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Kandinsky born in Moscow in 1866,Kandinsky spent his early
childhood in Odessa. His parents played the piano and the zither and
Kandinsky himself learned the piano and cello at an early age. he infl!ence
of m!sic in his paintings cannot be o"erstated, down to the names of his
paintings Improvisations, Impressions, and Compositions #n 1886, he
enrolled at the $ni"ersity of Moscow, chose to st!dy law and economics,
and after passing his e%aminations, lect!red at the Moscow &ac!lty of 'aw.
He en(oyed s!ccess not only as a teacher b!t also wrote e%tensi"ely on
#n 18)* Kandinsky attended a &rench #mpressionist e%hibition where he saw
Monet+s Haystacks at Giverny.
,oon thereafter, at the age of thirty, Kandinsky left Moscow and went to
M!nich to st!dy life-drawing, sketching and anatomy, regarded then as basic
for an artistic ed!cation.
#t was not long before his talent s!rpassed the constraints of art school and
he began e%ploring his own ideas of painting
Kandinsky said, .# applied streaks and blobs of colors onto the can"as with a
palette knife and # made them sing with all the intensity # co!ld..../ow
considered to be the fo!nder of abstract art, his work was e%hibited
thro!gho!t 0!rope from 1)12 onwards, and often ca!sed contro"ersy among
the p!blic, the art critics, and his contemporaries.His rep!tation became
firmly established in the $nited ,tate s thro!gh n!mero!s e%hbitions and his
work was introd!ced to ,olomon 3!ggenheim, who became one of his most
enth!siastic s!pporters. #n 1)22, Kandinsky left 3ermany and settled near
4aris, in /e!illy. he paintings from these later years were again the s!b(ect
of contro"ersy.
Kandinsky contin!ed painting almost !ntil his death in 5!ne, 1)66.
# inspire to the work of Kandinsky who is the father of abstract art. His
!nrelenting 7!est for new forms which carried him to the "ery e%tremes of
geometric abstraction ha"e pro"ided !s with an !nparalleled collection of
abstract art.He !sed "ery attracting colo!r scheme in his paintings which
inspire me also.