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Thirty feared dead in

Japanese volcano eruption

%undreds of people includin& children are stranded on Mount 'nta(e )hen
it erupts* )ith +ore than ," people feared dead as ash pours t)o +iles
do)n the volcano-s side.
Object1 A hi(er captured this shoc(in&
foota&e of Japan-s Mount 'ta(e as it erupted* )hich left hundreds of hi(ers
stranded and +ore than ," people feared dead.
Japan does not con/r+ deaths until a for+al e0a+ination has 1een carried
out* and N%2 national ne)s said the ,2 people had su3ered heart attac(s.
The pea( erupted )ithout )arnin& on Saturday* sendin& ash pourin& 2
+iles do)n the slope.
More than 4"" Japanese +ilitary and police set out to search for hi(ers
trapped in the 1illo)in& ash* and +ost have +ade their )ay do)n to safety.
At least $" people )ere in5ured in the eruption and several had 1ro(en
1ones* said o6cials.
7ideos posted online sho)ed hu&e &rey clouds racin& to)ards cli+1ers )ho
then scra+1led to safety as ash enveloped the+.
Sudden eruption
8All of a sudden ash piled up so 9uic(ly that )e couldn-t even open the
door*8 said Shuichi Mu(ai* )ho )or(s in a +ountain hut 5ust 1elo) the pea(
)hich 9uic(ly 1eca+e /lled )ith hi(ers see(in& refu&e.
8:e )ere really pac(ed in here* +ay1e #4" people. There )ere so+e
children cryin&* 1ut +ost people )ere cal+.8
An o6cial )or(in& for Japan-s Meteorolo&ical A&ency on volcano eruptions
said there had 1een a risin& nu+1er of s+all earth9ua(es detected at
'nta(e since #" Septe+1er* 1ut that the eruption could not have 1een
predicted easily.
;li&hts at To(yo-s %aneda airport su3ered delays as planes chan&ed routes
to avoid the pea(* )hich lies #24 +iles )est of To(yo* 1ut )ere
+ostly 1ac( to nor+al 1y Sunday.
Japan is one of the )orld-s +ost seis+ically active countries and volcanoes
erupt periodically* 1ut there have 1een no deaths since #<<#* )hen $,
people died in a superheated current of &as and roc( at Mount Un=en in
south )estern Japan.
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