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What tool can be used to measure how hot or cold something is?

a. your finger
b. thermometer
c. ruler
d. test tube

What helps you to make good observations?
a. your parents
b. your senses
c. your research
d. your question

What is the definition of a hypothesis?
a. an educated guess
b. your friend's answer
c. the name of an article
d. an observation

Data is
a. ideas you think are true
b. numbers
c. facts or information

Which of the following is an observation?
a. I like grapes.
b. Grapes are green.
c. Grapes are in my lunch.
d. Grapes are my favorite fruit.

To analyze means
a. learning about animals
b. a careful study of something to learn about it
c. telling what you know about science

A testable question can be answered by
a. reading a science book
b. creating and performing an experiment
c. searching the internet

Fluid volume is measured by this metric unit:
a. quarts
b. cups
c. liters

"Where do plants grow best?" is an example of which step in the scientific
method process?
a. Identifying the problem/question
b. Performing an experiment
c. Forming a hypothesis
d. Communicating the results

Classify means
a. making a hypothesis
b. To place materials that share properties together in groups
c. searching the internet

What is a tool that is used to magnify, or enlarge an object's features.
a. Hand Lens
b. Dropper
c. Balance
d. Spring Scale

Which one would you use a thermometer to measure?
a. the length of a piece of rope
b. the mass of a rock
c. how much time it takes for water to boil
d. the temperature of water in a pond

What is the detailed listed of steps you are to follow when doing an
a. Hypothesis
b. Procedure
c. Results
d. Conclusion