Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

(University of the City of Manila)

Intramuros, Manila COLLEGE OF NURSING Maternal and Child Nursing Diagnostic Exam Name: __________________________________________ Yr. & Blk.: _____________________________ Date: ________________________

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Shade the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. ERASURES and SUPERIMPOSITIONS are NOT ALLOWED 1. The main concern of public health is: a. Promotion of mental health and alleviation of suffering b. Treatment and management of diseases c. Prevention of illness and rehabilitation d. Prevention of diseses, prolonging life, promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort Community health nursing is concerned with: a. The promotion of health and prevention of illness b. The health needs of the people within an therapeutic institution c. Third levcel of prevention d. Ecological studies


3. The WHO defines CHN as a special field of nursing more concerned with the care of: a. Sick family in the home b. Hospitalized sick people or persons and their families c. Both sick and well, hospitalized and non-hospitalized families d. Well families and nmon-hospitalized sick persons and families 4. What is the ultimate goal of community health nursing services rendered in the community a. To participate in development of an overall health plan for the community b. To raise the level of health and citizenry c. To provide quality nursing services d. To provide CHN personnel with opportunities for professional growth 5. The goal of CHN is to help communities and families to cope with the discontinuitites in health. Which of the following is the primary principle of CHN? a. The family is the unit of service b. Health teaching is a preimary responsibility of nurses c. Makes use of available community health resources d. CHN is based on recognized needs of communities, families, groups asnd community The public nurse should be aware of some changes in the health care delivery system as a result of the implementation of the local government code. 6. The devolution of health

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