is addicting, yes but after you play it for minutes straight, it is going to be exhausting especially after you've played Guitar Hero games for some time. Overall, the game is very fun but the lack of replay value and interesting features make this game abysmal at some parts. It is a great game to get if you have nothing to play, but do not expect to play the game the next week after buying it.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Movie reviews

Joseph anthony Montecillo | 7 - Kostka Spectacular! is a new musical movie premiering on Nickelodeon. However, the film has already come out in the US, and through the power of the internet, i was able to watch the movie. So here is my review of the nickelodeon Original Movie, Spectacular! and by “original,” i mean completely ripped off from high School Musical and camp rock. The movie is about nikko (nolan gerard funk), an aspiring rock star who gets kicked out of his band and gets dumped by his girlfriend. he is approached by courtney (Tammin Sursok), a girl who wants him to join her show choir group: Spectacular. Basically, this is nickelodeon’s attempt to cash in on the success of movies like high School Musical and camp rock. The movie uses exactly the same formula, and the end result is a film that is unremarkable, predictable, and just downright bad. The acting was far from spectacular (sorry about the pun), with nickelodeon choosing unknowns to play the roles for the movie. The acting was rather bad and annoying at some points and is just hard to watch. The characters themselves aren’t very likable. in fact, all of them are just stereotypes that have no real depth and are far from realistic. in fact, one character, Tajid (avan Jogia), is just a terribly annoying indian stereotype complete with parents who run a meat place, and a painfully exaggerated indian accent. i have no idea what the writers were thinking when they came up with this character. it must have been something along the lines of: “hey, you know what, kids are stupid. They no idea what racism is! So let’s give ‘em this indian stereotype that’s incredibly offensive. and let’s give him this terrible accent. Yeah, kids will think that’s funny! We are gonna make so much money off of this.” also, the main antagonists of this movie are just stupid. They pose no real threat to the main characters, and are just there to insult the main characters. They don’t do anything to actually threaten the main characters other than make fun of them. They’re pointless, and in the end, they don’t get any kind of punishment for their “actions.” The music itself is just rubbish. it’s terribly formulaic and serves almost as a parody of itself. nickelodeon has never been good at discovering musicians. i mean, they were the people who found the naked Brothers Band. not a good sign. nickelodeon needs to stay away from music. far away. T h e only good song in this movie was eye of the Tiger. But that’s not even an original song, they just took it from Survivor. But not only   did they drag that song into this terrible movie, they absolutely butchered it in the process. how did they even get permission to use this song? aren’t there copyright laws protecting it? The movie just can’t be taken seriously. There’s even a scene where the movie actually turns into a rock Band commercial. While at a bowling alley, nikko and courtney decide to play an arcade version of rock Band called rock the World. although, this title is completely inappropriate, because the song they play can not possibly be classified as rock. A more appropriate title would have been “Bad love Song in Bad Movies the World” The plot is just a mess. courtney and nikko manage to break and make up twice in this movie. That’s right, folks, the main characters were able to break up and make up TWice in the same movie. What were the writers thinking? Maybe something like: “hmm, we want to have the success of hSM and camp rock. gee, what happened in those movies? The main couple broke up and made up, right? So let’s make our characters do that. But to make it even better, let’s make them do it TWice. geniUS!” Overall, this movie is just terrible. The acting is bland, the music is formulaic, the plot is predictable, and it’s just a great big mess. it’s the musical that even disney wouldn’t make. it’s just that bad. do not watch this movie, it is a waste of your time and your brain cells. I give it one star out of five, for Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. not eye of the Tiger by Spectacular.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

UP Review
Dustin Paolo S. Abad | 6-Malvar The animated 3D movie UP will probably sound as another kid’s comedy with talking animals. UP has it’s comedic moments, but it has more to offer than that. Up is the special kind of animated film that doesn’t want to talk down to kids, one that trusts them to know that there may be more to life than talking animals. Ever since he was a kid, Carl Fredricksen dreamed of being an adventurer and traveling to South America to find the near-mythical Paradise Falls; a dream he shared with his wife Ellie. But as they lived their lives, Carl and Ellie never found the time or money to take their dream adventure, and before they knew it, they were old, and Ellie had passed away. As a corporation threatens to take Carl’s house away, the house that he and Ellie dreamed of bringing to South America, Carl finally decides to make good on his promises, attaching thousands of balloons and lifting his house into the sky. But Carl has an unexpected passenger, and when he does get to South America, he finds a completely different adventure awaiting him.

