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(Reference: http://sportsbusinessdigest.

 The World Wrestling Federation(WWF) was founded
in 1963, by Vincent J. McMahon.
 The WWF was the first wrestling organization to
televise their sport on cable which skyrocketed
them to the top of the wrestling industry.
 Due to legal matters, the WWF was forced to
change the name of their company to World
Wrestling Entertainment(WWE).
 Today, the company tours all over the United
States, year round, generating approximately
$340,000,000 in television sales alone.
 1963: WWF is founded.
 1982: Vincent K. McMahon buys WWF from his father.
 1983: Many top end wrestlers leave their promoters for the
WWF making it a powerhouse event.
 1985: The first wrestling pay-per-view event in history;
 1991: WWF is slammed with legal scandals.
 1996: Monday Night Raw sends TV ratings soaring, giving the
company a comeback.
 1999: Company Stock options go public.
 2001: WWF buys World Championship Wrestling(WCW) and
eliminates its competition in the wrestling industry.

Legal Drugs
 Pain Killers
 Muscle Relaxers
These are prescribed medications
they can receive to help their
bodies endure the physical pain on
a nightly basis.
Illegal Drugs
 Steroids
 Cocaine
 Marijuana
The demand to look larger than life
and compete in the WWF causes
wrestlers to use drugs such as, the
ones listed here. Drug use can lead
to a particular lifestyle.
Side Effects
These drugs have many harmful
side effects including:
 Depression
 Decreased sex drive
 Impaired judgment
 Liver damage
 Development of breast tissue(males)
 “Roid Rage” uncontrollable anger
 Stunted growth
 Baldness
 Suicide

Deaths related to Drugs in the WWF :
 2001- Bam-Bam Bigelow: Cocaine

 2005 - Eddie Guerrero: Heart failure due
to anabolic steroid use.

 2007 – Chris Beniot: Suicide

 2009 – Andrew Martin aka Test:
Oxycodone Overdose.

 2010 - Kris Kanyon: Antidepressants

 2010 - Luna Vachon: Painkiller Overdose


Anytime there are drugs and money
involved, crime is usually somewhere
to be found as well.

Beniot Family Massacre
 June 24, 2007, all 3 family members
found dead inside of their home in
Fayetteville, Georgia.
 Chris Beniot suffocated his wife and
seven year old son. He placed bibles
next to each of the bodies.
 Beniot hung himself from a workout
machine in an exercise room after
the murders.
 Autopsy of Beniot found traces of
anabolic steroids in his body that
may have caused “Roid Rage”.
 Struggling marriage.
 Delusional.
Dino Bravo Murder
 Dino was suspected to be apart of
an organized crime group that
smuggled illegal cigarettes in
Montreal, Canada.
 He was found in his mansion by local
police with 7 gun shot wounds, 2 to
the head.
 There was no sign of forced entry
which police believe that Dino knew
his killers.
 He was 44 years old when he was
killed on March 11
, 1993.
 Today the WWE stands strong by its no drug abuse policy and
ensures fans that there should be no concern or worry about the
authenticity of the sport.
 However, when the owner of the company looks like this…

Should fans believe everything their told?