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Unit Orientation The teacher will engage the students by
getting them to observe and view the front
cover of the text and get the students to
predict what they think will happen in the
story. Then reading the students the blurb
on the back and asking them if their
predictions change and why.

Building knowledge of the
The teacher will give the students
opportunities to increase their background
knowledge by teaching three lessons
explicitly. These lessons give students the
knowledge and understanding on; diary
entries, research success and Australia
being a multi-cultural country.
Three and Thirteen

Utilising the non-fiction
focus text
The focus text is ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun
Tan. It is a picture book, with no words,
that tells the story of a man moving to a
foreign land. The text will be used so that
students understand immigration and how
difficult it was for migrants to settle and
become fully functioning people in a new

The text is used in a way that the students
come up with what they think the story is
about, this is done over the course of diary
entries, character descriptions, letters to
home and other activities that require the
students to think, create and write
interesting and relevant pieces of work.
Four, Five, Six, Eight,

Responding to texts Students are required to respond to the
texts in a variety of ways. They write diary
entries, timelines, flashback descriptions,
character descriptions and a letter home.
Seven, Nine, Ten,

Exploring texts Students will participate in discussions on
the text and explore the impact it has on
the reader. They will explore the author’s
selection of certain points of view,
messages and silencing of specific parts
of the text.

Examining texts including:
 Text structure and
Throughout the teaching and learning
experiences, the students will be required
to understand and examine why the author
uses the features in the text to make us
fell a certain way.
Lessons Two, Four -
 Expressing and Students express and develop ideas Two, Six
developing ideas through the creation of a character
description of the main character in the
text. This lays the base for the diary
entries and the letters that he writes
throughout the story. The students are
given the opportunity to edit and improve
on their character description throughout
the learning and it is hoped that their ideas
about the character (diary entries) are
progressively improved.
 Visual and
multimodal features
of texts
Due to the text being entirely made up of
visuals and detailed pictures, the students
are required throughout the unit to
interpret the pictures and be involved in
discussion on the pages and how the
character is feeling, how is makes the
students feel and why the author chooses
to show us these visuals.
Lessons Two, Four -

Extending beyond the
focus text including:

 Creating texts
utilising print and
multimodal texts
Students extend beyond the focus text by
researching and creating a multimodal
presentation in which they are required to
choose an individual or group of people
refer to a set of research questions.

From the knowledge that they have learnt
during the learning about ‘The Arrival’ the
students will extend their understanding on
immigration and why certain migrants
came to Australia.
Fourteen, Fifteen,
Sixteen, Seventeen,

 Formative (one
strategy and
Students will complete several tasks
throughout the teaching and learning
experiences that are delivered by the
teacher. These activities include;

 A detailed description of the main
character (lessons one and six)
 A letter home to the main
characters family (lesson six and
 Diary entries (lessons four, five,
eight and twelve)
 A timeline of events (lesson seven)
 Venn diagram (lesson nine)
 Analysis of flashbacks (lesson ten)

Each of these assessments will be given
to the students by the teacher to gauge
Lessons Two - Twelve
whether or not students are understanding
‘The Arrival’ text. These assessment
pieces will be graded by a ‘tick and flick’
method and a small comment must be
written at the bottom.
 Summative (one
strategy and
The summative assessment requires
students to research, develop and deliver
a multimodal presentation on an individual
or group of people that have migrated to
Australia. Due to the assessment being a
research task, students will be required to;

 Plan their research questions,
 Conduct research,
 Collate their research,
 And prepare a multimodal

Students will complete their assignment
booklet in which they will record their
research on their topic. The students will
be graded on each of the four points listed
above according to a selected criteria.
Lessons Fourteen -

Significant demonstration
of learning.
Students will understand how text
structures can achieve particular effects.
They look at how features, images and
language are used by the author to
represent ideas, events and characters.
They will participate in discussions in
which they will listen to other peer’s ideas
and points of view.

They show and demonstrate how the
choice of language feature and images
impact the point of view of the reader.
They make engaging presentations while
using a variety of different strategies for
All lessons