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SLES PTA Standing Rules

As Amended on May 23, 2014

1. The name of this PTA local unit shall be Shadow Lake Elementary PTA local unit number 9.14.13.
2. This unit incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington on April 30, 1990.
3. This PTA services the children in the Shadow Lake Elementary School community which includes residences and
business in the Shadow Lake Elementary School enrollment area.
4. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer of this unit to renew annually the Articles of Incorporation prior to the last day of
April. Current cost is $10. Form arrives from Washington State PTA. This units incorporation number is 601-247-890.
5. This unit is registered with the Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The registration number is
4297. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration by the last day of May and the registration will be
sent with postal confirmation of being sent and confirmation of delivery. Current cost is $40.
6. This unit was recognized by the Internal Revenue as a tax-exempt 501C (3) organization 04/30/90.
7. The current Treasurer is responsible for filing Tax Form 990 by November 15th. A copy of finished taxes will be given
to the President by Oct 31st. Taxes will be sent with postal confirmation of being sent and confirmation of delivery.
8. This unit shall keep at least three copies of its legal documents in three separate locations. The President, Secretary,
and Treasurer shall maintain the documents.
9. The regular membership fee of this unit shall be $9.00. Family (2 adults) membership fee of this unit shall be $16.00.
10. Membership at this PTA is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, students, community
members and any other persons that support and encourage the purpose of PTA.
11. The Sustaining membership fee for community organizations and businesses shall be $50.00 and shall be a non-
voting membership.
12. The students of Shadow Lake Elementary shall be considered honorary members of the unit without voice, vote or
privilege of holding office.
13. The nominating committee shall be elected in accordance with the State PTAs bylaws.
14. The elected officers, known as the Executive Committee, of this unit shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and
Treasurer. The President and Vice President positions can be shared by two people with each person having full
rights and responsibilities of the position.
15. The Board of Directors will be required to be bonded.
16. A majority of the Executive Board will attend PTA and the Law.
17. The Board of Directors meetings of this unit shall be held monthly at a date, time and place to be determined by the
Executive Committee.
18. General membership meetings of this unit shall be held at least twice (2) during the school calendar year, the date,
time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee.
19. The order of business for meetings of this unit shall be run with an agenda prepared by the President(s).
20. The Board of Directors shall consist of all elected officers and a representative from each of the following committees
(a quorum of directors for voting is equal to 6):
1. Fundraising
a. Book Fair
b. Free Money/Box Tops/Campbell Soup/Other
c. Fall
d. Winter
e. Spring
f. Other (i.e. Bingo)
2. Art Docent
3. The Energy And Mileage (TEAM) Club
4. Reading Programs
5. Popcorn
6. Membership & Directory
7. Website
8. Yearbook and School Pictures
9. Audit/Cashier
21. A Board of Directors position shall be declared vacant if that member misses two Board meetings unless excused by
the Executive Committee. Notify the Secretary or President prior to an absence.
22. All committee chairpersons or co-chairpersons shall be current PTA members.
23. Each member of the Board of Directors will be allowed one (1) vote, regardless of the number of committee he/she
chairs. Co-Chairpersons will each be allowed an individual vote.
24. The Principal will be an ex-officio member of the Shadow Lake PTA Board of Directors.
25. The Treasurer will make reimbursements without vote approval to chairpersons up to $200 as long as the expenditure
is a regular and expected expenditure of that chair position. If the chair presents a detailed line itemized budget prior
to an event or program for Board approval OR gets Board approval on non-regular expenditures, then Treasurer can
pay the approved costs without additional voting.
26. Any check taken in by the PTA, which is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will be subject to bank fees. If there
is a second check returned NSF by the same individual, cash or money order only will be accepted from that party.
27. The vote of our units State PTA Regional Director shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
28. Voting delegate(s) to the annual State PTA convention shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
29. The voting delegate to the State Legislative Assembly shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
30. The Standing Rules and Budget shall be adopted by majority vote at a General Meeting no later than June 30th.
31. The Standing Rules shall be amended at any regular General Membership Meeting with a quorum (Member Quorum
is equal to 10 PTA members) present by majority vote.
32. Parliamentary authority shall be the Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.
33. The Board of Directors has the Authority to Reallocate Funds. This shall be printed on the working budget.
34. The signatures of the Treasurer, Vice President and President (or both Co-Presidents) shall be on the authorized
signature card for this PTAs bank account. Cash withdraws require two authorized signatures on the check and a
signed receipt for the cash by recipient (chairperson) will be filed in the Treasurers records.
35. The PTA books and records will be audited by a 3-person audit committee, two or three times a year
recommendation is December, March and July.