"Here's why I want to honor our Lolo and/or Lola...

Do you want your Lola and or Lolo to be honored by FANHS PA
during our Filipino American History Gala on October 17, 2014?
Then please tell us why. :) By October 7, send an email to
forourcommunities@gmail.com Write: *your name *your age
*your Lolo and/or Lola's full name Think about and write one
page in response to these questions. *Why is your Lola and/or
Lolo awesome? *Tell us what you know about your Lola and
Lolo's life story. (You might have to ask them questions first :)
*What advice or - traditions or Filipino culture shared by your
Lolo and Lola - will you remember forever? FANHS PA friends
will review all writing and announce Lolos and Lolas honored on
October 17. With gratitude and love for all Lolas and Lolos, ~Tita
Joanie / JoanMay Cordova - forourcommunities@gmail.com and
@ForCommunities on all social media