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Published by: onebravechick on Dec 15, 2009
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Re: Long Island Coalition for Life LTE If you have even the most basic understanding of the abortion

debate, it’s clear that it has been one of the most divisive issues of the last half century, with little consensus to be had between the two sides. The Long Island Coalition for Life—a network of anti-choice organizations and crisis pregnancy centers—has the express right to promote their agenda to protect life, just as I do to defend access to comprehensive reproductive health care for women. Their letter to the editors of the Stony Brook Press attacks a neutrality on the subject that I never claimed to represent. Better than neutrality, the campaign aims to spread awareness of fact-based information that assists our community with making important personal decisions. Instead of simply standing behind their position, however, the Coalition has taken the position to personally attack me for mine. I did in fact intern at Planned Parenthood a year ago because I believe in their mission, yet I don’t see how this makes my position less valid in any way. Furthermore, the Coalition is not a part of our campus community, and yet questions my right to organize within it. Also missing from the Coalition’s letter is any direct defense or validation of any of the information from “icare.” If the Coalition were members of the Stony Brook campus, they would easily have access to the information I have been distributing over the past several weeks. I would simply like to spread awareness to the Press’ readers that all of the services offered by crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) like the Long Island Life Centers are available on campus. As part of the comprehensive medical care offered at the Student Health Center, the Women’s Center offers a range of women’s health services including pregnancy testing and counseling. Both the University Counseling Center and the Center for Prevention and Outreach provide an open and free counseling resource for a variety of issues including sexual health, pregnancy and relationships. The Interfaith Center provides a spiritual resource for campus, representing the major religious perspectives in our community, and students can receive religious counseling from clergy representing the faith of their choice, as opposed to the volunteers that staff CPCs. If you are interested in more information or to get involved, please contact me at sbstudentscaretoo@gmail.com.

Meghan Shalvoy Senior, Women and Gender Studies

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