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Grade Math with Miss Lenzo
St. Joseph Middle School
Miss Lenzo
963-1131 ext.312
What is the course about?
In this course, you will be using problem-solving, logic, and reasoning skills to apply your new
knowledge about basic algebra, geometry, and data analysis, among other things. This will be
accomplished through discussions, assignments, activities, and projects. I look forward to work working
with you all!
Why do we need to learn math?
You might be surprised how often and in how many different contexts we use math! Math is
used in a variety of instances in life and in a variety of careers and professions. The practice of applying
math also improves our problem-solving, logic, and reasoning skills invaluable life skills.
What do I need for the class?
You will need your math textbook, a jumbo sized book cover, paper, pencils, a folder or binder, a
ruler, and a calculator. If any more supplies are needed, you will have reasonable time to get them.
How will I be graded?
Your grade for this course will be based on homework, participation (including warm-ups,
activities, etc.), quizzes, and tests. Math homework is meant to be a practice of learned material to help
you conquer the learning goal of a lesson, not an assessment of how well you know the material at that
point. Therefore, points for homework will almost always be based on completeness of work. Scores on
tests and quizzes will count toward your grade.
What is expected of me?
In the classroom:
o I expect all students to show respect of one anothers ideas, thoughts, and property.
This means talk must be positive, and you must listen while others are talking.
o No student should at any time interfere with another students learning. Disruptive
and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
o It is the responsibility of the student to come to class on time and prepared. Have your
pencils sharpened, and be in your seat and ready to start class when the bell rings.
o When behavior problems arise, I will handle the problems accordingly, as
appropriately and fairly as possible.
What are the policies regarding late work and absences?
I want the best for all of you. This requires responsibility and accountability on everyones part.
For these reasons, the following procedures are in place:
Absences: You are responsible for obtaining and completing any work missed while absent.
This means you getting notes from classmates, e-mailing me, or talking to me in class to get
handouts, and making up work on your own time, not during class.
Late work: The schools policy on late work will be followed. A parent notice will be sent home
with you if you come to class with homework incomplete. You must return the parent notice
signed and complete the homework the following school day. A percentage of your grade will
also be deducted for each day the homework is late.
Can I get extra help?
Yes! We all want the best for you! I am available before school and after school and by phone
and e-mail. Talk to me between classes, before or after school, during lunch, or by phone or e-mail, and I
will do my best to meet your needs. I may never know you want extra help until you voice it.
Algebra survival tips:
Dont give up! This class may challenge you. Giving up wont get you anywhere other than my
classroom again next year. Im here to help you overcome your challenges and succeed!
Attend class and participate earn higher grades! Students who do so earn higher grades!
Participating in classroom discussions helps you and your classmates and generates higher
level thinking. Take responsibility and get notes and assignments missed after being absent.
Use your planner to keep track of upcoming assignments, tests, etc. Doing so has proven to be
invaluable to students in all of their classes.
Take notes during class and complete all study guides! The process of writing things down
has been proven to help remember things. You will want to refer back to these notes
throughout the semester, especially before tests and quizzes.
Organization is very important! Keep all material from class (notes, worksheets, assignments,
quizzes, tests, etc.) in a folder or binder. Quizzes, tests, and final exams will cover the saved
Be a positive team member! This may mean making a conscious effort to better your
teamwork skills, but it will greatly benefit you and your classmates. You will often work in
groups during labs and activities, and I want these experiences to have the best outcome for
every one of you.
Take advantage PowerSchool! Check your grades regularly!
Sign and Return this form to Miss Lenzo. Keep the rest of the syllabus in a safe place.

I have read and understand the above procedures and expectations for my student. My student is
responsible to work to meet these expectations. In the event that my student falls behind in class or
chooses to act inappropriately, I understand Miss Lenzo will contact me by the method I choose

Phone: ___________________________

Email: _____________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________

I have read and understand the above procedures and expectations. I understand that I am
responsible to work to meet these expectations. I furthermore understand that my parent/guardian
will be contacted if the expectations for work ethic and character are not met.

Student Signature: __________________________________________________________