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Accenture Placement Test Syllabus Exam Pattern 2013

Verbal contained big English passages with less used words !or the
underlined part o! a sentence choose another phrase which is the most
suited one !or replacement grammar tense choose correct sentences
point out the error
Analytical was a"erage# $ost o! you can clear it# Problems only on 3%
Time & 'or( )% Syllogisms *% Set theory 2 +uestions on Probability
some encoding and decoding easiest problems ,a-u is !ourth !rom the
last 1)th !rom the !irst.%/strength o! the class01 similar +uestions
+uestions on i! i ha"e 100 rs )rs 20 coins li(e examples#
Pay attention three sentences ha"e been gi"en choose which o! them are
exactly word/to/word identical.test your +uic(ness1
Verbal 20%
Analytical 1)%
Pay attention 20%
Total time/ 1hr
3o sectional cuto!!4
2nd ,ound/
Technical inter"iew/
1#'hat do you want !rom Accenture0
2# 'hich languages are you good at0
3# 'hich is your !a"orite engineering sub-ect0 and +uestions on it#
*# Are you capable o! leading a programming team0
)# 5ouble pointers to re"erse an array4 . 6 didn7t get 1
3rd ,ound/
8, round
1# 9our !amily bac(ground in ) sentences#
2# Summaries your career in ) sentences#
3# 'hy should we hire you0
*# 'hy -ust Accenture0
)# Strengths and wea(ness#
:# 5o you ha"e any +uestions0 . 6 as(ed what is associate s;w engineer1