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Sabir Ali - Three Ways to Start an Article

Sabir Ali - Three Ways to Start an Article

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Published by Sabir Ali Nastran
Three ways to start a story, article, feature. With examples from Pakistani perspective.
Three ways to start a story, article, feature. With examples from Pakistani perspective.

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Published by: Sabir Ali Nastran on Dec 15, 2009
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Sabir Ali Nastran sabirnastran@gmail.

com December 15, 2009
1. Deterioration of Lahore Fort: Scene-Setter The decomposing archaeology of a lost civilization supports itself on the crutches of antique beauty. Damped walls, uneven floors, shabby tiles, slanting pillars, cracked ceilings, tottering windowpanes, rotten stairs, forlorn yards, and claustrophobic corridors present a malignant aspect. Certainly, you are not inclined to admire the view with which the Lahore Fort now lies here. (55 Words) 2. Sugar Crisis: Anecdote Desperately, I tried a new trick. I was not certain but I made up my mind to make a cup of tea in an innovative way. I took the essential ingredients: water, milk, salt, tea-leaves. Anything missing? Sugar! Instead of sugar I poured a table-spoon of its crisis. What was the taste? (52 words) 3. Human Trafficking: Recap Where can your little daughter be found who is abducted today early in the morning? In 2002, Michel Faber directed the possible place; “Some are prisons, where bullies and old hags keep the wretched girls half naked and half starved. Others are owned by the most important people, and the girls don’t get out of bed except for bishops and kings.” (61 words) 4. Contaminated Water: Scene-Setter She is quite sure that Zinc Sulphate fumes and cadmium traces are swirling around in it, yet she tries her best not to waste a single drop of it. This stooped little girl is carrying bucketful water, perhaps for drinking. But she is not sure which disease she will suffer at what stage of her later life with what fate. (60 words) 5. Education: Anecdote ‘A girl like you should be getting married and having a bunch of nice kids, don’t you think?’ MD suggested. ‘With due respect, sir, I don’t think medicine and motherhood are mutually exclusive.’ ‘But they are, my dear. It’s impossible for a woman to pursue a medical career without doing irreparable harm to her children.’ At the time of her admission into the medicine, Laura decided to devote her life to medicine and never to marry. But now she is a doctor and mother of two healthy kids. (88 words) 6. Women’s Role in Politics: Recap Austria was the only State to have elected a woman to the presidency of one of the Parliament's Chambers before the Second World War because social class, status, and power were predetermined by one’s gender. Today, women continue to fight for liberal democratic political

power and this movement has produced a great number of great women politicians. (57 words)

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