This Pixar-Disney team-up veers away from the conventional plot of an animated movie. For a children’s movie, it’s pretty weird. Toddlers might be bored of some parts, but those “boring parts” were actually the best part of the movie. In the movie, you will see that each of the characters have accomplishments to do, and at the end of the movie, it all comes down that you find yourself shedding a tear or two. The movie’s 3D showing is great. I could say that even if it is not 3D, the movie will still be exemplary good. The first ten minutes of the movie are I can say the best 10 minutes of any movie you might have seen. The first 10 minutes narrate the 70 y.o. Carl Fredricksen’s whole life which builds emotional attachments that can lead the manliest man on Earth crying. Don’t think that after you watch UP, you’ll just be crying ; the hilarious comedy scenes, wellthought-of action scenes and relevant scenes that are darker than other ones. The voice cast is TALENTED. You could not see them but the emotion put to the way they said their dialogues, is just plainly AMAZING. UP is the perfect example of what an animated movie should be. A movie that has it’s comedic moments but not going too far, a children’s movie that has it fight scenes but are not exaggerated and an animated movie that actually tells a story. I strongly recommend UP for you to watch! My Rating: 5/5 stars

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Jed Diamante | 7-De Britto The Transformers series has always been phenomenal and the latest addition to the franchise isn’t holding back either. With 25 new Transformers, scenes shot in places such as Egypt and Shanghai, and new special effects, this movie is the biggest one yet! The story is about The Fallen, one of the first Transformers, whose plan involved destroying humanity by using a machine to destroy the sun. His brothers tried to stop him, but were unable to. Instead, they sealed off the key, killing them in the process. Now, he’s back to recover the key using the information deep within the protagonist (Sam Witwicky)’s mind. I, myself, considered it an excellent movie. The transformations were smooth, realistic, and were accompanied with that classic transformation sound. The Transformers move around the way you would expect a huge car, airplane, one eyed tiger thing, etc. would. The plot was certainly interesting, though a bit lacking in some aspects. This time around though, there’s less action and more “mature” comedy. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys the idea of giant mecha beating the shrapnel out of each other. Even with its shortcomings, I still think this deserves 4.5 out of 5. So grab yourself a DVD and some popcorn and watch the fireworks!

Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
JC Nacpil | 6 - Mabini Wizards are awesome. But the 6th installment of the Harry Potter series might seem oh so different from the novel, as it was with every installment. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all of them. This time however, they may have gone little bit too far.

tions, the sudden “I think I’m love with Ginny” thoughts were ridiculous. I mean come on! Only 45 seconds of Quidditch and they replaced the Harry/Ginny scene (after the finals) from the book for a Ron/Lavender love fest? What happened to all the jealousy Harry had?

Directing: David Yates shed some new light with the series. Not all of it was good. Some of the changed scenes were good. I liked how they replace the boring first chapter of the book and turned it into Death Eaters causing havoc. Did you remember the Burrow Plot: Half Blood Prince follows Harry as burning? No. That non-canonical he wanders in the memories of the once scene has destroyed the series. brilliant boy, Tom Riddle to find out what Why? The Bill and Fleur wedding might be his only weakness. Or so the won’t happen. And if that doesn’t book says.Apparently, memories aren’t happen, Harry won’t have any a big part in this movie. Remember the reason to return to the Burrow, taktimes you were turning to the next chaping a good 10 chapters of Deathly ter, expecting to see another memory? Hallows and filling it with loopholes. Only 3 of those memories appeared here. Instead, they have laden the movie with raging hormones and snag- And suddenly, Hermione breaks out with her feelings for ging scenes. And while I did enjoy most of the altera- Ron, which was only a speculation back in the book. Whatever they do, they must do Deathly Hallows the jus-

