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Pre design services

When a client calls upon the architect to give oral or written advice and direction, to attend
conferences, to make evaluations and appraisals regarding a contemplated project and similar activities,
the architect renders valuable inputs whether or not the client pursues the project.
Pre feasibility studies Data Gathering
Procurement, analysis and use of secondary information gathered for the project to aid the client in
early decision making.
Feasibility studies Analysis of Data
Detailed analysis based on prefeasibility studies.
Set project’s present and future trends to forecast on how it will perform overtime and also requires
data gathering and analysis
Site selection study Site Selection Criteria
Formulation of site selection criteria
Assists client for the evaluation of proposed site
Identify the best site for the proposed project
Site utilization and Land use Choose best site
Identify details of its site development potential and its surroundings/ environment.
Architectural research
Assembly of facts which will be used as basis for conclusion
Architectural programming
This entails the problem seeking analysis in defining vertical and horizontal solution
Space planning
Identify size/ space configuration inconsideration with the use, allocation and interface of spaces
Space Management Studies
Analysis of space requirements based on organizational structure and functional setup
Formulation of space program
Value Management
Achieve an unimpaired program at minimum cost.
To minimize the negative effect of simplified operations
Design Brief Preparation
States the project term of reference (TOR) including concept, objectives and other necessary
requirements for architectural services.
Promotional Services
Architect will serve as the aid/agent in coordinating with allied services/ government