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Career Essay

Architects have the important job of planning and designing buildings and other
structures. Additionally they must take into account the functionality, safety, and
economical needs of the people who will use the buildings. Important factors to consider
are the types of activities will he taking place in the structure (learning, eating, living,
worshipping) and if it will be private, public, indoor or outdoor. Architects are
responsible for the aesthetic value of an edifice and all of the background work that goes
into the creation of it.
Many tasks go into the creation of a building, such as consulting with clients to
determine the requirements of the building. They also must estimate the cost of
equipment, materials, and construction time. The next step involves preparing and
designing the building. The layout can be completed with paper and pencil or by using
technology such as Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) or Building
Information Modeling (BIM). Drawings include aspects of the structural system such as
air-conditioning, heating, electrical, and communication. Before construction begins they
must ensure the drawings and designs are scaled accurately and that contracts are
prepared for building contractors. Building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations and other
ordinances must be considered before construction starts. As the building is being
constructed architects must visit the worksites to ensure that workers are following the
architectural plans
Careers related to architecture are civil engineering, interior designing, and
graphic designing. Civil engineers also design large projects but unlike architects they
may be responsible for creating roads, tunnels, bridges, and systems for water supply and
sewage management. Similar to architects, interior designers consider the functionality of
a space when planning. In contrast to architects, interior designers concentrate their
efforts on the interior of the building instead of he creation of it. They choose furniture,
fabrics, wallpaper, colors, floorings, and lighting to enhance the inside of a room. Last,
both graphic designers and architects utilize computer software to create visual concepts.
Graphic designers are distinct because they concentrate their efforts on designing
advertisements, logos, and promotions that a consumer will find visually appealing in a
commercial or other form of media. I would be interested in interior design because I am
creative and would enjoy transforming the inside of a building or space.
Architects are trained in the science and art of designing buildings. To become an
architect one must obtain a professional college degree in architecture, gain experience
through an internship, and pass the Architect Registration Exam. There are approximately
one hundred and twenty schools of architecture that are accredited by the National
Architectural Accrediting Board. Universities that are accredited in southern California
include the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Southern California,
and the Southern California institute of Architecture. Most architects earn their degree
from a five year Bachelor of Architecture program. They may also complete a two years
master program to earn a Master of Architecture if they have an undergraduate degree in
architecture. After college all state architectural boards require architect graduates to
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exam. Last an architect must pass the Architect Registration Exam to become a licensed
architect. Across the nation architects make an average of $72,500 while architects in San
Diego make an average of $100,000.
I would be an excellent fit for this career because I have strong communication,
organizational, critical thinking, and technical skills. I have experience with various
software programs, am able to communicate ideas orally and in writing, can overcome
challenges, and successfully keep track of records and documents. On top of this I am
very creative and enjoy designing. I want this career for my future because I would make
a great salary while appreciating my job. My top priority is being able to provide for my
family and this career would ensure financial stability. The field is constantly growing
and I hope to be a part of it one day. I realize this job requires many years of education
and training but I believe I can successfully complete all of it with hard work and