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!"#$ &'()'#(*+ ,&-.&"("$/0 (1.23"3$#&"45($3#2/ 3"5 2(3)"#"6


,&-.&"("$/ (1.23"3$#&"45($3#2/ 2(3)"#"6
!789 &:8;79<98=7 Stuuents will engage in a whole gioup
uiscussion wheieby they can biing
infoimation they have leaint. Stuuents
will uiscuss uiffeient topics anu the
teachei will pioviue stuuents with the
oppoitunity to shaie infoimation. The
stuuents in this lesson will fuithei
investigate each topic stuuieu.

(?@;:8;7A;B C
DE8FG87> H7=IF;G>; =J 9K;
Theie aie a numbei of lessons, which
intiouuce uiffeient topics that will be
leaint about thioughout the couise of
the unit. Stuuents aie intiouuceu to the
topics as a whole anu thioughout the
couise of the lessons the teachei will
focus in on the specific content. Stuuents
as a whole will focus on how Austialia
was shapeu uiscussing uiffeient events
with inuiviuuals anu gioups incluueu.
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
!98F8B87> 9K; 7=7NJ8A98=7
J=AEB 9;?9
Cailyon, P. (2uuS). !"# %&''()*'( +,*-..
Cambeiwell, vic: Penguin Books

The text will be useu towaius the enu of
the unit. The teachei will ieau stuuents
sections of the book to show stuuents
impoitant techniques when ieauing e.g.
fluency. The book will also be utiliseu to
look at punctuation anu uiffeient types
of texts using within the book e.g.

2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
);B@=7G87> 9= 9;?9B Stuuents iesponueu to texts in the unit
thiough the following:
- Biaiy Entiy
- News Papei Aiticle
- Lettei
- Summaiies
- Reflections
Relating to the following content
uesciiptions fiom the Austialian
Cuiiiculum - (ACELT16u9)
(?@;:8;7A;B C0 P0
(?@F=:87> 9;?9B Stuuents exploieu texts in the unit
thiough the following:
- Summaiies
(?@;:8;7A;B P0 CO
,&-.&"("$/ (1.23"3$#&"45($3#2/ 2(3)"#"6
- Recent newspapei aiticles
Relating to the following uesciiptions
fiom the Austialian Cuiiiculum -
(?<R8787> 9;?9B

As well as the focus text theie aie otheis
that aie also othei texts useu
thioughout the unit plan:
- Biauby, B. (2u12). /(0# *1 ,"#
2*'30(#'3+. Newtown, N.S.W: Walkei
Books Austialia.
- uuile, N. (2u1u). 4&),&(1 5-,"6-
7"(''() &13 ,"# 8(-+, 8'##,. South
Yaiia, vic: Nacmillan Euucation
- Bunt, P. (2uu9). 96,'&: +*1; !"#
+,*-. *0 <#3 =#''.. Fitzioy, vic: Black
Bog Books.
- Thomas, }. (2uu4). %*'3 >6+".
Alexanuiia, NSW: Watts Publishing
Austialia & New Zealanu.
- Wilkinson, C., & Ciaffaglone, S.
(2uu8). !"# 1(2", :# ?&3# ,"# 0'&2;
5 @6-#A& +,*-.. Fitzioy, vic: Black
Bog Books.
- As well as these texts stuuents will
also become familiai with iecent
newspapei aiticles.