Book Review Tunnels
roderick gordon and Brian Williams review by dicot alvarado Welcome to Highfield, an ordinary city somewhere located in london. here, you’ll meet Will Burrows, a typical fourteen year old. Well, somewhat. for you see, Will has an obsession, one which he shares with his father, dr. Burrows: digging tunnels. The two are always together in tunnelling their way to amazing finds and excavations. and even during his spare time, Will continues a digging project that he created himself. Then, Will’s father begins to act strange, like he’s concealing a secret. Suddenly,   Will’s life gets turned upside-down when his father disappears. Wondering what happened to his father, Will, along with his best friend chester, retrace the steps and clues that his father left behind before his disappearance. They are soon urged to go underground where Will’s

father went, and what they find is absolutely shocking. The novel was really enjoyable and truly fun to read. The plot is thick with so many interesting and amusing events, all linked together by a certain feel of suspense which grasps you and pushes you to continue on with the book until you reach the end. The characters were also very interesting here. So many of them had a certain feel and sense of attraction from them to the reader, mainly because they conceal outrageous secrets that you really want to find out.

The only thing that I find inconvenient about this book is its length. for many people out there, especially those who don’t like to read that much, they might find this novel’s length simply unbearable. But if you give it a chance and try to keep on reading, you’ll probably not regret doing so. Overall, Tunnels is an amazing and worthwhile read, and i highly recommend it.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

tice it deserves. And dye Tonks’ hair pink again. Casting: I thought the new arrivals were particularly good, especially Slughorn. Well, the guy flirting with Hermione was oh so unnecessary. Then again, they’re 16 here. They could’ve given Hagrid, Tonks and McGonagall a little more screen time but it wasn’t so. Snape is still delicious (not in a gay sense) CGI: Moving pictures and staircases made me love the series. Now, I understand the reason they had a lackluster set of magical effects, the movie being so dark......besides all the snagging. I just wish they didn’t waste all that time with the Lav - WonWon thing. They probably sacrificed Quidditch for that. There’s only SECONDS of Quidditch here. They don’t even catch the Snitch! That’s it. I have lost all hope of seeing Quidditch again. I just facebook is a social network website that allows people to communicate through the internet. facebook allows people to add friends, send messages, By Austin Hernandez and attach pictures. although there are and Miguel Guerrero benefits in using Facebook, flaws also exist. People tend to get hooked too much on the internet. it becomes a means for unsolicited spam mail, unwanted solicitations and even computer virus propagation. although facebook has a lot of uses, it does not substitute for personal and face-to-face conversation and socialization.

hope the stuff that happens in DH is just as magical as I pictured them. Sound: I’m not the kind of guy who listens to orchestra. I have to say though, the music was exceptional. So what if they used the same main theme again? Would you have it any other way? Overall: Aside from the problems that arose with all the changes in the plot and lack of all-around magical feel, it was pretty good movie if you really don’t care about the next installment (there’s no Hogwarts anyway in the next one). Well, it’s better than Bruno and Transformers, I can tell you that. I just wished they didn’t cram every thing into 3 hours. People sat through LOTR because Peter Jacobson took the time and liberty to craft full, complete stories. Prisoner of Azkaban has yet to be dethroned as the best HP movie yet. 3.5/5


a quiz, game or whatever can be thought of by an independent artist or even an international company. facebook, however, is not just a tool for pleasure and leisure. for example, artists may meet others online to coordinate a new project. Students may discuss projects in their group. One of the elements on facebook that is most acclaimed is its remarkable interface. One may customize his or her news feed to show the information only he or she wants to see. also, since the news feed is mostly flash instead of hTMl which means the user sends and receives less bytes of data, significantly increasing the user’s megabytes per hour. Interface - 9/10 Though its interface is very efficient, flash errors still occur. handiness - 10/10 remember that person you met years ago? now, you can keep updated with him or her. applications - 9/10 Though its applications are very engrossing, some of them may require inviting friends which some consider “spamming”. Overall - 9/10 facebook isn’t considered by most a fad, but a website that will truly last for years and years to come.

