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Pasteurization II

Pasteurization II

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Milk processing Methods
Milk processing Methods

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Published by: Mohammad Ashraf Paul on Dec 15, 2009
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LTLT process vat

740 C/7s

Stassanizatio n

Electric pasteurization

71 0 C / 15s
45 Sec.


• Instruments are needed. • Pasteurization efficiency of high thermoduric count raw milk is lesser than holder systems . • Greater accumulation of milk stone.

Milk flow diagram- HTST

Components – balance tank
• Float controlled balance tank (FCBT) • Maintains a constant head of milk for the milk pump • Receives the diverted milk from FDV (Flow diversion valve) •

Components - Plate Heat exchangers (PHE)


• •

Made of stainless steel Raised sections corrugations in the form of knobs, diamonds, channels help provide the turbulent action and heat transfer • Pores are provided at the bottom and top to permit milk and medium to flow without mixing • By adding more number of plates the capacity can be increased •

• •

Flow pattern in Plates

Components - Plate Heat exchangers (PHE)
• • • • • • • PHE is simple ,compact easily cleaned unit Plates used in heating, cooling, regeneration and holding sections Plates are supported in a press between terminal blocks in each section Plates numbered and tightened into place Heat moves from the heating or cooling medium through SS plates. Space @ 3 mm is maintained between the plates by non absorbent rubber gaskets

• • •

Plate Heat exchanger

HTST Milk flow diagram

• Holding tube ensures the milk is held for specified time -15 sec • Pasteurization  efficiency= time for the first milk to pass through  theoretical time • Measures the most rapidly moving particle in the holder • A tube or Pipe or inbuilt section of plates used as holder
 

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