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Grade: Second Grade Team

School: Idlewild Elementary

Weeks of:
Station 1: Station 2: Station 3: Station 4:
Resources & Station Description: What learning will the students be engaging in? What resources will you need?
This weeks prompt:
Each pen in a barn has 4
sheep. Draw a picture and
write to solve how many
sheep are in 4 pens.
of pens
Number of
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 ?
Write to explain how you
solved the problem
Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication. 2.OA.3, 2.OA.4
Understand place value through skip counting 2.NBT.2
Understand place value through explaining the relationship between addition &
subtraction 2.NBT.9
Unit vocabulary : column, even, floor plan, hexagon, multiple, number strip, odd,
repeating pattern, representation, rhombus, row, sequence, table, trapeoid, triangle, unit
row sequence table trapezoid triangle unit
Day 1: (1.1

Day 2: (1.2
Day 3: (1.3
Day 4: (1.4
Day !: (1.!
(Modeled / Guided Problem-Solving)
"roup 1:
Independent Math
"roup 2:
Shared Problem-Solving
"roup 3:
Math Games
"roup 4:
Math "a#ts
$hoi#e of: do not have to #omplete
1. #tudent $ctivity %oo& pa'es (as
introduced in each lesson(
2. )ractice s&ip countin' usin' sentence
strip 'ames with missin' numbers*
hundred boards to be +illed in,colored to
count by 2-s* !-s* and 1.-s* and word
problems that re/uire s&ip countin'.
01here is an interactive hundred chart
activity available at
3. )ractice with repeated,increasin'
patterns usin' e2amples li&e:
3epeat this pattern rule:
24* 32* 34* 42* 5555* 555555* 5555...
Manipulatives you can include in
this station: hundred boards,
counters, cubes, writing utensils,
missing number patterns, etc
6n a lar'e piece o+ chart paper or
butcher bloc& paper* have students wor&
to'ether to draw,create a buildin' with
various numbers o+ +loors 7 rooms.
(i.e.: 89a&e a buildin' with ! +loors*
with 4 rooms on each +loor.
#tudents at this station can +irst
construct the 8buildin'- with connectin'
cubes to help them visuali:e what it
mi'ht loo& li&e be+ore drawin' it. 1hen*
have students write an e/uation or
e2planation that shows the sum o+ the
rooms in their buildin'.
( ) ( ) ( ) ( * +,
-hen I #ount b. ( four times/ I get to
the number +,0
(0students can wor& in partners or small
1 3otation o+ past ;nvesti'ations
unit 'ames(
+ Either on a #mart%oard (+or a
'roup o+ students or individual
classroom computers or i)ads*
have students visit
www0fuelthebrain0#om to play
the +ollowin' math 'ames(
-2ell. 3iving (Students identify
numbers as being even or odd;
Goes beyond 20) 2.6$.3
-&ine 3r. (Complete number
patterns) 2.<%1.2
1. =ave students add cubes to ma&es
towers o+ 1. (to reach predetermined
>-s* then record the sum in terms o+
tens and ones (place value.
2. )ost the +ollowin' problem at this
station: ?@ill s&ipAcounted by tens*
startin' at 8.. Bould she have said
the number 88?C =ave students tell
in sentence +orm* why or why not*
then* have them solve what other
s&ip countin' pattern (besides 1. @ill
could have used to 'et to 88.

3. #&ip countin' practice usin'
pictures o+ obDects: (E2ample
=ow many 'roups o+ nuts are
there? Bount by !-s and write a
number sentence.
$onferring students/ 3a. 1: $onferring students/ 3a. +:
$onferring students/ 3a. 4: $onferring students/ 3a. 5:
$onferring students/ 3a. (:
-riting about Math
2ournaling or
%rgumentative -riting!
Math Investigations 6nit 7(:
How Many Rooms How Many !loors