facebook is a free-access social networking site maintained by facebook inc. it was started by Mark Zuckerberg while he was at harvard. its success is obvious, with over 200 million users. Since then, many features were added. currently, facebook allows users to have a news feed, which updates the user on friends’ activities, the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos, gifts, which is a virtual item that the user may send to a fellow user and applications, in the form of

Teachers, parents, alumni and older students may join to be updated with AGS events or share their photos or articles with the AGS Community. ü Friendly reminder: We strongly recommend that minors 13 years of age or older ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet and we encourage parents to teach their children about safe internet use practices. Children under 13 years old are not permitted access to Facebook. Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue 23

AGS has a group in Facebook!

Class Chronicles
Well, the first semester has ended, and truly, we had a lot of amazing and unforgettable experiences with each of our own classes. So, here in Eaglet, we’ve posted a few of those memorable events. Check it out. (In the next issue, class pictures of Grade7 will be posted too)
Joko Santiago


evan Merel escalaw


after many days of perseverance and intense practice, 6-Mabini finally triumphed as a double-champion among other also well skilled sections. Though losing their teams B & d in previous games, Mabini still strove and pushed even harder for success. While practice sessions were being done, friendship, teamwork and camaraderie were formed within the students in the process. now with their newly found rapport, their practices were now even more productive. When the championship day finally came, their practices and hard-work were going to be put to the test. Team a was the first to play. At the early stages of the game it was even, but as the game went on Mabini clearly had the game in the bag. The Mabini boys cheered so loudly that they finally won and became champions .But team c’s game was different, from beginning to end it was a close game. not until the final part of their match did Mabini finally win. They cheered louder this time it was almost deafening, and with good reason too because they achieved their ultimate goal, winning not just one championship, but two. happy as they were then, but the thing they were all looking forward to was their PiZZa ParTY as an after-event celebration. Today the Mabini boys are currently practicing for their next title: champions in soccer.

The intramurals of the 1st quarter was so unforgettable. The sport for the 1st quarter was volleyball. not all of us were particularly thrilled of playing volleyball, basketball maybe. nevertheless, we trained hard so we could win a banner or two in the Intrams. When the first day of the intrams came, we were all very nervous when we went down the covered courts. as the games started, we all had one thing in mind, remember what we did in our P.e. classes and every little thing that could help us. Bad luck struck us on the first day. Teams A, C, and D all lost. All our faith was on Team B. The result of the succeeding games was in our favor, we kept on winning until we expected to win the championship games for Team B. it seems that our wishes came true, we reached the championship games. We found out one day that our enemy was 6-Malvar, our neighboring section. We all had one thing in mind, and that was winning the championship games. That was true until one day, Ms. asonza, our english teacher and the class adviser of 6-Malvar, told us in one of her english classes that it was OK for them to lose the championship games. Anyway, this game entitles us for a sure win, first or second place. This changed our view of the championship games. On the battle day itself, Mr. aquino, our class adviser, reminded us about what Ms. asonza said, that Malvar, rizal, and Tandang Sora were one team and that it’s not important that we win, what’s important is we play fairly and enjoy the games. and so we played, in the end we lost the championship games. We were very happy for the winners and easily accepted our loss. We shook hands with the Malvar boys wamly. Maybe next time we will get another chance to be in the championships, but until then we will continue to train hard so we could win.

