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Here is solution for the IMEI Missing problem in the Lenovo p780
Steps to Flash IMEI-
1. Switch off your mobile.
2. connect your mobile in switch off mode and install required driver.
3. Disconnect your mobile.
4. Open IMEI& SN writter tool.
5. Select-
Platform- Smart phone
Tick- USB
Select IMEI 1 and 2 and give imei no as written on your mobile battery.
Select DB file as attached as Default MDB file.
7. now connect your phone.
8. Press Power button and volume down button together and phone start in meta mo
9 Finished
10. now disconnect your phone and power on your mobile.
Check by dialing *#06#
Idk your steps is right or not. But ive proven my steps.
There was very many way to fix nvram and imei but, if i not mistaken this way is
permanent fix, you dont need restore again after wipe your data.
Here we are:
1st, take your phone go to "meta mode", while phone is turned off, press and hol
d power and vol down button.
2nd, connect your pc/laptop with your phone via usb, open device management and
install cdc driver, install anyway.
3rd, unplug connection and turn off your phone.
4rd, open sn&imei writer, platform smartphone and chack usb, load ap db and mode
m db.
5rd, write imei, SN, Bluetooth, wifi, which you need. And press start, wait unti
ll the sn writer change say to connect your phone.
6rd, turn your phone in to "meta mode" again, connect with usb cable, wait until
l finish.
Warning: flashing imei, SN, mac address wifi, and bluetooth, That not belong to
the hardware is breaking law. You can see your real code at phone setting > abou
t devices, or on back of your phone near battery, or on your phobe dose and manu
cdc serial driver asking i donwload all but not work
Try this!zFpgBQyK!SqD5IU...fWe0REIpTzViPQ