Español III Syllabus Señorita Ebel

The grade that you receive in this class will be based on the following:

1. Major tests--------------------------------40%
2. Quizzes------------------------------------30%
3. Daily grades------------------------------10%
4. Exam--------------------------------------20%

1. Major tests are given approximately every 1.5 to 2 weeks. They generally
cover a vocabulary section and a grammatical section.
2. Quizzes will be given at least 1-2 times per week. One will always be a
vocabulary quiz. The other will be on a grammatical lesson that was covered
that week.
3. Daily grades are considered class work or homework. Since this is a language
class, daily grades are also considered participating in class, therefore,
SLEEPING in class, or refusing to participate, will result in a zero for the
day. Points will be GIVEN for correct and or attempted responses.
4. There will be a cumulative final exam. It is possible to exempt the final with
an “A” average, or a “B” average with perfect attendance.
5. This class is based around a television series called Destinos. A large part of
your quizzes and daily grades will come from questions and quizzes based on
what you see and hear. You will have a final cumulative test on the entire
6. I give a major test grade for a well organized notebook at the end of the
semester. You need to keep EVERYTHING that we do in that notebook.

 Jan 20- 30 *Review of Spanish II.
Feb 2-13 * Capítulo 1
 Talk about the past
 Talk about what you used to like and do
 Ask for or give advice
 Talk about the future
 Preterite and imperfect
 Ser and Estar
 Pronouns
 Comparisons, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
 Negative words and time constructions
Feb 16-27 Capítulo 2
 Express interest and displeasure
 Invite someone to do something
 Describe the ideal friend
 Express happiness and unhappiness
 Imperfect verb tense
 Ir + a infinitive in the imperfect
 Nosotros commands
 Object pronouns
 Subjunctive with unknown or nonexistent
 Subjunctive with expressions of feelings
 El Caribe
March 2-13 Capítulo 3
 Expressions of opinion and disagree
 Make suggestions
 Apologize
 Verb + infinitive
 Subjunctive with will or wish
 Subjunctive with negation or denial
 Future tense
 Conditional
March 16-27 Capítulo 4
 Ask about the news
 React to news
 Comment on food
 Explain and give excuses
 Present progressive
 Present perfect indicative
 Present perfect subjunctive
 Preterite
 Se + indirect object pronouns
 Past progressive
March 30- April 17 Capítulo 5
 Ask for and give opinions
 Introduce and change a topic of conversation
 Make suggestions and recommendations
 Turn down an invitation
 Comparisons of equality and superlatives
 Passive voice
 Subjunctive for hopes and wishes
 Past perfect
April 21-23 HSAP TESTING
April 27-May 8 Capítulo 6
 Express certainty
 Express doubt and disbelief
 Ask about and explain where you found information
 Talk about what you know and do not know
 Indicative after expressions of certainty
 Subjunctive after doubt
 Haber
 Indefinite expressions
 Gender of nouns
 Indicative in compound sentences
May 11-21 Capítulo 7 y 8
 Talk about challenges
 Talk about accomplishments
 Talk about future plans
 Express cause and effect
 Preterite and Imperfect of stative verbs
 Grammatical reflexives
 Lo and lo que
 Subjunctive after adverbial conjunctions
 Subjunctive with future actions
 Indicative with habitual or past actions