TJ castillion last month, Mrs. Borja made an announcement in our class. it had something to do with donating 25 pesos every week to the Bigay Puso foundation. everyone was encouraged to extend help to worthwhile beneficiaries. This help will certainly go a long way. further, she instructed us to form “Study groups”. She promised certain rewards for the group that will accomplish something. if all members of the group pass a quiz, one point will be given. if all of the members in a group get a perfect score, it will be awarded 2 points. all of us were motivated to get perfect our quizzes because the group that will get the highest point will win a prize at the end of the quarter. Lastly, she also said that the first row boys of each column should check our homework before 7:00 a.m. If a teacher says that our homework will be collected, the first row boy of each column should collect it and give it to the teacher before the morning ceremony begins. My classmates in grade 7-Xavier are happy to be involved in these activities.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue

don Tantan

najel B. de guzman

The first two months of the class of 7 - Saint John Francis Regis was quite interesting, especially because they were the second class of the school year to have their feast day. Their much awaited feast day happened on the second day of July, which was also the first Thursday of the month. They were allowed to wear civilian attire in honor of that special day. at around 10:10 in the morning, they had a short Mass in the chapel of The holy guardian angels. don Tantan took the role of reading the first reading and was followed by aric Mamonluk for the responsorial Psalm. Minutes later, anton fausto had the honor of reading the Prayers of The faithful, and he performed well in doing so. after the Mass, they all went back to their classroom and eventually had the talk about the admission to the ateneo de Manila high School. during that time, they were greeted a “happy feast day” by their grade level coordinator, Mr. Morales. When lunch came, the class officers unpacked the boxes of food that were delivered to them from Mcdonald’s. These contained 1-piece chicken meals, a lot of cups of coca-cola and paper bags full of fries. They lined up according to their columns and everyone got his fair share of food. even the teachers were given food by the officers. The lunch period ended with the students filled to the brim with fast food. That was pretty much the most exciting event that happened in the class of 7 - Saint John francis regis so far and i’m pretty sure that they enjoyed it and that they will have much more exciting months to come.



6-Tandang sora

On the morning of July 8th, the students of 7-Brebeuf had an intense discussion over what their class mascot should be. Several boys initiated a poll to choose a mascot that best represents their class. an overly excited hassan halabisaz suggested a Muffin to be their class mascot. Rejecting the suggestion of the giddy but entertaining hassan, najel de guzman and Yego Baylon proposed instead a simple golden waffle. Realizing that a waffle would look cool on their class jacket and banner along with St. Jean de Brebeuf, everyone else seconded the motion. Seeing that the yummy piece of golden brown bread won the vote by a landslide, the class closed off the poll with najel commenting, “We’re the Brebeuf Waffles because we’re tasty, delicious and we fit neatly in your pocket.” anton rennesland, the class president of Brebeuf, officially approved the new section mascot and supported it all the way. After the boys had finished their discussion, the class of Brebeuf continued with their day practicing basketball to prepare for the intramural match in the afternoon. The Brebeuf Waffles came up with fitting chants to cheer their fellow classmates such as “Serve them waffles!” and “We serve you, you get served.” The Waffles played their games with high spirits as their comrades, most of all Yego, cheered. At the end of the day, the Waffles had chosen their mascot, finished their games and spent the remaining time watching Michael Jackson perform Billie Jean YouTube.

by Joseph anthony Montecillo

austin hernandez

everyone loves the intrams. it’s a nice way to compete with the other classes and it’s a good way to work on the class’ teamwork. This quarter’s intrams sport was basketball. This excited us because two of our classmates were incredibly good at basketball. We were able to win the first few games that were assigned to us. however, there came a day when one of our best players on Team d was absent. We were a bit nervous because we knew that he was one of our best players. We had relied on him to help us win our first few games. Our teacher, Mrs. abando, warned us not be too negative about it. We tried our best to win our game that day, but it just didn’t happened. We learned that negative thinking never helps and that a positive outlook is the only way to do well.


