Rinzai Zen Sesshin. 14 - 16 nov.


With Meido Zentetsu Moore

Meido Zentetsu Moore Roshi is a Zen master in the same tradition as
Yamaoka Tesshu og Omori Sogen. He is the founder of Rinzai Zen
Community (RZC) and leader for Korinji Zen monastary i Wisconsin in North America.
In addition he is an experienced practitioner and teacher of Japanese martial arts.
Meido is a popular teacher and holds retreats i USA, Germany, Poland and Sweden.
We are now welcoming him back to Norway

This weekend will be a sesshin of traditional Rinzai Zen. The program will accomodate
beginners, or participants from other traditions as well as experienced practitioners. This will
include instruction in Zazen (sitting meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Kokyu Ho
(breathing exercises), Taiso (stretching) og Do-in Ho (movements which stimulate vitality –
resemble Qi Gong). In addition there will be Teisho (short dharma talks), Dokusan
(individulal interviews with Meido Roshi), Samu (workmeditation) og Zuiza (rest periods) .

Venue; Shinkakuzan Wakō Dōjō in Hemsedal

Dates; 14 - 16 nov. 2014 . Beginning 6p.m. on Friday and ending 10a.m. on Sunday

Prices and accomodation:
NOK.900,- pr. pers. incl. Food, sleeping mattrass on the dojo floor or space for tent and/or
car, use of facilities and air ticket for Meido Roshi. Note the morning Zazen begins early so it
participants should sleep within walking distance of the dojo. The sleeping area inside is
divided by large curtains into women and mens sections
Remember; donation/dana til Meido Roshi

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Zazen in Wako Dojo

Rinzai Zen Sesshin. 14 - 16 nov. 2014 (continued)
Booking; by payment to bank nr. 2367 20 41465 Sparebanken1 Hallingdal-Valdres before 6.
November 2014. Please contact Jeremy to confirm booking.

Bring with you:
Sleeping bag, pillow, washing kit. You will need loose clothing for medtitation, warm clothes
and boots if there is Kinhin - walking meditation outside as well as for samu- working
meditation. Please take you own zafu if you have one. We can provide meditation benches
and blanketsSovepose, pute, håndklede, toalettsaker.

Shinkakuzan is a converted farm building consisting of several rooms; a dojo in the cellar of
150m2, a dining/meeting room, kitchen, 2 changing rooms each with 2 showers and toilet, a
room for alternative treatment (Rosen Method and Reiki), a workshop for handicrafts and an
office. From the dining room are magnificent views over the mountains and forests og

Travel: there are good transport connections to Hemsedal with both bus and train. Please
see: www.hemsedal.com/en/Transport

For booking or more info please contact;
Jem Wilson Aalstveit
jwilson@online.no mob.+47 90656407 www.heimvegen.com www.shinkakuzan.com

For more info. on Meido Moore Roshi:
www.korinji.org and www.rinzaizen.org also www.shinjinkai.org

The View from the dojo at Aalstveit Mountain Farm