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“When we are ambitious, we set a well-defined

destination where we want to reach and send out
unambiguous instructions to our subconscious mind
to take charge and prepare a billion of cells in the
body to work cohesively to help reach this
destination. Once the subconscious mind gets a clear
message from an ambitious and disciplined person, it
begins its journey to take that person to his success
and connects to the energy of the cosmos, which
supports his well-defined goal,”

An individual, who is committed, has a clear
understanding of what his or her goals and strivings
are, and is engaged in efforts to achieve these is one
who tends to be successful. A disciplined and
ambitious person always gets the support of many
people around him and also from many invisible
forces. “He feels energised and optimistic and looks
ahead in life. He leaves behind his past, whether it
had success or failure and thus feels lighter and
experiences youthfulness, which ensures a few extra
years in his life,”