6-Abad santos

at the start of the game, Team d was feeling nervous because they were against a strong opponent: 6 abad Santos. When the game started, the volleyball kept on going so high it almost hit one of the lights. The volleyball was also hit around so long with the crowd anticipating their next move .With a close move of serving the ball outside our class was watching closely. The opponent hit the ball so hard no one could hit it. But our class planned in advance a way to hit the ball without missing a shot. The fight went on so long our team thought that they were evenly matched. as the ball hit the ground on the opponents’, side our class cheered since that was our 18th point. We ended the game with a fair handshake with our opponent.

gabriel Orlina

Xandro S. hizon

Our section was packed of fun activities this week. To start of, last Monday, november 16, we had our feast day as a class. We had 20 boxes of pizza and ten or more/less bottles of coke (1.5 l) for lunch. next, we sponsored one of the english contests, the extemporaneous Speaking contest in which our contestant won third place. also, in the elocution contest, our contestant won third place. The day after that, we had our field trip to the NYKTdg Maritime academy and enchanted Kingdom.


dustin abad


This is one fitting motto for the class. During, Intrams you may say that we are loud and rowdy, but we are just supportive. You may find some of us fighting; but at the end of the day those people shake hands and become friends. When a teacher gets angry because of Malvar’s noisiness, we keep quiet and say sorry to the teacher. let’s go for the gold Malvar! MalVar UniTeS!

i’m from 6-aguinaldo and to be honest, i was absent during the first 4 days school so I missed the “Schola Brevis” and the first day of normal classes. As you know, the first few weeks of school were quite choppy due to the cancellation of classes. We spent this time getting used to the new grade 6 environment, our new classmates and our new teachers. The first full, uninterrupted week of school was from June 29 to July 3. That Monday was our first COCA day and fortunately, our science teacher was kind enough to dismiss us early so we all got to the clubs we wanted. in 6-aguinaldo, our Pe and intrams are on the same day, Wednesday, which is probably the day we like the most. The whole class was excited for the first intrams game until we got the news that we were officiating that time. The next week, things went smoothly. We did have our first confession Monday morning and also, we sponsored the 6:30 a.m. mass on Tuesday followed by a simple paraliturgy in our classroom that served as a mini-Bigay-Puso launching When Wednesday came, we finally were able to play in intrams! The not so good news was that teams a, c and d well, lost. Team B was the last one standing. We were down but not out. On a different note, our elected class officers proposed that we will bring some toys, games, food and other items to auction out for Bigay-Puso, like simple fund-raiser for the Pgh patients. Well, so far so good in 6-aguinaldo, but don’t forget that this school year has many more thing to offer.

don Tantan

The students of Gonzaga had the honor of being the first class to celebrate the feast day of their beloved class saint, Saint aloysius gonzaga. The class celebrated their feast day of Saint aloysius gonzaga last June 22, 2009. The whole class sported civilian attire in honor of that day. They started their feast day by celebrating Mass in the chapel of the holy guardian angels in the morning. Then, during recess, they had a mini salu-salo in their classroom. They also invited all their teachers to come and eat with them. They were all able to cheeseburger deluxe, fries and drank coke which they ordered from Mcdonald’s. after all of that was finished, they spent the rest of their days normally, like every other class. As you could see, the first two months of the class of 7 - Saint aloysius gonzaga was quite normal. But not as normal as those of the other classes’ because they had a day that their class will truly remember.

gelo Villariba


Got interesting stories about your own class that you like to share? Forward them to your Eaglet classmates or send to ateneoeaglet@gmail.com.

“a thumbs up for a thumbs down” July 10 2009, i couldn’t help but notice my classmate entering the classroom with a large cast around his thumb. i would have asked him about it but i thought he might be offended. Then after a while, he started displaying it rather proudly. By the end of recess his cast had some markings on the back. i thought he had it signed by a friend but it just happened to be his name. The markings didn’t stop there, it earned a big smiley face after lunch. i never did ask why he got it but i learned that he referred to it as “Big boy”. This explains the smiley face and is rather fitting, given that it was a pretty big cast for a thumb like his. now that said that, i find it pretty impractical to cover an injured thumb with almost 1cm of gauss. note: cast was on student’s left hand, not disabling him from writing since patient is right handed.

