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Lesson Plan 1

Theory to Work Lesson Plan

Katelynn Waterman
University of New England

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson Title: Subtraction with Regrouping
Grade: 2
Subject: Math-Subtraction Topic 11
CC Domain: Number and Operations in Base Ten
Children will use models, such as base ten mats, to understand subtraction with
Children will listen to an interactive song to help them remember the steps to subtraction
with regrouping
Children will be able to use place valueones, tens and hundredsto associate
subtraction with regrouping
2.NBT.9 Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work, using place value and
the properties of operations
In preparing for this lesson, children will already have a base knowledge of subtraction
with 2-digit numbers. In this topic, students will learn and use a catchy song and base ten
models to show their knowledge of subtraction with regrouping. This lesson will provide
Lesson Plan 3
students with a review of subtraction with regrouping as well as allowing them to use the same
concepts in 3-digit subtraction.
Motivational Theory Addressed:
For this lesson, I chose to incorporate the Goal Orientation Theory. This theory provides
students with an opportunity to become fully engaged in the task at hand by understanding the
material (Anderman &Anderman, 2010, pg. 6). Through this task, the students will be able to
look back upon how they did with 2-digit subtraction and compare it to their new task of 3-digit
subtraction. This lesson will show students that they will continuously refer back to the basic
knowledge they have already learned in order to improve/achieve new goals of the same
caliber. It will also reinforce their use manipulatives to help them understand the task.
This lesson also incorporates music that will allow the students to grasp the concept and
apply it to learned knowledge. The music/video clip used will also allow the students to get out
of their seats and become engaged in the task. While repeating the process of showing this video
clip each day of the unit, students will grasp a better understanding of subtraction with
At the beginning of the lesson, I will show a short video clip from YouTube.
( I will encourage the kids to get out of their
seats and participate in the dance/song. Of course, not all will want to participate, and those
that choose not to can sit and watch the rest of their classincluding mebeing silly.
Lesson Plan: 4
I will show the video clip on the Smartboard so it is easier for the children to see and interact
with. After the video is over, I will have the kids break into their pre-assigned math buddy
groups and pick a spot in the room. I will bring around base ten math mats, place value blocks
and a page that has some 3-digit subtraction problems. As a team, they will work through the
problems using the base ten models and, hopefully, that little jingle that is now stuck in their
heads. I will walk around and monitor/assist while the children are working. After 10-15
minutes, they will return to their seats and we will go over the problems. I may call groups up to
the Smartboard to show the rest of the class how they got their answers. Once we have
completed this, we will move on and use the Pearson lesson (Math series provided by the school)
by using the interactive Smartboard for the days topic. Through this, we will watch the lesson
video and do a whole group activity with the manipulatives. This will include practicing more
subtraction with regrouping problems.
For students that are struggling, I will provide a 2-digit subtraction sheet; they may use
the first day as a review of past-learned skills.
Required Materials:
Place value mats
Place value blocks
Provided problems to solve

Lesson Plan 5

Anderman, E. & Anderman, L. (2010). Classroom motivation. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:
Pearson Education, Inc.
Pearson Math Series: Copyright 2005-2010 Pearson Education, Inc.