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Welcome to Fifth Grade!!
Study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly
(William Ellery Channing)
Welcome to fifth grade at the William Ellery Channing
Elementary School. I am very excited to start this new
learning adventure with you and your child. My name is
Ms. Lormilus and I will be your childs teacher this school
year. Our classroom will be a learning environment
where all students, teachers and family members will
practice being respectful, responsible and safe each and
every day. We are a community of fifth grade scholars
ready to take on any and all new challenges. Our
classroom motto is:
study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly
The Channing school was named after an
American poet named William Ellery Channing.
Mr. Channing was born in Boston Mass. On
November 29, 1818. As a young boy, he attended
Boston Latin School. For college, he attended
Harvard University, which is also where his dad
was a professor. Mr. Channing loved to write
poetry, one of his well written poems is called
My symphony, which the scholars will learn
this school year.

Fun Facts About the Channing School
Important Dates
September 2014
Friendly Reminders:
9/4/14 First day of school for
students in grades 1-5
9/8/14 First day of school for
all Kindergarten students

Scholars are expected to be in school on
time every day. School hours are from
8:25-3:20 each day, unless there is an early
release day.
Scholars are expected to complete all
homework assignments every day when
given. If scholar is absent due to illness or
other legitimate reason, homework can be
turned in upon return to school. Any
homework assignment not fully
completed or turned in late will earn a 0.
9/27/14 Back to School BBQ @
Channing School (more info to
Scholars are expected to bring a note to
school every time he/she is absent from
class. If scholar receives more than 3
absences per term, he/she will not receive
grades on report card. A parent conference
will need to be scheduled to find out about
scholars progress in class and to create a
plan for attendance improvement.
Parents are very important in helping the
scholars stay on track with schoolwork.
Please always check your childs homework
folder for notes home or homework

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I believe in myself and my ability to do my best.
I welcome challenges and mistakes because they
help me to learn the most.
I will listen, read, write and speak about my
learning every day.
I am respectful, responsible and safe everywhere
in school and on the school bus.
I am a Channing scholar and I am college bound!
Room 206 Classroom Norms
Students are expected to
learn classroom norms
and will recite and apply
these norms each day.

2 black sharpie markers
one pack of black pens
3 stacks of 5x8 Index cards
3 pocket plastic folders with fastener
in the middle
3 boxes of tissue paper
3 packs of hand wipes or baby wipes
1 student planner to write homework
Student classroom supplies

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