Josh llanto

6-Del Pilar

King Morales | Jeriah Kyle gabriel | anton cabalza


Del Pilar students are the first non-Burgos students to enter our classroom (and all other grade 6 rooms) because they donated a first aid kit to all the 13 sections! What a remarkable way to start the year with generosity! del Pilar also achieved to become the highest in Bigay Puso as of the second count. del Pilar dominated with around 12,000 pesos. This section was acknowledged by the grade six glc to become a role model for all. del Pilar really deserved to be awarded of this award because of all the hard work they put into their lives as grade six students. They hope that other sections, not only from grade six but in any grade level that they would give more to the Bigay Puso or in any other way they can be Menfor-Others. did del Pilar really reach their peak? Or do they have more to give? don’t waste your time. You have your life to live. its either you choose to be a Man-for-Others like and Atenean was destined to be or are you going to be selfish and not help the people in need? Start today and work your way up until you succeed!


Virgil de leon


We’re aiming for all Burgos students to be dOUBle MagiS in everything. This is possible since in the ateneo system of giving honors, everyone can receive that honor as long as the grade requirements are attained. it’s not like “Me against you” or “i’m the Top 1 here and you’re just Top 2.” That’s why foster brotherhood is beneficial to everyone. The students who are having a hard time can be assisted by the more intellectual group mates. They, in turn, will also be helped because as William glasser said, “Persons retain 95% of what they teach to someone else.” Being MagiS is truly contagious. “ Our Study group project was a huge success, resulting in many students garnering high grades in exams, and some students who whose grades had a well-needed pull upwards. eventhough there we only 9 double MagiS classmates, our class has the most number of awards among all sections. We learned many new memorization techniques from Ms. Perez, which truly influenced our AP Standings. On certain projects and activities, Magis Merit Points (MMPs) are awarded to those whose work is exceptional and it emulates the trait of Magis. They’re usually awarded in increments of 1-3 per project. at the end of a quarter, MMPs are tallied and those with a certain number of points are awarded a corresponding Magis Merit awards based on how many they achieved. This inspires us to always do more than what is expected of us. Our class is pretty active in the Bigay Puso and i can prove it. When Ms. Perez first talked about the Bigay Puso, we were all overflowing with ideas on how to raise money. One of us suggested that we have an auction. Ms. Perez liked the idea so we had the auction. during lunch time, our class goes to our classroom and we have an auction for multiple items such as video games. all the money that we raise from the auction goes to our piggy bank. We also sold foods like burritos (made by J3 Jiao), conti’s Brownies (by Josh ambrosio), fudge (baked by Miguel Oreta), cookies (baked by Miguel guerrero’s mom). From being the first place since the first counting, we became a bit disappointed when not everyone was giving anymore. But it encouraged us to do better in the coming weeks to help the cancer patients recover from their sickness. We’ll definitely do our best in the Bigay Puso.

The adroit Victors Of The Basketball intramurals The intramurals for the 1st Quarter in the seventh grade ended with the victory of the class 7-St. John Berchmans. They fought several different classes to acquire the opportunity to gain the championship. The most important game they played was the one which brought them to victory. They were against the evenly competent class 7-St. John de Britto, but in the end it was 7-Berchmans who achieved their goal of gaining the title “Basketball intramurals champions”. The class gave their very best to accomplish that goal, to be renowned with that title, and to be proud of themselves for a great job. Ian Salac, one half of the sports beadles said “It’s definitely the sweetest because it’s our last year in the agS and we’ve proved that we’re the best by playing like brothers.” Sandro Puno, the other half of the sports beadles also said “from the beginning of the year, i think we all could say that intrams was going to be really exciting, but Berchmans really wanted it, from teams a-d. We from Berchmans could say that we had tough times along the way, but in the end all of us played really hard and came out being the champions of Basketball SY 09-10.” in the end of all the games, hard times, and giving it their all, this class has truly shown us what teamwork and true sportsmanship means.


Eaglet 2009 - 2010 1st Issue


"when disasters strike We Pinoys stand to unite, Helping each other out. Oh, what a wonderful sight! The bayanihan lives on!"
Bayahinan Tanka by JC Nacpil

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