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Renaissance Middle School

7155 Hall Road
Fairburn, Georgia 30213
Phone: 770-306-4330
Fax: 770-306-4338
Dr. Sandra Deshazier Principal
Benzie Brinson, Assistant Principal

Mathematics: 2014 - 2015
Grade Instructional Syllabus

Teachers: D. Mackens Email address
M. Coulter Email address
R. Darden Email address
A. Henry Email address
A. Ellison Email address
K. Persons Email address

Textbook: Mathematics Course 3, Pearson, Prentice Hall, 2008 ($56.47)
Advanced Math 8 Textbook: Holt Algebra I, ($76.40)

Course description: The standards in 8
grade Math have been carefully sequenced to allow for a building up
of mathematical understanding in various topic areas. The standards are organized into four content strands for
grades 7-12: Number and Operations, Geometry, Algebra, and Data Analysis and Probability. At each grade there
are process standards that emphasize problem solving, reasoning, representation, connections and communications.

By the end of the eighth grade, students will understand the following concepts:
By the end of grade eight, students will understand various numerical representations, including square roots,
exponents and scientific notation; use and apply geometric properties of plane figures, including congruence
and the Pythagorean theorem; use symbolic algebra to represent situations and solve problems, especially those
that involve linear relationships; solve linear equations, systems of linear equations and inequalities; use
equations, tables and graphs to analyze and interpret linear functions; use and understand set theory and simple
counting techniques; determine the theoretical probability of simple events; and make inferences from statistical
data, particularly data that can be modeled by linear functions.

Process standards and performance-based tasks are also essential to mastering each of the mathematics content
standards, they emphasize critical dimensions of the mathematical proficiency that all students need.

Georgias 8
Grade Mathematics Performance Standards:

Course Outline/ Timeline:
Semester One Semester Two
Math8 Unit1 Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity Math8 Unit5 Linear Functions
Math8 Unit2 Exponents and Equations Math8 Unit6 Linear Models and Tables
Math8 Unit3 Geometric Applications of Exponents Math8 Unit7 Solving Systems of Equations
Math8 Unit4 Functions

***Where students of more than one level placement are enrolled in a given class, the teacher will adjust the work
load and modify the grading procedures to meet the needs and ability of the individual student.***

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Special Projects:
Students will be required throughout the school year to complete various types of projects related to the
course curriculum. All projects will count for twenty percent of the students grade. If students do not
turn in the projects on time one letter grade will be ducted for each day the project is late.

Paper, pencils, 3 ring binder and Folder

Grading Scheme: This class will adhere to Fulton County Grading Policy that consists of the following
grading scale:
A 90 and above
B 80 - 89
C 70 - 79
F Below 70*
NG No Grade
INC Incomplete
*by state rule any grade below 70 is failing.

The final grade* in this class will be determined using the following formula/criteria:
Test ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25%
Quiz---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20%
Classwork--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25%
Homework ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10%
Projects ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20%

Renaissance adheres to a no zero policy. The lowest grade a student can receive is a 60%

Students are expected to adhere to the rules and policies of Renaissance Middle School and
Fulton County as stated in the RMS Student Handbook/Agenda and the Fulton Countys
Guidelines for Student Behavior.

Homework: It is the policy of Renaissance Middle School to assign homework as a
reinforcement of concepts learned in class; however, it is up to the discretion of the individual
teacher as to whether it is assigned daily or over the weekend. Evaluation of homework may
consist of detailed grading, generalized checking, or a combination of both techniques.

Recovery Process. FCBOE policy on Grading and Reporting (IHA) provides for the recovery
process at the middle school level.

Provision for Improving Grades
1. Opportunities designed to allow students to recover from a low or failing
cumulative grade will be allowed when all work required to date has been
completed and the student has demonstrated a legitimate effort to meet all course
requirements including attendance.
2. Teachers will determine when and how students with extenuating circumstances
may improve their grades.

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Scheduled Help Sessions: The teacher will be available upon request to assist students who are
experiencing difficulty. It is imperative, however, that students requiring assistance give the teacher 24
hour notice. Opportunity to accelerate can be requested prior to school and after school; however, if
assistance is requested during after school hours, it is the parents responsibility to provide

Teacher/Parent Communication: An open line of communication is encouraged between teachers
and parents. Parental visits are encouraged; however, it is the policy of Renaissance Middle School that
all visitors must report to the office before going to other parts of the building. A Visitors Pass will be
issued as evidence that this procedure has been followed.

Absence/Make-Up Procedures: Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the students
responsibility to contact the teacher(s) to request make-up work. Make-up work must be completed by
the student within the time specified by the teacher. At Renaissance Middle School, the student will be
given the same amount of time to make up the work as the student was absent unless other arrangements
are mutually agreed upon. The student will receive the actual grade on the make-up work if the absence
was excused. Make-up for unexcused absences may be reduced by 10 points. Make-up work
submitted late will receive a zero. (FCBOE Policy JBD)

This syllabus is a general outline of the course and is subject to modification.

Each student has been provided with a copy of this syllabus. The syllabus should be signed by a
parent/guardian, shown to the teacher for verification, and retained in the students notebook.

Please complete the portion below and return to your teacher

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