Strand: Sub strand Content description Elaboration in this unit of work

Language Understand how texts vary in
purpose, structure and topic as
well as the degree of formality

Sequence 4 and 5, 6 12, 13,
Students will explore
structural and language
features of informational texts
and expositions

how noun groups/phrases and
adjective groups/phrases can be
expanded in a variety of ways to
provide a fuller description of the
person, place, thing or
idea (ACELA1508)
Sequence 3
Identifying noun and verb
groups in the focus text and
creating their own to enhance
Identify aspects of literary texts
that convey details or information
about particular social, cultural
and historical
contexts (ACELT1608)
Sequence 10
Exploring and discussing the
use of pictures in an article
about Aboriginal and Torres
Strait islander connection to
the GBR.

Recognise that ideas in literary
texts can be conveyed from
different viewpoints, which can
lead to different kinds of
interpretations and
responses (ACELT1610)
Sequence 11
Analysing different texts
written from different
perspectives and creating role
plays to convey their
Navigate and read texts for
specific purposes applying
appropriate text processing
strategies, for example predicting
and confirming, monitoring
meaning, skimming
and scanning(ACELY1702)
Sequence 2, 8, 9
Predicting what the focus text
will be about and creating
double journal entries about
the focus text. Student will
research using websites and
books to gather information
about the GBR and
environmental impacts.

Plan, draft and publish
imaginative, informative and
persuasive print and multimodal
choosing text structures, language
features, images and sound
appropriate to purpose and
audience (ACELY1704)
Sequence 14 and 15 and 16
Planning, creating and drafting
a persuasive text to save a
local environment

Identify and explain characteristic
text structures and language
features used in imaginative,
informative and persuasive texts
to meet the purpose of the text
Sequence 7
Students will read an
informational text and then
answers a set of questions
about the text structure and

Strand Content Description Elaboration in this unit of work
Graphical Knowledge and
The influence of people,
including Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Peoples, on the
environmental characteristics of
Australian places(ACHGK027)
Sequence 1, 8, 9, 10
This unit looks at the human
impacts on the Great Barrier
reef including pollution, climate
change, fishing etc.