! $;?9 B9:EA9E:; <7G
In this unit stuuents take pait in a lesson
wheie they aie iequiieu to auu
punctuation to a familiai text. The
oiiginal text has been auapteu so that
the punctuation is iemoveu, allowing
stuuents to fill in wheie the coiiect
punctuation is iequiieu. This ielates to
that content uesciiption unuei Language
- B13#-+,&13 "*: ,"# 2-&??&,(C&'
C&,#2*-. *0 )*++#++(D#+ (+ +(21&''#3
,"-*62" &)*+,-*)"#+ &13 "*: ,* 6+#
&)*+,-*)"#+ :(," C*??*1 &13 )-*)#-
1*61+ E54@/5FGHIJ
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
! (?@:;BB87> <7G
G;V;F=@87> 8G;<B
This is seen in a numbei of lessons
thioughout the unit paiticulaily when
stuuents take pait in wiiting theii own
peisonal ieflections. !"(+ 0&''+ 613#- ,"#
/(,#-&,6-# +,-&13 K 7-#+#1, & )*(1, *0
D(#: &L*6, )&-,(C6'&- '(,#-&-. ,#M,+ 6+(12
&))-*)-(&,# ?#,&'&126&2#N &13
-#0'#C,(12 *1 ,"# D(#:)*(1,+ *0 *,"#-+
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
,&-.&"("$/ (1.23"3$#&"45($3#2/ 2(3)"#"6
! '8BE<F <7G
J;<9E:;B =J 9;?9B
ICT anu multimoual featuies aie useu in
many of the lessons, in paiticulai in
lesson 14 anu 1S stuuents exploie an
inteiactive website. This is eviuent in
the Austialian Cuiiiculum unuei the
Liteiacy stianu - B+# C*?)-#"#1+(*1
+,-&,#2(#+ ,* &1&'.+# (10*-?&,(*1N
(1,#2-&,(12 &13 '(1A(12 (3#&+ 0-*? &
D&-(#,. *0 )-(1, &13 3(2(,&' +*6-C#+
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
(?9;7G87> W;X=7G 9K;
J=AEB 9;?9 87AFEG87>+
0thei texts weie useu thioughout the
unit plan to enhance stuuent knowleuge
incluuing those mentioneu above as well
as othei online texts.
3FF 2;<:787>
! ,:;<987> 9;?9B
E98F8B87> @:879 <7G
REF98R=G<F 9;?9B
In lesson 6 stuuents analyse uiffeient
texts to cieate a uiaiy entiy, stuuents
look at uiffeient piint anu online
veisions. By showing stuuents uiffeient
examples of how they can cieate theii
own entiies stuuents may gain a bettei
unueistanuing of the task anu the
specific textual featuies.
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
! Z=:R<98V; [=7;
B9:<9;>X <7G
Buiing anu at the completion of lesson 7
the teachei will fill out the checklist foi
each stuuent. The checklist can be founu
unuei the assessment tab on the
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
! /ERR<98V; [=7;
B9:<9;>X <7G
At the enu of the unit each stuuent is
iequiieu to cieate anu complete a 2-
minute multimoual oial piesentation. It
shoulu be eviuent aftei stuuents
complete the task as to whethei they
have an unueistanuing of gioups anu
inuiviuuals that shapeu Austialia. This
iubiic can be founu unuei the
assessment tab on the website.
2;<:787> (?@;:8;7A;
CM ]
/8>78J8A<79 G;R=7B9:<98=7
=J F;<:787>^
>#C#),(D# ?*3#+ E'(+,#1(12N -#&3(12 &13
Fiom The Austialian Cuiiiculum

By the enu of Yeai S, stuuents explain
how text stiuctuies assist in
unueistanuing the text. They
unueistanu how language featuies,
images anu vocabulaiy influence
inteipietations of chaiacteis, settings
3FF 2;<:787>
,&-.&"("$/ (1.23"3$#&"45($3#2/ 2(3)"#"6
anu events.
They analyse anu explain liteial anu
implieu infoimation fiom a vaiiety of
texts. They uesciibe how events,
chaiacteis anu settings in texts aie
uepicteu anu explain theii own
iesponses to them. They listen anu ask
questions to claiify content.

7-*36C,(D# ?*3#+ E+)#&A(12N :-(,(12 &13
Fiom The Austialian Cuiiiculum
Stuuents use language featuies to show
how iueas can be extenueu. They
uevelop anu explain a point of view
about a text, selecting infoimation, iueas
anu images fiom a iange of iesouices.

Stuuents cieate a vaiiety of sequenceu
texts foi uiffeient puiposes anu
auuiences. They make piesentations anu
contiibute actively to class anu gioup
uiscussions, taking into account othei
peispectives. When wiiting, they
uemonstiate unueistanuing of giammai,
select specific vocabulaiy anu use
accuiate spelling anu punctuation,
euiting theii woik to pioviue stiuctuie
anu meaning.

>#C#),(D# &13 7-*36C,(D# ?*3#+ (1 ,"#
61(, )'&1;
Thioughout the unit stuuents have
oppoitunities to paiticipate in both
ieceptive anu piouuctive moues.
Stuuents paiticipate in ieceptive moues
thiough ieauing anu analysing both
piint anu online texts. Stuuents have
oppoitunities to paiticipate in
piouuctive moues by cieating theii own
texts anu iesponuing to othei texts.